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Snow Love




What is it about snow days that make the sleep so much better than normal? Man, I slept like a champ last night and when we woke up this morning there was a good amount of snow on the ground! As we get older we start seeing snow different than we did as kids but not I. I have and will always love snow! The conditions to drive certain places can get a little dicey I admit but I just love how snow makes even nasty looking places look pleasant! So when I woke up to snow this morning, I was as happy as a previous me would have loved to wake up to O.k who am I kidding, waking up to pancakes is still heavenly but since I try to stay away from bread and the like it’s whatever.


The workout will take place at home today since the gym has been closed due to the snow and I’m fine with that. I can get 10k steps around the house and do my best version of setups and pushups to get my heart rate up. Hey, I have a question does anyone reading do interval cardio? You know where you do 40 seconds at a normal pace and then 20 seconds as hard as you can? I was just curious how effective that is because I have seen videos where people say they only do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio that way and they get really great results and I was thinking of trying it! Please let me know if you do a similar cardio workout. Today I’m going to do 2 workouts so that I’ll have my 6 that I needed because tomorrow is Sunday and that starts the new week so wish me luck.



The diet was amazing and it was because I got a carb day yall and I actually got to have mashed potatoes. I honestly haven’t had mashed potatoes for at least 6 months and they tasted great. There were even a few delicious potato chips that I got to have and they were o.k but not as great as I remember. The only problem was because I don’t consume carbs that aren’t from veggies anymore my tummy wasn’t very happy with me so I spent the remainder of the day stranded on the porcelain and it was no fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the food but I think I should have had maybe a little less of it, but oh well lesson learned. Folks, be sure to give yourself days or meals where you eat the foods you no longer eat anymore, it’s important not only to help with cravings but also to stay realistic about your diet. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing and if you think that you will never ever eat another food that has a few too many sugars in them you’re not being realistic. Think about it you will never have another piece of cake for the rest of your natural life? That may work for some of you but I know it will never ever work for me. Now I realize that people use almond and coconut flours to may cakes and other baked goods and that’s great, but I have yet to taste one that’s even close to the taste of white flour. I just take the hit every so often and then fast the next day for as long as it takes to get that garbage out of my system and I get back. Please don’t misunderstand me, if you having a carb day and it turns into 5 days, then maybe you shouldn’t do it, but after awhile doing keto, you will be able to quickly have a few guilty calories and be o.k every now and again! It ain’t gon’ hurt nobody right Kid and Play?




Today I will enjoy the snow and sip some amazing coffee and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is never promised and if every day is a blessing than shouldn’t we embrace the blessing and be happy? I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable day and that your moments are filled with fond and delightful events that make your heart sing! Peace!




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Black Thumb!



I was super late blogging today because I was too busy running I have decided that I am going to start growing my own green leafy veggies in the house! I’m really very excited about this because I wasn’t aware that it was possible to do so. While researching on youtube the other day I stumbled on this method of growing plants in little styrofoam cups and I was in disbelief! I’m thinking since I eat tons of greens if this method works out then I’m going to get a little setup and a grow light and start growing my food. Now I know you all are thinking that he might start growing that sticky green stuff but I assure you all while I’m not against it I don’t use it because I have kids in the house and I don’t want them to be influenced by my decision. I’ll say this once they move out I’m snoop dogging it up in here So today I got my soil and seeds and cups and I planted my first little garden!




Yesterday……. all my troubles seem so far away. These lyrics by Lennon are so very profound because honestly I was doing great until last night and then I decided to eat a whole bunch of stupid stuff. The problem was that I was super thirsty and I think I mistook that for hunger and started eating all kind of candy and I even had fudge! I never have fudge. Haha. It was really dumb because I fasted and I had a great workout and everything and then I beeped it up binging. It happens I know but I just think it’s silly when I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t drink enough water. I’m too damn grown for all of that. I’ve forgiven myself, not because there’s anything wrong with eating like that every once in awhile but for messing up my routine. I’m such a creature of habit and I just can’t handle the same amount of leeway other people can without having a major collapse. It’s just how I work. So today I am fasting for over 24 hours to reset myself and then I’ll hit the gym and that will help me feel better about my progress. I just can’t afford any dumb eating decisions right now, I have huge goals for my weight loss this year!




I notice that by going to the gym I have a ton more energy to do other stuff. The extra energy is great I just have to be careful because if I do too much than the family will expect me to participate in way more I’m kidding but seriously it feels great to not be as limited by low energy. Even as I write this post my energy level is sky high. It may be because I’m so excited about my little garden experiment. Can you guys imagine this huge overweight black man dancing around his garden with a water spray bottle?! My gosh, I have issues! The most thrilling thing in the world for me is to learn new things and I’m like a 5 year old at his own birthday party about to open gifts! Of course, I’ll let you all know how the gardening goes and if any of you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.


I salute you for taking time out to read this and I wish you a fantastic and joyful day!



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King Meat




Well, there is good news and better news. The good news is I listened to my body and how sore my biceps felt and decided not to lift last night. The better news is I still managed to get my 10k steps in, so at the very least I have done something to burn calories and feel better! I’m telling you my arms were just not trying to do the simplest of task yesterday so I had to shut it down. It’s easy to forget I just got into the damn gym and I need to give my body time to adjust. The problem sometimes with a gym fee is you feel like if your paying for it you need to get the most out of it and you can sometimes overdo it. This morning my arms feel grateful that I let them rest and I’ll be at full strength to get my 4th workout in on Sunday, which I believe is New Year’s Eve! Happy New year everyone!




Interesting how things are rolling right along on the eating front! Yesterday I had a fantastic mix of Chinese cabbage and Romain lettuce accompanied by my homemade low sugar french dressing! I can’t really say it’s my recipe because I looked it up on youtube but I can say that homemade salad dressing is super easy and absolutely better than the store-bought version! Anyway, I chopped up a few delicious green onions in my salad bowl with my cup of delicious pork rinds and added some chicken to it! Let me just say not only was it delicious but it kept a big man like me full for awhile. So full in fact, that I was able to not eat any meat at all for my second meal of the day and that’s huge for me because as you know meat is King in my kitchen. The second meal was simply Bulletproof coffee, sunflower seeds and some sugar-free pudding that totally satisfied my taste buds. The best thing is my carbs were below 50g so that’s the win-win for me!


My fiance’ and I have been kicking around the idea of creating a cookbook of our favorite recipes, low carb of love the idea of us doing something together that would help others as well as allow me to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. The more I think about it the more I’m wondering if I need to make different versions of the same recipe to fit multiple lifestyles. I would love some feedback from you guys if you have any ideas that may help. I don’t think we are interested in selling the recipes but just putting some together as a resource we could use as we go along. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter because I am by no means a cooking expert and certainly not the most knowledgeable in terms of fresh ingredients but I’m very willing to learn.

I’ll wrap up by saying that I have found great strength and inspiration from my blogging community and I am so very thankful. I have been working on a Facebook community for followers of a low carb/Keto diet Alexx’s Keto Avenue and if you’re interested please feel free to join! Have a fantastic day and thank you so very much for reading!


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Just finished with the gym and I feel magnificent! There are so many advantages to getting to the gym in the middle of the night. It’s so relaxed and peaceful and you can really concentrate on your purpose instead of talking to people and get off task. Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly a people person but when I’m working out I would prefer to get lost in my hip-hop favorites like Jay-z and T.I. just to name a couple. When it’s time for cardio I can select my cardio music like Journey or Pearl Jam and just get lost in my own mind! Anyway, I did about 20 minutes of cardio on my seated elliptical and it was enjoyable.


For strength training, I did back and biceps today. These two areas really are my weakest so I tried to really do a variety of exercises to maximise the burn. My plan is to slowly but surely get to 5 days a week in the gym!  Or I should say 5 days of exercise because I may not always get the chance to get to the facilities depending on what’s going on in my personal life. The goal is simply to do something, anything every day that will get my heart rate up a little and allow me to burn a few calories! Simple enough right?


So I have finally gotten my whole eating situation down. As you know I have been doing a lot of research and experimenting with my calorie intake as well as my intermittent fasting schedule. My fiance’ drives me crazy because I can do all this studying and reading, look at tons of data and watch seminars on nutrition and she just comes in and solves the problem in like 5 minutes. She always tells me that you can’t teach common sense and I always disagree with her on that and that’s why it hurts me to my core to admit that she is right. I’m overthinking this whole thing and the truth is I should listen to my body and do what it is telling me. If I’m working out and I need more calories then I should eat a little more, If I’m not very hungry then I should do a prolonged fast on those days. Since I have already decided on the types of foods I will be eating on my Keto lifestyle I should just relax and let my body take the wheel. As you may understand I do hate her very much! She always has a way of making my life so much easier and then flashing that cute little smile at me. I know she knows that her kindness is killing me and she knows I know it! Jerk! So you can understand how admitting that she is right is one of the most disgusting things I ever have to do but I have to give it to her, she may be on to something with the whole thing. That’s o.k I take great pleasure in knowing that one day soon I’ll stop off at her favorite place to eat and grab a delicious meal just for myself and when she asks me why I didn’t get her anything I’ll simply say “My body told me you wouldn’t want any. Ha Ha ha!




She is such a blessing and I couldn’t do any of this without her support. My whole family has totally been supportive and proud of me during this entire process. I make light of how she goes about making me better but I understand that’s she’s making me better and that’s so humbling!

Find something today that makes you smile and hold on to that thought all day long! I appreciate you for reading as always and have a super day!


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Get Right Back

Copy of I was just sneakin' them carbs imma get right back


This morning I am happy to say I had a great and relaxing Christmas. The holidays can really be crazy so I thank the lord I was able to have some peace and quiet along with my fun and it all worked out fabulous.


I’m back to the gym tomorrow at 2 a.m. sharp and I have such a better understanding of my purpose in the gym and how I want to go about my workouts! Even though I just started last week I am going to start going to the gym 4 days a week because I think it’s time to start pushing my body further in this new healthy direction that started with this year! I pay a pretty high amount to belong to this gym so I promised myself I would get every penny worth out of


So for Christmas, I did not count my macros and I totally had all kinds of different carbs and stuff I don’t normally eat and let me tell you it was great! I really have missed how some of these foods taste and even though I ended up going to the men’s room a lot more than normal it was still worth, One thing is true, when you change how you eat and then you go back to that way of eating temporarily, you realize that it’s no secret why you got so damn big in the first place! It’s so easy to get carried away and look up and you have consumed like 400g of carbs in just under 2 hours. That’s just insane to me because I have had times doing keto that I may have had that total in an entire month! I don’t regret eating this way one bit and it has nothing to do with me “living a little” like people often say. For me personally, it allows me to enjoy those sweet and carby snacks so much more because my taste buds are not used to them anymore. The flavor just seems to have intensified so very much since I don’t eat these types of food often. It was awesome to be able to have that little snack or 2 and some really amazing wine but alas, it just doesn’t line up with what I truly want for my body so it’s back to the normal delicious high-density foods I’ve come to love! Folks, it’s o.k to have the foods that you love even if they aren’t the best for you as long as you remember to get right back!

Copy of I was just sneakin' them carbs imma get right back



I’m fasting today to allow my body time to get rid of all those amazingly delicious foods I ate for Christmas. My normal fast is 20 hours but I think I may do something a little different maybe a 16 or 18 hour fast then eat a large beast salad of say 10 or 12 ounces of romaine and spinach! I know that’s an enormous salad indeed but considering that I’m supposed to have that many greens just about every day anyway and I know I don’t get close to it. On average I get about 5 cups which is good but I can and will do a lot better because most of my caloric intake comes from fats and it’s just easier for me to incorporate fats in my large salads than anything else. I tend to overdo it with meat but when I eat salad I almost never put too much meat on it instead I use a good amount of olive oil and homemade dressings to help my fat macros pop! This week I’m making some homemade french dressing so I’m really excited about how that turns out because I really dig french dressing!


Lastly, I wanted to talk about research. Folks its so important that you take time out to do a little research on the type of exercise and diet you are doing. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to read a 700 page paper on weight loss and dietary fiber and such however it’s important that you understand what you’re doing to your body and why you’re doing it! Sometimes you may honestly be doing something because a friend told you or a blogger said to do it because it worked for them. There’s certainly nothing wrong with trying new things and finding out what works best for you. Just remember that you live in an age when information is so plentiful that you don’t have to just take one viewpoint as the bible for all your information! Do your research so you can feel confident that what your doing is the best thing for you to stick with. Consistency is the key here and most of us are not going to stick to something if we got talked into it by someone else. When you do your own research you find the approach that makes sense to you and you can also find ways to tailor your lifestyle to that particular idea. Keep feeding your mind and your body will thank you for it! Have a beast of a day and don’t forget to smile!


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Christmas Eve



So this is Christmas eve and I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and all of that good stuff! No gym till Tuesday so I have been spending this time like most of you, hanging with family and enjoying the festivities! I have been doing a lot of research lately because I have developed a bit of a problem. Since I began working out I have noticed that my appetite has gone thru the roof! Truthfully I never really accounted for what should have been an obvious situation, since I am starting to burn more calories I need to be aware that I may need a few more calories for fuel! I’m toying with the idea of bumping my calories up to 2500 daily to accommodate my new level of exertion. There needs to be a change because I feel like no matter how much I eat my body is not even getting close to full or satisfied and that just has not been the case since I started keto.



On a second note, I was nominated for an award from a fellow blogger and I wanted to say that I feel really honored that someone would think of me for something like this. While I’m flattered I found that the way to go about receiving the honor was to basically shout out the blogger who nominated me and the person who originated the award. I think it’s fantastic to recognize others but I just don’t want folks to think I nominated them just to get my blog out there so I’m just not going to participate. However, I will absolutely from time to time recommending blogs that I follow to you guys because there are some amazing writers out there, including the amazing person that nominated me! Just wanted to touch on that a second!


O.k enough of that let’s get to the reason for my entry today. Today I would like to talk about balance. It’s so very important to give everything it’s proper place and not to gloss over important things that need to happen. Just because your dieting doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself from others. Or just because your spending time with the family doesn’t mean your health isn’t as important as it always is. Self-love is about finding out the person you are and the person you want to be and learning to be proud of that person. It’s also about not stopping at just one thing. I write this to say don’t stop having fun and enjoying life because you have become obsessed with a particular area of it! Don’t get it twisted obsession can be a good thing and not just the It’s completely fine to be obsessed with your health as long as your just as passionate about your happiness or finances! Balance allows for victories in one area to carry us when we suck in another area! Maybe I should just say make sure that while you’re getting your things together you account for all things. I would hate for anyone to get to their goal weight and become super healthy only to have to get divorced or lose out on greatness in their lives that force them to become unhealthy again.




Go laugh everybody. It’s just life and at the end of the day it’s yours and no one can live it for you! Happiness is more than a number on a scale, more than a new Range Rover(although I have my eye on one that will make my life perfect, just kidding) and it’s surely more than who likes you and if someone is talking ill of you. It’s about balance, about leaving things alone you love about your life and destroying those things that you don’t like. Now please don’t hurt nobody I’m not saying that at all, I’m simply saying you deserve success in all areas of your life, not just one or two!


That’s my soapbox for today! I love all of you very much and I wish you laughs till your side hurts, love till your overflowing and riches too numerous to count!


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Alrighty Then


Happy Happy Wednesday to all of you! Today was day number 2 at the gym and let’s just say it went loads better than the first day did! The seated elliptical and I had a chat. I figured since we got off on the wrong foot yesterday I would use a little love and tenderness this time around. I needed to get to know my cardio buddy if I was to truly be one with the machine! So with that in mind, I hopped on the seat and off I went to cardio bliss. The machine sensing that we needed to bond decided to go up to 30 again without me even noticing until my legs started to burn. I took this as my chance to replace bitching with kindness and love and a little deductive reasoning. Surely the machine didn’t hate me, it was specifically build to be used the way I was attempting to use her. Further, this was a nice machine, a machine that truly deep down inside its core wanted to get me on the road to my cardio dreams! I wanted to open the lines of communication between us so I decided I would make the first move, I mean in any healthy relationship someone needs to take the lead. While I mulled over what to say to my elliptical I noticed something that caught my attention, I hadn’t noticed it before and as soon as the message was sent from my eyes to my brain and back I was instantly rejuvenated! It turns out that the machine doesn’t hate me at all, nor does it have a malfunction of any kind. it had been trying to communicate with me from the jump. It was saying. “I love you Alexx and I would be more than happy to cooperate with you if your overlapping ass would stop pressing down on the arrows on the seat!” And then it all made sense to me, because of my large body, when I ride the elliptical my butt touches the handle on both side of the seat where there happen to be controls for…. drum roll please!….. level increase or decrease! So I simply put my hands down to block my overage and boom, smooth sailing. It should come as no surprise that I did more cardio today since I didn’t have to do the hills of the bay area today and I’m thankful for that! Lesson learned. On a side note, I have a gym bag full of machine manuals for all the equipment in the gym so I’m WOW!!!




Alrighty then back to the diet! Ya boi did great yesterday with his eating and hit all his macros and calories! Fasting has become pretty much second nature now and as long as I keep somewhat busy I have to remind myself to eat my 2 meals a day. I’ve been having huge salads to break my fast and my lovely and beautiful fiance’ hooked me up with a shredded chicken salad that was absolutely amazing! I added some coconut oil and a little butter for healthy fats and it was on! Bulletproof coffee and my customary green smoothie rounded out my eating window very nicely!


Recently I’ve been reading a lot of peoples posts and I must say it’s truly amazing how strong and resilient people can be! Every time I get ready to open my mouth to bitch and moan I come across these people with extraordinary will and determination! The stories are just filled with pain and agony but met will such vigor and fight, that I am absolutely in awe of the human spirit! We always hear about all of the bad things that happen in this crazy world but time and time again I realize that there truly is more good than bad going on around us! We all have these blessing that floats around us that we tend to ignore because we get busy or we get upset however we all have things to truly be thankful for. Time is so very precious and I am learning to truly appreciate what others around me do! One thing we all have in common is the innate ability to love something, no matter what it is. It’s the best part of humanity to me.

Be Merry everyone and enjoy your day!


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Blast Off


Saturday we celebrated Christmas at my fiance’s sister house. This is the place that we always share seasonal get-togethers. It’s always great to see the new babies in the family as well as the progress of the unit overall. Great times were had as we opened presents played delightful games such as Dirty Santa and the plastic wrap game. There were the usual kids crying, adults talking about how old they are getting and how beautiful the decorations are and such. It was certainly a blessing!


As for me, I did exceptionally well with my eating! I didn’t have any carbs and I only took one bite of a pie but it was a sugar-free coconut my sister wanted me to try and it was really tasty. This was a major victory for me because I love all the stuffing and mash potatoes that accompany a traditional holiday feast. The only beverage I had was water and to my surprise, I didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything at all. Everything looked delicious and I wouldn’t have been upset at myself if I would have had a few bites here and there but that was contrary to what I had set out to do. I had survived the dinner and I felt great.


Sunday was my day to relax and actually consume more carbs. I pretty much replaced all the calories I previously avoided the day before. lol. The only thing is I had regular pizza with thin crust and candy because it had been a long time since I have had either. Well, let me tell you my body is just not o.k with bad foods anymore at all. The response from my body was evident and I was going back and forth to the men’s room so much I felt like a Yo-Yo! Then last night I had that heartburn is coming type feeling in my esophagus and honestly I may have drunk like half a gallon of water in an hour! lesson learned I guess. One of the wonderful things about all that happened yesterday is that I’ve realized that I am no longer a junk food eater. My body simply has found a better way to consume foods and refuses to go back to eating too many empty and unhealthy options and that’s such an amazing feeling. To know that my body has adapted to my new and lifelong healthy eating regiment brings me great joy!


Tomorrow morning around 2:30 or so I start the next phase of my attack on my fat and that’s the gym! The first of 3 workouts this week will probably be more of a feeling out period and an examination of where I stand in regards to stamina. I’ll be doing Cardio before and after the workout just to be safe and keep my body burning calories at a steady rate. I will also be doing fasted workouts to help me feel like I’m burning more stored fat. The science, to me is still a little shaky about fasted workouts but I know that it’s easier for me to workout on an empty stomach anyway. I have to say I feel really amazing on my journey right now! It’s like I can feel the momentum building like friction on a carpet and my excess fat is about to get blasted

I hope and pray you all are enjoying both your holidays as well as your health!  Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!


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Livin’ is Work





You have to focus on the problem when you can’t use food for your fall back. That’s what I’m learning on a daily bases. some people do an array of things to deal with issues in their lives. Some hit the gym and sweat it out, other’s immerse themselves in their work. For, myself it’s food as usual. My whole life it’s been my safety net, my insurance, the one place I could turn to and things would work out the way I wanted them too. They may have been unhealthy but those unhealthy foods at 3 in the morning never let me down or disappointed me. They were like a child’s imaginary friend, always there when I needed them and always provided comfort. This past year I have taken a major step forward in fighting my dependancy on unhealthy foods and snacks. I’ve come such a long way and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for it.


The issue now for me is how to deal with the issues that food help me I mean logically these issues have to be dealt with but when you have spent your entire life uses a certain shield it’s difficult to walk around naked. It’s sort of like getting punched for years with boxer gloves and then having those gloves taken off and taking the same shots. Those shots have the added effect of slicing your reality up with the awareness that people around you have been adversely affected by your actions. Time is the one thing you can’t get back in life and while you’re trying to get your life going in the right direction , there are people in your life who love you and have to deal with your issue having behind!

Today is my oldest sons birthday! I’m very lucky to have such healthy and wonderful kids. However, I realize that I could have been a better father than I was while they were growing up. There are things I could have done better. One of those is I could have been healthier physically so that I could have participated in more activities than I did. We did a ton of things as a family, however, there are things we just didn’t do and they were because I physically couldn’t. I truly regret that. At this point in my life not only am I getting control of my eating and how I treat my body, I am also learning how to mend the wounds of all the damage I may have caused by dodging these major issues in my life for so long.

Growth is a major pain in the ass but it’s very important. We can’t allow our shortcomings to lay there and never try to do anything to address them. Others are affected by the things we are dealing with and how we are dealing with them. The past year has taught me that while I can’t go back I can make choices right now that will affect the future more positively. It’s funny how doing keto has really turned my life around. Not the diet itself but how it’s forced me to open my eyes to all the other things I have neglected because I was so busy eating my struggles away.

We all have the amazing power to change. I think that’s what makes the human race so damn amazing! That with all of our faults we can take all of them and knock them off one by one. We may not be perfect, but the pursuit of perfection is in our powers!

Whatever your dealing with I hope you find the strength that you never knew you had to conquer your demons. I pray you gain the power to mend the fences that may be broken in your life! I wish you well!

Please like and comment. Your energy and point of view are always welcome.


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Tahoe seasoned Deer meat

O.k now usually I try to keep my blog post somewhat on the subject of keto and healthy eating. I may throw in some weird topics about fasting and recipes but for the most part, I created this space to talk about keto and my permanent life decision to switch to eating a healthier diet. Having said that, I will be veering over to the side of the road. Way over to the side of the road where I hit the damn deer last night!




So I’m on my way to pick up my Nephew. He lives about an hour and a half away from me in Owensboro,Kentucky. I live in Elizabethtown so most of the trip was straight freeway, High speed driving with sporadic traffic. It’s actually a really pretty drive. You have the beautiful rolling hills of the bluegrass state dancing along the drive and the roads are surprisingly smooth. While I was on my way to pick up booty head, I mean my Nephew(hey, he started the name calling) I encountered a large herd of vehicle destroyers! Now I’m going the speed limit, about 71 miles per hour and the herd decides that my red truck has violated the rules of their road by driving at night. Apparently, I forgot to pay my respects to the greater deer clan association or something because they came out in full force to meet me!


They made their approach from right to left in a powerful show of force and unity. Once I noticed the welcoming party I began to slow my truck and swerve into the lane beside me. To my surprise the leaders of the destroyers timed their attack beautifully with the timing of an alley-oop in basketball, meaning they were both in sync and purposeful. As they closed in on my front  passenger side light, I could hear the leader say “You know the drill boys, focus on the headlights, that will show them!” I managed to swerve in time to miss the majority of the mob however that lead deer had something in his dark brown eyes. For a brief and horrific moment, we locked eyes and I saw that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to earn his respect! He landed a devasted head blow to the lighting unit and kaboom! Headlight destroyed, deer hair flying wildly in the air and my Tahoe grill and light ruined. Damn! Damn! Damn!



I praise God my Nephew wasn’t in the vehicle at the time because despite my weird attempt at humor it was a near catastrophe! We are safe and that’s all that matters. For those of you who don’t respect the Deer ‘Hood, stay out of the Deer ‘Hood cuse’ you wouldn’t know what to do in the Deer ‘Hood!


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