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524 Part 2

Screenshot_20180416-055051.jpgSo this morning I hopped on the scale for my last weigh in before I leave this week and I was exactly the same as last week. Initially, I was a little upset about it from the standpoint that I want to be going down every single week but sometimes that’s just not going to happen. The wonderful thing is I didn’t gain any weight and it’s Monday so I get another week to keep pushing and striving for better! All we can ever ask for in this life is a chance and that’s what Monday represents to me! It’s going to be a great day and a fantastic week because we are all blessed and worthy! Let’s get it!


Normally I don’t hit the gym on Sunday but because of the trip, I went in twice yesterday to get some cardio and also some lifting done. Today I have a lot of packing and sorting things out and I may need to take today off and get a really intense workout Tuesday and then call it good till I leave. My body feels great after yesterdays chest workout and all things considered I’m very proud of myself for finding ways to keep my routine up while getting all this stuff ready to go. There will always be reasons why we can’t do something if we let it but if that true than the opposite is also true, that is that there is always a way to GET things done if we make it a priority! My health goals are certainly number 1 on the list and that’s why I intend to keep going even when I’m traveling around this week. I’m going to incorporate my resistance bands on this trip so I can get some resistance training if the gym at the hotel doesn’t have much! There’s always a way, right?


My diet has been wonderful this week with tons of variety and delicious macro friendly foods that are still very much Keto. Today I will break my 36 hours of fasting with some baked chicken and either a green smoothie or a side of veggies I haven’t totally decided yet, but I do know there will be coffee for sure! Tonight I’m thinking about some steak or lamb for dinner with the family but again I can’t seem to make up my mind what I want. This week I have focused on keeping my carbs under 50 and also drinking a ton more water. It seems like when I get one thing down pat then something else I’m doing slacks a little and I have to continue to get better and better because again I realize my goals are out of this world and somewhat unrealistic by conventional standards. My whole way of eating has changed and not only am I eating primarily whole foods but I’m loving all of the variety in my diet. Laziness is the only reason why this way of eating could get boring because sometimes I don’t want to cook and want to simply toss something in the microwave. That perfectly fine every now and then but I want to continue to take my eating and my relationship with food seriously and I can’t do that if I don’t work at it.


I try to always be honest when I’m blogging which is not one of my strong 524 is just too big to be safe for me. I’m not knocking anyone else who is my size and content with it but I am not. The truth is I do get upset and pissed about working hard and not always getting the desired effects that’s just real. Just because I know common sense doesn’t mean I don’t get disappointed when things don’t work out the way in which I planned them. I understand I have been stressing about getting ready for this trip, I also know that thinking too much and overanalyzing things can cause Cortisol levels to rise in my body and stall fat loss. Then there’s the fact that weight fluctuates all the time and for that very reason some people have an unhealthy relationship with the scale, it becomes a toxic relationship and I know all that as well. I’m allowed to be disappointed from time to time and still remember what the end game is. I’m blessed beyond measure and I have been given far too many things from god above in this lifetime that I did not deserve! Just simply by grace and I always fall back on this truth when I’m hurt or upset. I am thankful that the diet of my life has not killed me already and that greater men than me have not lived past 44 with all this type of weight and belly

No matter how long or how many ups and downs I go thru I have made a commitment to myself to live a more healthy life and I aim to keep that commitment. Every day won’t be easy but every one I see will be a blessing! I absolutely love my life and while it’s not perfect it’s perfect for me. This year of my life is shaping up to be one of the most important most impactful years of my life and I am overwhelmed with humility and thankfulness!

My promise to those of you who read my blog is to be available and helpful in any way I can to help you achieve your goals! I will never give up on myself, my family and loved ones and I will always try to both inspire and praise those around me! I love you all very much and I wish you a happy and healthy Monday morning yall!

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Tripped Up


Happy Friday everyone! I must admit to being very tired this morning and I should have gone back to bed this morning but you know how it is, sometimes you have to drag yourself out of bed and just go! I’m up and at ’em now so no excuses right? If you are celebrating the holiday this weekend I wish you fun and safe travels and even if you aren’t I still wish you the


The gym was empty again yesterday and I got in a great workout pretty much by myself so no complaints here. My chest and shoulders are a little sore but I really pushed hard thru my workout and I added onto the volume of my reps so I feel great about that! Currently, I am also doing a 100 squats a day challenge so my legs are really feeling the burn because that along with my amped up cardio and stairs have put a ton more on my knees and legs. I’m not complaining I’m sure that it will pay off and I’ll be happy that I am getting more lower body work! My inner thighs are already feeling firmer and more flexible so I’m really happy about that! Today I’m back to doing back/biceps along with my squats and Fitbit step goal. If there is one thing I really need to work on it’s creating a pre-workout routine for warming up my muscles, I have really been slacking on that at my shoulders are starting to pay the



My diet is going great but I certainly hit a snag of my own doing! I tell you guys everything so I have to tell you that Monday night I had a mini binge with a box of donuts and I had a few pieces of bread and of course I never eat bread anymore and it didn’t turn out too good. I didn’t get sick but when I stepped on the scale this past Wednesday it said I gained like 7 pounds! Now while I know I didn’t gain that much and that it’s probably water it sucks because I know that I made the decision to eat like that and it’s just not worth gaining weight! I’ve been doing so well and it’s not a big deal other than it’s not how I want to do things anymore. I’m o.k with having a treat every now and again but right now I’m on an aggressive stretch of my fat loss journey! I set a few unrealistic goals and I have been crushing them so far so when my results come down to earth I get a little disappointed. It happens to everyone and I haven’t missed a workout or eaten bad since Monday. In fact, I have been in a caloric deficit even lower than normal because now that I’m back to my routine I’m just not as hungry, probably because of all the water from those damn donuts! Life happens and I am not down on myself but I really am pissed that my goal and the timetable I set may not happen because I went a little backward ya know?



Although I am a little disappointed I am still changed! I am not the person I used to be and I won’t stop doing what I have been doing to this point! I will keep making healthy choices and taking control of my eating and habits! Having a cheat here and it isn’t bad but it is for me because of the goals I set for myself. My goals are so high that I really don’t like any setbacks at all!.lol. I’ve become obsessed For me, it’s a good thing because I really want to be better than I was the day before and it’s just a personal thing between me and my old self!


I love you all very much and I know that life can get hard sometimes but keep your head up and remember that storms will come but you can overcome anything! Have an extraordinary day and weekend!








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Damn Right I’m Not Stopping!!!


I can’t front ever since I was a child my favorite day was Thursday! I’m not sure if it had anything to do with my favorite shows on the tube being on this day or what but Thursday always did it for me. With that said I hope that you all have a fabulous day and that you take joy in knowing it’s almost the freakin’ weekend’!



The workout was great yesterday because it was one of those days I just didn’t want to go but I went anyway. Sometimes I have to force myself to go and the weird thing is those workouts almost always feel the best! the gym was flooded but it was all my fault because I was out of my lane. Because of schedule, I had to go at 3 and that just not my usual time so it’s my bad that I added to the overcrowdedness of the gym. Is that a damn word?lol. No matter I was still able to blow thru the chest and triceps workout for the day. I’ve got 3 lifts in this week but only 1 cardio day so I’ll do both today and then just cardio a few days to get to my 4 days for each. The whole gym has been sick so I been scrubbing my damn hands like a neurosurgeon lately before, during and after the workouts I’m not trying to get sick that virus is not playing this year! My girl is off work and going thru shark week so pray for me that I go, it’s always harder for me to go when she is home for some reason! I need to get this in because the scale is being super kind this week so damn it I wanna keep the peddle down!


O.k so something weird happened yesterday! I had 2 meals and I was super full and couldn’t really eat anymore like my body was hella full and I only had like 1806 calories all day. The crazy thing is I have at least 2500 to 3k daily and I burned like 1k calories yesterday. Is that normal, do any of you find that if you had a really hard day in the gym that you can’t eat as much? Hell if that’s the case I’ll kill the gym every damn day I was born at night not last night ya know?lol. I’ll take those type of results on the regular but I’m certainly not used to the number being this crazy! The truth is I was really not hungry at all and my stomach is always hungry! For my first meal, I had a green smoothie and a small bowl of ham. The second meal was Bulletproof coffee and a bowl of ground meat with butter and cheese, plus a handful of the most delicious Pistachios ever! Maybe it was all the fiber? If any of you have any idea please let me know because I would really like to know if that’s normal for some of you. Having 2 meals is just better for me because not only is it easier but it allows me to fast a bit longer which I’m starting to love!



I was poking around the internet and I decided to do some research on obesity. Man if you do that for like 5 minutes they make you feel like you are going to go sleep and never wake up! I stumbled across that show My 600lb life and that shit stopped me dead in my tracks. You know how you are just flipping thru channels and you catch something and like 2 hours later your pausing the t.v and refilling your drink because you don’t wanna miss shit? That was me, I mean it got me and I was like I need to watch this everytime I don’t feel like going to the gym or when I feel like giving up. I’m not clowning at all but hell I’m not too much smaller than most of the people on the show and I had to catch my feelings up. Then I had questions like why does fat look so different on different bodies? I see people on there that look way bigger than me and then they get weighted and I’m like damn they smaller than me, wtf?  Needless to say, my interest was peaked and I will be checking out the show a lot more because the stuff they were talking about sounded like a damn recording of what goes on in my head sometimes! That stuff is a game-changer because our emotions make us move! When your head is really into something your body will follow and these people are so damn courageous and I’m like “Hey negroe if some dude in Houston can go from a crane lifting him out of bed to getting healthier than you have no damn excuse when the gym is damn near in your backyard”! That hit me in the chest like an MMA fighters right hook!



If you know me you know I am never trying to make fun of anyone and what they are going thru, my point is to find your motivation! It doesn’t have to be a show or a life-threatening condition, it could be a new outfit or getting on a ride at a waterpark! There’s something that will push the adrenaline bottom for you and get you thrust into action to fix things you want to change your life, go find that thing NOW! It’s out there and you might not need to get knocked on your ass like I did yesterday to come to it!


Enjoy the gift of life today homies!








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Captain I Am!



Good morning and Happy Monday to you! I hope that most of you have the holiday off and get to sleep in. It’s supposed to be a very sunny day here in Kentucky and I’m looking forward to more of the great weather we have had of late! I’ve got coffee and cinnamon and little time this morning so I thought I would check in.

Yesterdays lift was number 4 and I hit my goal for that, however, we didn’t get to go swimming last night so I only made it to 3 cardio days. I figure it’s no big deal I’ll just add an extra cardio day into this week’s workouts. I’ve never been to my gym on Sunday morning and I was really surprised by how empty it was! This may be a great chance for me to workout now that I know it’s not that crowded.I’m hoping it didn’t have anything to do with the 3 day weekend but we will see next Sunday! The lifting has really made me feel stronger and more confident in my goals to see this whole thing to the end. Of course, I mean until the end of my life because I truly never plan on stopping lifting and training it just makes my body feel better. Today I will be doing chest and triceps and I hope that the gym isn’t unusually busy because everyone is off work We are back in the pool tonight for another tough water workout! The goal is 5 cardio sessions to make up for last week, I think I’ll do a couple workouts on the good ole elliptical machine because I truly have missed doing it plus it will add to the variety of my workout.

I seem to be gaining a few pounds then losing a few pounds lately so I have decided to tighten up my diet. I’m hoping that I can keep everything keto this week and not have my usual cheat meals because I need to find out why I am up and down. It may be the weights but I doubt it, I’m sure it has more to do with my increasing hunger after swimming but I feel like I’ve solved that problem so I’m all good. Folks, if things aren’t going the way you want them it’s important not to get down but get working! Don’t allow your progress to be up to chance because, in the end, this is your journey and your the captain if things aren’t going according to schedule than adjust your course! Again this is a lifestyle you are developing so you will have to make changes because you are going to arrive at different circumstances along the way. The most important thing is to stay as consistent as possible and as positive!



I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and I just want to tell you all how great you are doing! The level of drive and commitment that I have been reading about is out of this world! You all inspire me every single day! Don’t give up because you have no idea who may be reading what you are writing and it becomes the springboard they need to change! Some of you think that no one is reading or paying attention but I assure you with millions reading WordPress everyday people are paying attention! Most of us write because it’s therapeutic to us but we must remember that words are powerful and they can help change lives, so please if your thinking of giving it up don’t! Even if you just write for yourself that’s perfectly o.k but I for one need to read what others are going thru. The perspective of others who are totally different than myself helps me draw strength in times of weakness. You all add so much to who I am as a person and your voices need to be heard! I’ll be reading and thank you for all you do!



May you see things today that touch your heart and inspire you to love a little better today! See Ya!


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All In My Feelings

Well hello everybody happy Friday! I’m a little late today blogging and I apologize for that! Lately, I’ve been dealing with a few things and I have been having the regular challenges that all of us deal with. I’ve learned that sometimes we just get into a funk for a few and we need to work our way out of it and move on. As of late, I’m in a funk over my weight loss journey because I won’t let things go. let me break this down.




I’m constantly trying to find my groove when it comes to nutrition and training. It seems like just when I get my eating and fasting here comes the workout stumbling block. I forgot to add more calories to compensate for the extra work that I am putting in at the gym! I mean the other day I did 2 workouts and I ended up burning 913 calories total, which is awesome. The problem was I was so damn hungry and my regular regiment wasn’t cutting Swimming certainly takes a ton out of your body and I’m just not used to being this damn hungry! So you all know me I’ve been trying to find a happy middle because I will not stop working out because I know I’m making improvements! I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt but I’m having difficulty eating more and not feeling like I’m taking a step back.


I’m not down about it so much as I am determined to get this right. See I want to be able to sustain this way of eating and training for the rest of my life so I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for my body. This week I will be doing 4 lifting days and 4 swimming/water workouts. So far I have done 2 of each and I feel like I really push myself with this type of routine. I’m not going to ever give up but I need to find a way to account for all this extra working out! It seems like lately, I stay hungry and I really don’t want to get in the habit of eating too many calories!

Before going to the gym I could I.F. anyway I wanted with no problem but now since I increased my workouts I find fasting to be harder than before. So as you can see all of the things I have worked so hard to established are having to be altered and when that happens it can be a bit overwhelming! When you’re busting your butt to do the right thing sometimes it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. The thing is I know all the right things to try and all the changes needed but I’m just fatigued at the My head needs a break from thinking about this stuff. Now, this is funny but true. If I don’t think about it or focus on it, my instinct is still to just eat without being mindful and that’s how I got here in the first place.lmao. You ever been feeling a little fatigued and you know it’s all gonna be o.k. and all but you just want to take a minute and just let your damn mind reset? Well, that’s where I am with everything right now.


Now more than ever I need to have faith. I get so caught up with things that I forget that for me I put god in charge but I keep trying to take As a man I feel like I could do anything and I have all the answers and then God kicks my ass and I remember that I’ve never accomplished anything of true value without him! Ever! Now I know everyone doesn’t share my faith and for that I am respectful but this is how I do me. I am nothing without him but I for some reason keep trying to take the steering wheel from him. Funny thing is I crash that bitch every single



So I’m just going to go to the gym today and tonight. I’m just going to eat the way I know how to today and then I’m going to get out of God’s way and let him work because Lord knows I need the help! Have a great day everyone and bless you and yours! Enjoy the weekend!


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Apple Crown



As all of you know it’s Saturday of Superbowl weekend! I hope you all went out and got all your supplies and stuff for the big game! If you’re not into football don’t fret this blog doesn’t really talk about the game other than this section. I’m thrilled to the bone this year for the game because I could care less who wins since my Cowboys are out of it! This actually takes the edge off because with no horse in the fight I can just sit back and enjoy the show! If you are rooting for one team or the other than I hope your team wins!




Today was day 4 of the gym routine and I am happy to report I smashed this last workout as best I could. my muscles truly ached from previous workouts so I really needed to push hard to finish! Not to mention the gym was flooded today. Now in fairness, it’s the weekend and I’m the new edition to the workout group today. Since this is not my normal time I will accept the fact that it was busy today and never come at this time again! EVER! lol. Not only was it busy but it was that lazy busy, you know when people sit around and talk to their friends and sit on the machines without using them busy. Hey it’s cool this isn’t my regular time so it’s all good but man you would think people would do their thing and then get off so others can keep the rotation going! O.k I know I sound like we are passing around a joint but you get my So lesson learned and workout complete, plus my back and biceps are feeling the burn!




I haven’t eaten anything yet today because I think we are ordering pizza today. It’s funny that I am totally keeping it keto on Superbowl Sunday but having wings and pizza! It’s nuts I know but I figure since the lady of the house is off and all the kids are home we can change things up. Besides, I bought a little apple crown royal and diet cranberry to sip on tonight so tonight should be just chill! The plan is to take the hit and have a couple pieces of pizza tonight and that’s it, no other meals or snacks just the pizza. I figure it’s one meal day since all that pizza and wing sauce will have enough calorie for the whole damn diet! That’s why I had to go to the gym to get a headstart on this carb feast tonight!



I’ve fasted 16 hours so far so by the time the food comes tonight I’ll be good and hungry! The fasting tool is one I highly recommend if you’re having a tough time losing weight or you have hit a stall. It’s not for everyone but I find it pretty easy now and I’m 500 plus so anyone can do it. I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for certain people who have type 1 diabetes and stuff so please do your research and hit your doctor up just to be safe! Before I go I just want to say please be careful! This flu is getting pretty rough so if you go to the gym on the regular or you’re going to be around a ton of people it may be a good idea to grab some sanitizer and double wash your hands.I know at my gym there are so many people that I make sure that I was my hands and water bottle when I get home. It’s never a bad idea to be too safe ya know! I want you all to be happy and healthy and around to see me lose all this!



Have a glorious weekend everyone!


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So the number from the title is what I officially weight based on my new scale I got from Amazon this afternoon! Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel, I’m not surprised by how big I am but I’m a little nervous because I can no longer turn a blind eye to the weight! It’s just not healthy for a brother my age to be this big unless he is the worlds biggest damn catfish in his spare This past year has given me a new outlook on my relationship with food. The tools I have developed have truly helped me battle my abnormal size. I am by no means trying to put anyone who is my size down at all. There are plenty of people my size, who really love the size that they are and I think that’s fantastic for them! It’s just not o.k with me and after I have gotten to a reasonable size for me, I will be getting rid of this damn The reason I am sharing this with everyone is that I am very disappointed in this part of my life!


I’m too blessed and loved to be treating myself worse than anyone around me would! When I see people who have lost an amazing amount of weight they often talk about how horrible life was before they lost the weight. They speak of how they are a better person because they weight less and all of those things. I could say it, but it would be a bunch of bullshit in my case. Throughout my life, I have been extremely blessed with amazing occurrences and events that have given me treasures beyond measure! I’m far from monetary rich but I more than make up for that in life blessings. So for me, weightloss is just one aspect of my life that needs to be altered! Right now, I am upset with myself because if I develop any complications from my weight, then I would have thrown away more than many people walking this earth ever come in possession of. People don’t just have to love me and the fact that I have people who do and show me love all the time is a gift I can no longer put in jeopardy! I don’t want to be anyone else but a better and more healthy me. That’s what all of these journal posts are about. They are about finding my way to accomplishing this goal and reaching as many people I can to come along with me because we all struggle with something!



Now, more than any other time in my entire life I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I have identified my addictions and hopefully, I will be able to overcome each and every one of them! I will not stop trying to be better and better because my family and friends deserve the best me that I can give them! Having said all of that, I wanted you all to know my business and that I don’t want people to hear from me after I have accomplished my weight loss goals! It is my intent that you get to share in the ups and downs that are certain to be apart of my weight loss journey. That when I say that I understand what you are going thru because I am facing it as we speak you can trust that! I’m not an expert because I’m going to find a way to lose the weight I want to lose, I’m family because I want all of you to truly claim victory over whatever it is that you may not like about yourself! Just because I don’t like my size doesn’t mean I don’t like me, that’s just not close to true. If I didn’t love the hell out of myself I wouldn’t be about to lose close to 300 pounds! My heart knows that I am capable and I fully expect that I will get to where I want to be!

Sorry, I took yall to church today on this one I just had such deep feelings about what happened when my scale arrived today! I did hit the gym yesterday and I got all my work done! I kept my carbs in check but I will admit that I may have eaten a little too much damn

From the bottom of my heart thank you to each and every one of you that read and follow along on my journey. You can trust and believe that I will be following along with you on yours! I love you all and have a blessed week! If you want to be homies on Instagram I’m alexx3982!

Facebook page Alexx’s keto avenue






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I Got You


Today I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything at all. I’m having a great cup of coffee and enjoying the morning very much. It’s one of those easy Sunday mornings like Lionel used to sing about back in the day and I’m in that laid back, just chill type of mood today! If I can wish for anything it would be that everyone reading this today finds some chill and a nice warm place to vibe today!




Last night I hit the gym around 8:45. My gym is 24 hours but on the weekends they close at 10 to clean and do general maintenance so I typically don’t go on these days but I had to get the last workout of the week in the books! It was really peaceful and I was able to get my workout done with relative ease although I kinda had to rush because I didn’t want to be that person that stays to the very end and make the front desk guy stay late because of me. When we are running around and living our lives we must remember that other people are constantly affected by what we do and it only takes a little bit of consideration to do right by each other ya know. I mean the gym will be there tomorrow so it’s not gonna kill me to cut the workout a little short to let this dude get home and relax and chill. Truth be told, I should have shown up about 15 minutes earlier All that matters is I got it in right?!




Yesterday I started my first no meat day. I’m probably never going to be a vegetarian, however, I know in my heart that I consume a lot of meat and while it’s not the same for everyone for me I need to cut back. I’ve heard people say that if you eat too much protein it will be converted into sugar but I’ve done my research and found that you would have to consume so much meat for that to happen it’s not even worth worrying about. My personal reason for cutting down on meat is I have been moving towards eating more and more greens and vegetables. Naturally, I tend to eat more meat in my diet than anything else so I figured if I had a meatless day I could get the scales working more in my favor! it was pretty difficult for me actually but I have to admit that my workout felt a ton easier than normal. So I plan on doing at least one day a week no meat and moving that up to maybe 2 or 3, I’m interested to see what will happen.


I woke up this morning. I have a roof over my head. I ate food that I bought at the store. My family loves me. My diet is so much better than it has ever been in my life. My kids are healthy. The rent is paid. I have gas in the truck. I can chill right here and relax today. I can listen to some nice music and watch the playoffs tonight in my living room. The air I breathe gives life to my lungs, I don’t know about you but I have too many things to be thankful for to not try to help others! It costs nothing to be kind, nothing to smile and nothing to tell someone” Hey I got you, I’m here if you need me!” Enjoy your Sunday homies!



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Snow Love




What is it about snow days that make the sleep so much better than normal? Man, I slept like a champ last night and when we woke up this morning there was a good amount of snow on the ground! As we get older we start seeing snow different than we did as kids but not I. I have and will always love snow! The conditions to drive certain places can get a little dicey I admit but I just love how snow makes even nasty looking places look pleasant! So when I woke up to snow this morning, I was as happy as a previous me would have loved to wake up to O.k who am I kidding, waking up to pancakes is still heavenly but since I try to stay away from bread and the like it’s whatever.


The workout will take place at home today since the gym has been closed due to the snow and I’m fine with that. I can get 10k steps around the house and do my best version of setups and pushups to get my heart rate up. Hey, I have a question does anyone reading do interval cardio? You know where you do 40 seconds at a normal pace and then 20 seconds as hard as you can? I was just curious how effective that is because I have seen videos where people say they only do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio that way and they get really great results and I was thinking of trying it! Please let me know if you do a similar cardio workout. Today I’m going to do 2 workouts so that I’ll have my 6 that I needed because tomorrow is Sunday and that starts the new week so wish me luck.



The diet was amazing and it was because I got a carb day yall and I actually got to have mashed potatoes. I honestly haven’t had mashed potatoes for at least 6 months and they tasted great. There were even a few delicious potato chips that I got to have and they were o.k but not as great as I remember. The only problem was because I don’t consume carbs that aren’t from veggies anymore my tummy wasn’t very happy with me so I spent the remainder of the day stranded on the porcelain and it was no fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the food but I think I should have had maybe a little less of it, but oh well lesson learned. Folks, be sure to give yourself days or meals where you eat the foods you no longer eat anymore, it’s important not only to help with cravings but also to stay realistic about your diet. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing and if you think that you will never ever eat another food that has a few too many sugars in them you’re not being realistic. Think about it you will never have another piece of cake for the rest of your natural life? That may work for some of you but I know it will never ever work for me. Now I realize that people use almond and coconut flours to may cakes and other baked goods and that’s great, but I have yet to taste one that’s even close to the taste of white flour. I just take the hit every so often and then fast the next day for as long as it takes to get that garbage out of my system and I get back. Please don’t misunderstand me, if you having a carb day and it turns into 5 days, then maybe you shouldn’t do it, but after awhile doing keto, you will be able to quickly have a few guilty calories and be o.k every now and again! It ain’t gon’ hurt nobody right Kid and Play?




Today I will enjoy the snow and sip some amazing coffee and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is never promised and if every day is a blessing than shouldn’t we embrace the blessing and be happy? I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable day and that your moments are filled with fond and delightful events that make your heart sing! Peace!




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Black Thumb!



I was super late blogging today because I was too busy running I have decided that I am going to start growing my own green leafy veggies in the house! I’m really very excited about this because I wasn’t aware that it was possible to do so. While researching on youtube the other day I stumbled on this method of growing plants in little styrofoam cups and I was in disbelief! I’m thinking since I eat tons of greens if this method works out then I’m going to get a little setup and a grow light and start growing my food. Now I know you all are thinking that he might start growing that sticky green stuff but I assure you all while I’m not against it I don’t use it because I have kids in the house and I don’t want them to be influenced by my decision. I’ll say this once they move out I’m snoop dogging it up in here So today I got my soil and seeds and cups and I planted my first little garden!




Yesterday……. all my troubles seem so far away. These lyrics by Lennon are so very profound because honestly I was doing great until last night and then I decided to eat a whole bunch of stupid stuff. The problem was that I was super thirsty and I think I mistook that for hunger and started eating all kind of candy and I even had fudge! I never have fudge. Haha. It was really dumb because I fasted and I had a great workout and everything and then I beeped it up binging. It happens I know but I just think it’s silly when I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t drink enough water. I’m too damn grown for all of that. I’ve forgiven myself, not because there’s anything wrong with eating like that every once in awhile but for messing up my routine. I’m such a creature of habit and I just can’t handle the same amount of leeway other people can without having a major collapse. It’s just how I work. So today I am fasting for over 24 hours to reset myself and then I’ll hit the gym and that will help me feel better about my progress. I just can’t afford any dumb eating decisions right now, I have huge goals for my weight loss this year!




I notice that by going to the gym I have a ton more energy to do other stuff. The extra energy is great I just have to be careful because if I do too much than the family will expect me to participate in way more I’m kidding but seriously it feels great to not be as limited by low energy. Even as I write this post my energy level is sky high. It may be because I’m so excited about my little garden experiment. Can you guys imagine this huge overweight black man dancing around his garden with a water spray bottle?! My gosh, I have issues! The most thrilling thing in the world for me is to learn new things and I’m like a 5 year old at his own birthday party about to open gifts! Of course, I’ll let you all know how the gardening goes and if any of you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.


I salute you for taking time out to read this and I wish you a fantastic and joyful day!



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