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Tripped Up


Happy Friday everyone! I must admit to being very tired this morning and I should have gone back to bed this morning but you know how it is, sometimes you have to drag yourself out of bed and just go! I’m up and at ’em now so no excuses right? If you are celebrating the holiday this weekend I wish you fun and safe travels and even if you aren’t I still wish you the


The gym was empty again yesterday and I got in a great workout pretty much by myself so no complaints here. My chest and shoulders are a little sore but I really pushed hard thru my workout and I added onto the volume of my reps so I feel great about that! Currently, I am also doing a 100 squats a day challenge so my legs are really feeling the burn because that along with my amped up cardio and stairs have put a ton more on my knees and legs. I’m not complaining I’m sure that it will pay off and I’ll be happy that I am getting more lower body work! My inner thighs are already feeling firmer and more flexible so I’m really happy about that! Today I’m back to doing back/biceps along with my squats and Fitbit step goal. If there is one thing I really need to work on it’s creating a pre-workout routine for warming up my muscles, I have really been slacking on that at my shoulders are starting to pay the



My diet is going great but I certainly hit a snag of my own doing! I tell you guys everything so I have to tell you that Monday night I had a mini binge with a box of donuts and I had a few pieces of bread and of course I never eat bread anymore and it didn’t turn out too good. I didn’t get sick but when I stepped on the scale this past Wednesday it said I gained like 7 pounds! Now while I know I didn’t gain that much and that it’s probably water it sucks because I know that I made the decision to eat like that and it’s just not worth gaining weight! I’ve been doing so well and it’s not a big deal other than it’s not how I want to do things anymore. I’m o.k with having a treat every now and again but right now I’m on an aggressive stretch of my fat loss journey! I set a few unrealistic goals and I have been crushing them so far so when my results come down to earth I get a little disappointed. It happens to everyone and I haven’t missed a workout or eaten bad since Monday. In fact, I have been in a caloric deficit even lower than normal because now that I’m back to my routine I’m just not as hungry, probably because of all the water from those damn donuts! Life happens and I am not down on myself but I really am pissed that my goal and the timetable I set may not happen because I went a little backward ya know?



Although I am a little disappointed I am still changed! I am not the person I used to be and I won’t stop doing what I have been doing to this point! I will keep making healthy choices and taking control of my eating and habits! Having a cheat here and it isn’t bad but it is for me because of the goals I set for myself. My goals are so high that I really don’t like any setbacks at all!.lol. I’ve become obsessed For me, it’s a good thing because I really want to be better than I was the day before and it’s just a personal thing between me and my old self!


I love you all very much and I know that life can get hard sometimes but keep your head up and remember that storms will come but you can overcome anything! Have an extraordinary day and weekend!








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Last Day Of Carnivore!


Hey, everyone, it’s Sunday fun day and I feel amazing! Hopefully, you all got a chance to really enjoy your weekend and feel ready for Monday because ready or not it’s coming in the This has been a long week but very informative and I have learned a lot about my body and my mental strength. If you get a chance you should watch one of your favorite shows or go to your favorite park and read a book, go ahead and get that in someday is today homies!



The gym yesterday was cool but let’s just say I will do everything I can not to workout on Saturday! It was so damn full and I felt like people were just looking for me to hurry up every time I got on a Noone was mean or impolite but it was just so congested people had to basically lift slowly to wait till the next machine was available and that’s just craziness! I’m glad I was able to get the back and bicep workout done and add on a little here and there. Normally Wednesday is my hardest cardio day because that’s the day I take a break between lifting, however, this week after I had a hard cardio session the next day I weighed in at a stupidly low number so you already know I’m at it again today because Monday is the weigh-in for the week. Even though 530 was my end of the month weight I still have to make sure I keep going down for the weigh-in tomorrow! Soooo today I did 30 more flights of stairs and I will do my lower body workout with squats and leg lifts and stuff. My homie Moe has been doing wall pushups and he put me up on the game so I started them last Sunday so today I’ll knock out a few of those as well! I’ll try to get everything done pretty early so I can chill and watch a little ball today!


The carnivore diet ends after today and I can’t wait to eat some damn veggies Hopefully, my green smoothie won’t hit my tummy too hard since it’s been a whole week with no real fiber but I can’t wait. This way of eating has been really great and if I get stalled or anything I will certainly come back to it now that I got a little comfortable with it. The way I see it if I can have a week that I only eat meat then eating under 30 or so carbs a day should be more than doable ya know? I didn’t even have Longhorn this week and yall already know how I feel about my wings but I knew if I got them I would want a bomb side salad ha ha. Tomorrow I was thinking of not even fasting just wake up and eat every single piece of green leaf in this damn house for real! I’m so ready for some variety. My macros have been on point and I didn’t go over my 2500 calories at all so there that. I will say this I have never woke up in the morning feeling so light and empty as I have this week eating only meat, there’s definitely something to it for sure!


That’s all I got this morning homies The only thing left to say is I love you all very much, that I believe in all of your abilities to get done that which you set out to do. Oh and One last thing. If anyone tells you that you can’t do something I got your back tell them to comment on here and I’ll prove to them you can! We are in this together no matter what!


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Facebook: Alexx’sKeto Avenue





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Make A Decision



So It’s Friday and that means a wonderful and relaxing weekend ahead! I think we are actually getting a little snow here tonight which is weird because we have been having some really pretty and sunny days lately. I’m hoping that it will just be a dusting and nothing that will affect traffic or peoples ability to get around. I wish you all a fabulous day and an outstanding weekend!


It was a beautiful thing in the gym today! Everybody had great attitudes and it felt like we were all getting a hard work out! Normally I’m the one bent over and gasping for air but it seems like everybody was struggling My back is my weakest body part so I have really been trying to focus on doing quality reps and getting stronger and stronger. I’m definitely seeing gains in my strength training and like I said yesterday next week I will be moving up the weight on all my lifts! It’s about that time and I can’t wait to go in and see how my body reacts to the stress on my muscles. The next few days will be all cardio and I’m hoping to get to the park and start walking around to see where I am with my stamina. We are supposed to do some swimming this weekend too so just because I’m not lifting doesn’t mean I don’t have to keep putting in work to better myself!


So yesterday after I worked out we went to Longhorns again to get takeout! Man, I am absolutely falling in love with their food because they make it so easy to keep it Keto and low carb. I broke my fast with their Cowboy pork chops with a side salad and the most delicious asparagus I have ever tasted. The wonderful thing about changing my diet has been finding out the type of veggies that I love and I really dig nice sauteed asparagus! It’s a lot of food so I broke it up for both of my meals so I had a Keto coffee with it so that I evened out my calories for the day. The meal comes with 2 pork chops and your choice of 2 sides so if you ever think about going you should definitely grab this meal! I had a little broccoli and cheddar soup with my dinner pork chop and that hit the spot just fine. I went over my calories by 13 because we made some fat bombs and I had to try 1! lmao. My carbs stayed under 50g though and I didn’t feel like I stuffed myself or anything.




I posted this on Instagram and I’ll repeat it here. A gym is a great place, I truly find that after the workout I have more energy and my mood is a lot lighter after my workout. Happiness, however, has nothing to do with a gym or a diet or even fitness! Happiness is a decision and it’s really that simple. No matter what you do in life if your goal is happiness than all you have to do is figure out what happiness feels like to you and make a decision to feel that way! That’s it! You don’t need a certain diet or a workout plan to be happy all you need is to focus your mind on being happy and carry yourself that way and guess what you’re happy. If someone tells you that they were miserable before they lost weight I’ll bet that same person will tell you that they have times when they are miserable while they are thin now. We all have things that happen that rock us to our core and we all have trials and tribulation. This is fact and I would never make light of a tough situation that someone is going thru. It is not your fault that things in life come along and kick you on your ass and it’s certainly not your fault if you were raised in an environment that abused you. But! And this is very important; IT IS ABSOLUTELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS BUT YOU!



It is my wish and prayer that you all find happiness in your minds and heart and chose to live your lives that way, I believe you all deserve it!


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Keto Coffee On Hit!


I can’t call it but today I had to write later than In fact, I haven’t been blogging at all in the morning lately and I have zero idea why! I think when I do early morning workouts it’s easier to get it done early but here lately I been waiting till later in the day to get it done. Anyway, I apologize for the craziness because I really love to write so I just need to get back on my regular schedule. Things have been going really great and I hope everyone is having a bomb Tuesday!



My workout today was fantastic! Today was back and biceps day and I had a little extra problem today. So I have done fasted cardio and it feels great working out on an empty stomach as far as cardio is concerned. Today when I tried to do it lifting it was hella hard to get thru the workout! I mean I finished but I was really feeling it. Now the thing is I did go up on some of my weight amounts today and I think that had something to do with it so I will try it again tomorrow to see if that was the reason it was tough. My back is throbbing yall but in a good way, it feels good to have that good soreness going on in my body. The girl that works the front desk is like a member of the family now. As soon as I hit the gym she is checking to make sure I’m good and what I’m working on that day. It’s cool when you start to get to know the people at the gym because they almost make you feel guilty for not going to the gym, I dig that kinda helpful pressure! I really gotta take my camera to the gym and start showing yall what my workout looks like I just don’t know if the gym allows it. I could probably go in at like 3 in the morning like when I first started. I’ll see what I can do!

I broke my fast this afternoon with an awesome new meal. So I got that new Keto meal that this dude good beats who has a youtube channel I really dig. When I mix it in water it’s o.k not the greatest tasting stuff was my first impression. But check this out today I actually read the back of the container and it says to add a scoop to your coffee! Gamechanger for sure! It is so damn great tasting and I don’t have to add anything to my black coffee but a scoop of it and I’m good! What a cool discovery to have come upon I was so happy because it has great macros and it’s really easy! I had a few pieces of baked chicken to go with it because I was hella hungry. Just a heads up if you do buy it and it’s available on Amazon, it will break your fast so you have to use it as a meal or snack. I in no way endorse this product and I don’t know him personally but If you ever wonder about it check it out and see if it helps, especially if you’re doing Keto! I’m not sure what we are having for dinner but I’ll probably find a way to eat more chicken yall know


That’s it for me today. Thank you all so much for reading and being so supportive I’m alexx3982 on Instagram if you wanna be down just hit me up! Enjoy this beautiful day and find a way to smile today homies!















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Damn Right I’m Not Stopping!!!


I can’t front ever since I was a child my favorite day was Thursday! I’m not sure if it had anything to do with my favorite shows on the tube being on this day or what but Thursday always did it for me. With that said I hope that you all have a fabulous day and that you take joy in knowing it’s almost the freakin’ weekend’!



The workout was great yesterday because it was one of those days I just didn’t want to go but I went anyway. Sometimes I have to force myself to go and the weird thing is those workouts almost always feel the best! the gym was flooded but it was all my fault because I was out of my lane. Because of schedule, I had to go at 3 and that just not my usual time so it’s my bad that I added to the overcrowdedness of the gym. Is that a damn word?lol. No matter I was still able to blow thru the chest and triceps workout for the day. I’ve got 3 lifts in this week but only 1 cardio day so I’ll do both today and then just cardio a few days to get to my 4 days for each. The whole gym has been sick so I been scrubbing my damn hands like a neurosurgeon lately before, during and after the workouts I’m not trying to get sick that virus is not playing this year! My girl is off work and going thru shark week so pray for me that I go, it’s always harder for me to go when she is home for some reason! I need to get this in because the scale is being super kind this week so damn it I wanna keep the peddle down!


O.k so something weird happened yesterday! I had 2 meals and I was super full and couldn’t really eat anymore like my body was hella full and I only had like 1806 calories all day. The crazy thing is I have at least 2500 to 3k daily and I burned like 1k calories yesterday. Is that normal, do any of you find that if you had a really hard day in the gym that you can’t eat as much? Hell if that’s the case I’ll kill the gym every damn day I was born at night not last night ya know?lol. I’ll take those type of results on the regular but I’m certainly not used to the number being this crazy! The truth is I was really not hungry at all and my stomach is always hungry! For my first meal, I had a green smoothie and a small bowl of ham. The second meal was Bulletproof coffee and a bowl of ground meat with butter and cheese, plus a handful of the most delicious Pistachios ever! Maybe it was all the fiber? If any of you have any idea please let me know because I would really like to know if that’s normal for some of you. Having 2 meals is just better for me because not only is it easier but it allows me to fast a bit longer which I’m starting to love!



I was poking around the internet and I decided to do some research on obesity. Man if you do that for like 5 minutes they make you feel like you are going to go sleep and never wake up! I stumbled across that show My 600lb life and that shit stopped me dead in my tracks. You know how you are just flipping thru channels and you catch something and like 2 hours later your pausing the t.v and refilling your drink because you don’t wanna miss shit? That was me, I mean it got me and I was like I need to watch this everytime I don’t feel like going to the gym or when I feel like giving up. I’m not clowning at all but hell I’m not too much smaller than most of the people on the show and I had to catch my feelings up. Then I had questions like why does fat look so different on different bodies? I see people on there that look way bigger than me and then they get weighted and I’m like damn they smaller than me, wtf?  Needless to say, my interest was peaked and I will be checking out the show a lot more because the stuff they were talking about sounded like a damn recording of what goes on in my head sometimes! That stuff is a game-changer because our emotions make us move! When your head is really into something your body will follow and these people are so damn courageous and I’m like “Hey negroe if some dude in Houston can go from a crane lifting him out of bed to getting healthier than you have no damn excuse when the gym is damn near in your backyard”! That hit me in the chest like an MMA fighters right hook!



If you know me you know I am never trying to make fun of anyone and what they are going thru, my point is to find your motivation! It doesn’t have to be a show or a life-threatening condition, it could be a new outfit or getting on a ride at a waterpark! There’s something that will push the adrenaline bottom for you and get you thrust into action to fix things you want to change your life, go find that thing NOW! It’s out there and you might not need to get knocked on your ass like I did yesterday to come to it!


Enjoy the gift of life today homies!








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Simple But Hard

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday! This week Tuesday is basically Monday this week because of the holiday so here we go! I hope you all had a nice cup of whatever gets you going this morning and ready to get this fantastic day underway! For those of you who may have done it too big this weekend I hope your hangover isn’t too bad and if it is I hope it was worth it homies, you deserve it!




So yesterday I did my regular lift which was chest and triceps. My movement around the gym is getting to be more of a rhythmic dance of sorts now. Even if someone is using something I need I just move on to something else till it opens up. I think I’ll call this my gym Anyway, my gym flow was on point yesterday in the gym. I’ve noticed increased volume at the gym at my steady time so I think that’s a good thing! It’s cool because people start getting familiar with each other and you almost start looking for one another. Anyway, last night my fiance’ wasn’t feeling too well because of her shark week as yall call it! I’m not even gonna get into it but I say this because we didn’t go swimming. All was not lost because I got my ass up this morning at 3:30 and got my cardio in! Funny thing is I could probably do that cardio, my afternoon lift and still swim if I was feeling up to it! I mean my lift is only a half hour as well as my cardio, swimming is like 35 minutes so why not? It wouldn’t be an everyday thing but every now and again if I’m needing a little extra push!



On the nutritional front, I had a good macro day yesterday! I started off breaking my fast with a little coffee and a bowl of ground beef and butter. Later I had a green smoothie with avocado but I held back on the MCT oil and chia seeds because I wanted to reduce a little of my fat intake. I also had a few bratwurst with no bun and they were delicious! No bulletproof coffee yesterday but I’ll be having some this morning before I hit the gym! Just trying to mix it up and have a little variety ya know? As funny as this sounds I need to eat more protein! Now I know this is laughable because I’m a meat-loving fool but for some reason, I have been unable to hit my protein goal lately. So I figured I would drop my fat intake down and add a little more protein from meat and spinach. You all know I’ll let you know how it goes!




Lately, we have had a lot of hot-button topics debated in our great country of late. Honestly, I don’t want to get into any particular one today. All I would like to say is that its o.k for us to disagree, it’s what makes a democracy so damn amazing. Let’s just remember that no matter what we are all human beings and all worthy of respect as well as showing others respect. By making a point we have to tear someone down or make them feel inadequate just because we have different viewpoints. If we start with a baseline that we love and respect each other than we can work thru anything. No matter how you feel about things that may be happening at the present time please remember we are all somebody’s son or daughter and we all deserve a level of dignity and respect no matter what! Love each other, it’s really the most simplistic, most difficult and most amazingly powerful thing to do and its completely and totally worth it!

Have an amazing week and go get all that you want out of life and help others get what they want too, there’s plenty to go around homies!


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Captain I Am!



Good morning and Happy Monday to you! I hope that most of you have the holiday off and get to sleep in. It’s supposed to be a very sunny day here in Kentucky and I’m looking forward to more of the great weather we have had of late! I’ve got coffee and cinnamon and little time this morning so I thought I would check in.

Yesterdays lift was number 4 and I hit my goal for that, however, we didn’t get to go swimming last night so I only made it to 3 cardio days. I figure it’s no big deal I’ll just add an extra cardio day into this week’s workouts. I’ve never been to my gym on Sunday morning and I was really surprised by how empty it was! This may be a great chance for me to workout now that I know it’s not that crowded.I’m hoping it didn’t have anything to do with the 3 day weekend but we will see next Sunday! The lifting has really made me feel stronger and more confident in my goals to see this whole thing to the end. Of course, I mean until the end of my life because I truly never plan on stopping lifting and training it just makes my body feel better. Today I will be doing chest and triceps and I hope that the gym isn’t unusually busy because everyone is off work We are back in the pool tonight for another tough water workout! The goal is 5 cardio sessions to make up for last week, I think I’ll do a couple workouts on the good ole elliptical machine because I truly have missed doing it plus it will add to the variety of my workout.

I seem to be gaining a few pounds then losing a few pounds lately so I have decided to tighten up my diet. I’m hoping that I can keep everything keto this week and not have my usual cheat meals because I need to find out why I am up and down. It may be the weights but I doubt it, I’m sure it has more to do with my increasing hunger after swimming but I feel like I’ve solved that problem so I’m all good. Folks, if things aren’t going the way you want them it’s important not to get down but get working! Don’t allow your progress to be up to chance because, in the end, this is your journey and your the captain if things aren’t going according to schedule than adjust your course! Again this is a lifestyle you are developing so you will have to make changes because you are going to arrive at different circumstances along the way. The most important thing is to stay as consistent as possible and as positive!



I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and I just want to tell you all how great you are doing! The level of drive and commitment that I have been reading about is out of this world! You all inspire me every single day! Don’t give up because you have no idea who may be reading what you are writing and it becomes the springboard they need to change! Some of you think that no one is reading or paying attention but I assure you with millions reading WordPress everyday people are paying attention! Most of us write because it’s therapeutic to us but we must remember that words are powerful and they can help change lives, so please if your thinking of giving it up don’t! Even if you just write for yourself that’s perfectly o.k but I for one need to read what others are going thru. The perspective of others who are totally different than myself helps me draw strength in times of weakness. You all add so much to who I am as a person and your voices need to be heard! I’ll be reading and thank you for all you do!



May you see things today that touch your heart and inspire you to love a little better today! See Ya!


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I Am Change!!!



Am I’m back Homies! Today is Saturday and I feel more like my old self again today. The more and more I turn to it the more and more I realize that going to the gym just makes my body feel better. God has been so good to me my whole life and when I decided to get serious about my weight loss he has been my rock as usual! Today I feel refreshed and brand new and just all around better! Did I mention hungry? Lol. Don’t worry, I get to break my fast as soon as I’m done writing this so it may be a short one today! Haha.


My workouts have had to change because of scheduling for other things but I managed to get both workouts in yesterday! The extra reps I’m doing with my chest and triceps are still challenging but in a good way! The gym was really nice and pleasant yesterday and I’m glad I can stop shopping for the best time because I’ve found my spot! I don’t know about you guys but my music is so important when I workout and my playlist has carried me when I didn’t feel like doing that last set! Recently I have been downloading celebrates playlist from iTunes and most of them have great taste so it’s been helpful! We rounded out the night by doing a nice intense 30-minute cardio session in the water! The water is fantastic but it really kicks your butt because when you get out your legs really start throbbing with all the work! From running back and forth to kickboxing moves and all of the abdominal work we got a fantastic workout! The best part by far was the sauna afterward! I really believe it should be required for all adults over 25 to get into a sauna at least 3 times a week! O.k. I’m joking but it is so very soothing and relaxing and your pores feel so damn amazing when you get out in the night air. If your gym has a sauna I highly recommend trying it out it’s a game changer for real!

On the nutrition side, I think the struggle to find a healthy eating balance is still there but at least I’m thinking about what I’m doing before I do it! For lunch, I went back to the oversized chicken salad with my homemade french dressing and some extra meat on the side. For dinner, I made crack slaw with keto pudding for dessert and plenty of water. The only snacks I had were sunflower seeds and the top of Jacobs pizza he Honestly, I felt really good yesterday and I think that’s what helped me wake up feeling rejuvenated today.



I think what was happening wrong was in my fasting regiment. Once I started hitting the gym I thought I could fast just the same as I was before but I was mistaken. I have taken away the 24 hours of fasting twice a week and just replaced it with the daily 16:8 fasting. This way no matter what I don’t get so hungry in between working out and when it’s time to break my fast. See, I love working out in a fasted state but it’s not possible for me to be in a fasted state for both workouts because they are at different times of the day. What I have decided to do is eat my last meal about 2 hours before we go for water workouts so I’m not so damn hungry when we are done! I think that will help things a lot. I know it seems that I play with it too much but if you’re going to make something a lifestyle you have to change it up to fit what you are doing at the time! The key is to stay consistent and not give up because it’s difficult, it’s supposed to be difficult until it becomes a habit! I just keep telling myself that I’ll do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get this right for me!




Lastly, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been so caring and supportive! It means so much to know that people care and are willing to help. The journey is so much easier with friends who share your up’s and downs and all of that! I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of the love and support from you all! One last thing, I want to say very special thank you to my beautiful mother who is the only person to ever walk this earth that I ever wanted to impress. She has been very supportive and just a little encouragement from her is like mental Steroids because what she thinks about me matters! I love you mom and thank you!

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!











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All In My Feelings

Well hello everybody happy Friday! I’m a little late today blogging and I apologize for that! Lately, I’ve been dealing with a few things and I have been having the regular challenges that all of us deal with. I’ve learned that sometimes we just get into a funk for a few and we need to work our way out of it and move on. As of late, I’m in a funk over my weight loss journey because I won’t let things go. let me break this down.




I’m constantly trying to find my groove when it comes to nutrition and training. It seems like just when I get my eating and fasting here comes the workout stumbling block. I forgot to add more calories to compensate for the extra work that I am putting in at the gym! I mean the other day I did 2 workouts and I ended up burning 913 calories total, which is awesome. The problem was I was so damn hungry and my regular regiment wasn’t cutting Swimming certainly takes a ton out of your body and I’m just not used to being this damn hungry! So you all know me I’ve been trying to find a happy middle because I will not stop working out because I know I’m making improvements! I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt but I’m having difficulty eating more and not feeling like I’m taking a step back.


I’m not down about it so much as I am determined to get this right. See I want to be able to sustain this way of eating and training for the rest of my life so I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for my body. This week I will be doing 4 lifting days and 4 swimming/water workouts. So far I have done 2 of each and I feel like I really push myself with this type of routine. I’m not going to ever give up but I need to find a way to account for all this extra working out! It seems like lately, I stay hungry and I really don’t want to get in the habit of eating too many calories!

Before going to the gym I could I.F. anyway I wanted with no problem but now since I increased my workouts I find fasting to be harder than before. So as you can see all of the things I have worked so hard to established are having to be altered and when that happens it can be a bit overwhelming! When you’re busting your butt to do the right thing sometimes it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. The thing is I know all the right things to try and all the changes needed but I’m just fatigued at the My head needs a break from thinking about this stuff. Now, this is funny but true. If I don’t think about it or focus on it, my instinct is still to just eat without being mindful and that’s how I got here in the first place.lmao. You ever been feeling a little fatigued and you know it’s all gonna be o.k. and all but you just want to take a minute and just let your damn mind reset? Well, that’s where I am with everything right now.


Now more than ever I need to have faith. I get so caught up with things that I forget that for me I put god in charge but I keep trying to take As a man I feel like I could do anything and I have all the answers and then God kicks my ass and I remember that I’ve never accomplished anything of true value without him! Ever! Now I know everyone doesn’t share my faith and for that I am respectful but this is how I do me. I am nothing without him but I for some reason keep trying to take the steering wheel from him. Funny thing is I crash that bitch every single



So I’m just going to go to the gym today and tonight. I’m just going to eat the way I know how to today and then I’m going to get out of God’s way and let him work because Lord knows I need the help! Have a great day everyone and bless you and yours! Enjoy the weekend!


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4 & 3 YESSIR!!!!!


It’s back to Monday again and a fresh new start! Hello and good morning everyone who reads this, as always I wish you the best morning possible and a fun day after that! It’s a thin scary layer of ice around the surrounding areas of where I live so they called school off today which I must say was a good move because I was sliding around myself! The beautiful morning sun has peaked it’s amazing head above the horizon and the ice should be thawed in a matter of hours!


Yesterday’s workout marked my 4th strength training routine of the week, add that to the 3 nights of water workouts I did and that makes my goal for the week! Yessir! It’s so important that we set weekly goals as well so that we know what direction our journey is going! This week, starting today I am going to try to do 4 of 4, 4 days of weights and 4 days of the pool! Last week I even had my water shoes arrive so I will be able to do some serious work in the water this week! Currently, I do 3 lifts for each body part but this week I will be spending a little more time in the gym figuring out a new workout to add to my routine! Usually, when I do circuit lifting I can get it all done in about 25 minutes or so. Now during that session, I only get less than 30 seconds between reps so when I’m done my body has really worked. I think the next frontier is to move to more of a free weight workout that focuses on heavier weights and lower reps. I just need to figure out a way to get that in! The cardio in the water has been kicking my ass so I feel like it’s doing the job but I’ll still try to do the elliptical in the rotation to shock my system and break up the monotony. Just so you all know the end game is to be able to do 5 of 5 eventually with active rest days! It’s a very lofty goal but hey, I’ve come this far and all I can do is try!



Let’s talk diet for a moment. Last week I went to Longhorn Steakhouse and we also had taco bell once. It has been forever since I have done either and here I go doing both in the same damn week! Even though I was still well under my caloric allowance clearly this is a bad pattern to be creating again! So this week there will be no jumping out of the plan, I’ll be hitting my high healthy fat goals and chilling on all the extra carbs and processed foods! Last week wasn’t horrible I still met my dietary goals to fast for 2 24 hour periods and to do I.F. at least 16 daily and I’m proud of that. The goal, however, is to be able to take advantage of all these tools and not fight against me. I know my body and my habits well enough to know that I have to constantly re-up or I will fall I do need a little help. I do one day a week that is vegetarian only and I find that I am consuming a lot of foods that are higher in carbs even if their healthy ones. If any of you have any ways to avoid this and have any suggestions I’m open to ideas. I’m such a meathead that I’m lost without some type of



If your struggling this week and you feel like you need some motivation don’t hesitate to ask for help from me or anyone else! Motivation is so important and sometimes all it takes is a conversation or a quick chat to get us back to that space that we focus on what we are trying to get done. I got your back family! If you can’t find a way to be down to help someone else or be available to extend a kind word than what’s the point? We all have something that someone else can use for their good and I feel like I owe it to all of you to be the best I can be for you, so please consider messaging me or drop a post if you need a little help.

Have a Beastmode of a day and find a reason to love yourself!













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