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Let’s Stay Together!!




Happy Martin Luther King day to each and every one of you, I hope today finds you with a smile on your face and a full heart! It’s Monday and it’s pretty cool that it is a day, in the States at least, when we honor a great American as well as the great struggle that was fought with his leadership! This post will not be about him, but as a black man in America, I am honored when anyone is honored for trying to do some good for the people around them!


Yesterday was a great day. I wasn’t able to go to the gym yet because of weather conditions but I did get my 10k steps in and I’m happy with that. Remember, sometimes it’s just important that we do something to keep consistent! I am really missing the weights but I think I’ll do a little strength training at home today because it looks like we have a little snow coming today and then we should be in the clear. I live right behind our gym so I’m not missing because I can’t get there but rather they have been closed for operations for several days. The resistance bands I got off of Amazon are really great because they truly take away any excuse I could have for not getting some sort of basic workout in.


On the eating front, everything is moving right along! Since I was out of lettuce I simply had a green smoothie and bpc for lunch and for dinner I had some delicious chicken wings! I love chicken as you know but wings are just simple and easy to throw together and bake or fry. Most of the time I don’t even have any sauce on them I can just season to taste and I’m completely satisfied! I was brought some sweet treats that I hardly ever eat and as much as I would like to say I held strong I didn’t. I totally gave in and had a small piece of cake but I simply did a little more cardio to make up for the calories and I didn’t feel guilty or bloated or anything. This lifestyle will require me to be more discipline but every now and again I will be having a guilty pleasure! My body feels great and I can tell that my relationship with food is still headed in the right direction!




Lastly, I would like to talk about something that has been in the news a bit lately.  Recently, I read where a clothing chain put a shirt on a young black kid that referred to him being a monkey and the internet went crazy! It was an advertisement for some sweatshirts or something like that and people started saying that it was a racist ad aimed at calling black people monkeys. As a black man, I would invite all of you to remember that we are more together than divided. The media and others would have you believe that everything has a underlying meaning and that we are not supposed to be together because we are different. Please don’t let this non-sense distract you from the fact that there are too many people out here in this world doing good and getting along of all nationality to be suckered back into some race problem. I’m not suggesting that there aren’t any racial problem in this world. I’m simply saying time and time again we have proven that the overwhelming majority of us love and care about each other no matter what color or creed. We as people have shown that compassion and love transcend all barriers! Please don’t let people get you to believe we are divided and totally different because the truth is we are united. Today in this world there are more people from diverse backgrounds interacting and caring for one another than ever before. We all know how to love and we all need love, so don’t believe them when they try to make you think we are other than what we are! Don’t take the bait! The world has much bigger issues in my opinion! O.k., the soapbox has been exited!



Have a fantastic Monday and remember no matter what, you are worth anything and everything it takes to be happy! See Ya!


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Snow Love




What is it about snow days that make the sleep so much better than normal? Man, I slept like a champ last night and when we woke up this morning there was a good amount of snow on the ground! As we get older we start seeing snow different than we did as kids but not I. I have and will always love snow! The conditions to drive certain places can get a little dicey I admit but I just love how snow makes even nasty looking places look pleasant! So when I woke up to snow this morning, I was as happy as a previous me would have loved to wake up to O.k who am I kidding, waking up to pancakes is still heavenly but since I try to stay away from bread and the like it’s whatever.


The workout will take place at home today since the gym has been closed due to the snow and I’m fine with that. I can get 10k steps around the house and do my best version of setups and pushups to get my heart rate up. Hey, I have a question does anyone reading do interval cardio? You know where you do 40 seconds at a normal pace and then 20 seconds as hard as you can? I was just curious how effective that is because I have seen videos where people say they only do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio that way and they get really great results and I was thinking of trying it! Please let me know if you do a similar cardio workout. Today I’m going to do 2 workouts so that I’ll have my 6 that I needed because tomorrow is Sunday and that starts the new week so wish me luck.



The diet was amazing and it was because I got a carb day yall and I actually got to have mashed potatoes. I honestly haven’t had mashed potatoes for at least 6 months and they tasted great. There were even a few delicious potato chips that I got to have and they were o.k but not as great as I remember. The only problem was because I don’t consume carbs that aren’t from veggies anymore my tummy wasn’t very happy with me so I spent the remainder of the day stranded on the porcelain and it was no fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the food but I think I should have had maybe a little less of it, but oh well lesson learned. Folks, be sure to give yourself days or meals where you eat the foods you no longer eat anymore, it’s important not only to help with cravings but also to stay realistic about your diet. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing and if you think that you will never ever eat another food that has a few too many sugars in them you’re not being realistic. Think about it you will never have another piece of cake for the rest of your natural life? That may work for some of you but I know it will never ever work for me. Now I realize that people use almond and coconut flours to may cakes and other baked goods and that’s great, but I have yet to taste one that’s even close to the taste of white flour. I just take the hit every so often and then fast the next day for as long as it takes to get that garbage out of my system and I get back. Please don’t misunderstand me, if you having a carb day and it turns into 5 days, then maybe you shouldn’t do it, but after awhile doing keto, you will be able to quickly have a few guilty calories and be o.k every now and again! It ain’t gon’ hurt nobody right Kid and Play?




Today I will enjoy the snow and sip some amazing coffee and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is never promised and if every day is a blessing than shouldn’t we embrace the blessing and be happy? I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable day and that your moments are filled with fond and delightful events that make your heart sing! Peace!




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Resolution Check




Good morning on this feezing Friday! Everyone wherever you are please be safe and take it slow if you’re traveling through a lot of bad weather like we are having here in Kentucky! We are expected to get some pretty icky weather here, from freezing rain to snow and Just because the weather stinks it doesn’t mean I can slack off and so here we go…


Because I knew about the weather I got up super duper early and killed a quick workout! That’s 4 of the 6 I need this week to be good again so it’s looking great so far! This morning after the cardio, which is going great at the 30-minute amount I worked chest and triceps with interval training. The gym was unusually active for so early in the morning I guess we all had the same idea about getting it done My body honestly feels like I could broad jump the moon today, I am just so full of energy! I think I’m going to need it with all this weather nonsense today!




On the plate yesterday I had more honey garlic chicken with a monster salad and sunflower seeds. My second meal was a smoothie and a small helping of ground sausage with coconut oil and butter. No bulletproof coffee at all yesterday and I’m not really sure why because I tend to have it every day. I gotta tell you guys not counting calories has really helped me relax and focus better on what’s important for me. The fast yesterday was only about 16 hours and it felt just as easy as the other fasts. I’m finally to the point that I can eat when I want to and I know I have a goal for the day as to how long to fast. The only time I plan to count calories is if I have a cheat day so that I don’t go too crazy and stay relatively close 2k calories. I’m thinking of having a cheat day today but honestly, I really don’t feel like I’m craving anything out of the ordinary.




I’ve been reading about everyone’s goals for the new year and I think it’s great! We are coming into the meat of the month of January and this is the time that people slowly lose grip on all those big goals and dreams they wrote down! Please recognize that those goals are important to you and that you can do it and it may start to get easy to miss a workout here and there and get complacent but hold fast. Remember why you made that list in the first place and if you truly want those things, double down on your efforts in the coming weeks. Most polls show that 78% of people stop working on their new years’ resolutions in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. The great news is those people who continue thru the month of January have an 80% percent chance of staying with it! So that tells me that if we can just get thru these tough couple weeks we will get into a rhythm of goal chasing that will continue on all year! I believe in all of you and I know that greatness is embedded deep inside all of us, we can do this! Have a fantastic weekend and have a fun time reaching your goals!










































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Grow Box



Thursday is always a good day as far as I’m concerned! I hope everyone is having a great and happy week as we get ready to slide into the weekend! Yesterday, we were running all kinds of errands and running around with our heads cut off but we still got everything done, including the workout! I got 3 workouts down and 3 more to go to make up for last week, I’m so serious about making every single week count!




Yesterday workout was fast and very explosive. Interval strength training is kicking my butt but I love it. I only did about 30 minutes of lifting but with only about 10 seconds between reps, my muscles screamed for relief. Even though back and biceps are my worse strength areas, yesterdays workout showed me just how far I have come in those 2 areas! Not only did I increase my weight but I was able to slide from one exercise to the next with no break in between. I’m loving the feeling of having gains in the gym! Today, because of my schedule, I will be doing cardio at home and then waking up at 3 a.m. to do strength training! We gotta get these goals taken care of for sure!



On the eating front, I am so happy to report I had some bomb honey garlic chicken for dinner last night! I’ll admit I had to take the small hit for honey to my macros but those were my only carbs/sugars of the day so I’m good. Don’t worry I took a few pictures so you all could see! If someone like me can throw this stuff together than anyone can! Had 2 meals as usual and fasted for 18 hours to complete the routine. My fasting is actually getting to be fun because instead of doing just the warrior fasting, I have been doing random fasts to mix my body up and I really feel like it’s working! My tummy has no idea when food is coming it just knows when it comes, there will be lots of greens and some amazing proteins until I get to the point where I can just eat veggies which is my goal later in life!





I promised to show you guys my seedlings are coming in and I also want to show you all my cool little ghetto grow box I made out of a tote!





I’m growing red leaf and mixed leaf lettuce to start and then some herbs! Hopefully, after this, I can transfer them to a hydroponic system later once I learn more and more! Have a fabulous day homies and I’ll be back to write a little more Friday which promises to be adventurous around here with all the freezing rain we are supposed to get, my goodness!


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Cold, Fast,Avocado


Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious Friday! As you know the weather is ridiculously cold and frosty this time of year and here in Kentucky, we are getting hit pretty hard with very cold temperatures. Wherever you are I wish you comfort, heat, and relaxation today!


Jumping right into it; yesterday was a very good day and I was able to get a lot of things accomplished. I hit the gym at my usual o’dark thirty time and had a great cardio and strength training session. Yesterday was back and bicep day and my body is feeling pretty great and not as sore as it had been while doing the same workout. The gym was an absolute ghost town and Rick Ross had me pumped while I hustled through my hour-long routine.  I felt like I was on fire at the gym and I think it had something to do with me working out in a fasted state. In fact, I ended up fasting for 34 hours which is a personal best for me. I typically don’t fast longer than 24 hours but as you know I decided to pig out on junk food the other day so I needed a restart. Folks if you ever feel like you had a bit of a struggle or you had one too many meals in a day, fasting can really help you to even the scales. It allows your body to burn through all the stored glucose in your body and switch to using stored fat for fuel. Another awesome benefit is that if you’re a calorie counter you can simply break your overeating up over 2 days if you fast for 24 hours and you won’t feel bad that you had more than you should. Fasting is just another tool and I like to use as many as possible because this is a lifestyle and there will be times you suck at staying on


When I did break my fast I had my usual baked chicken with a few pork rinds but get this I actually tried something new and I must admit it was great. I made a green smoothie using frozen avocado cubes and it was really delicious. I’m not a fan of these fruits at all however they are fantastic for you and are a source of healthy fat I never use. I mixed it in with my frozen collards, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a few frozen pineapple chunks for sweetness and it was the bomb! I didn’t even taste the avocado but it gave the smoothie a better consistency that I really love. I bought like 8 because they were on sale at Krogers for 69 cents and you just can’t beat that price! For the next 8 days or so I’ll be having my greens in smoothie form instead of my huge salads and I think it will do me some good because I’ll be forced to drink more liquids, which I need to be better at.




Today if it’s possible I would like to talk about sleep. Has anyone else noticed that with the increased workouts that they sleep less? If you do, please let me know what you have found to work. For the last few days, I’m so wired when I hit the mat that I can barely get any sleep and I lay there restless. I realize how vitally important sleep is and I really need to have better rest but I really don’t want to take a sleeping aid if I don’t have to. Any advice on this would be appreciated.



Lastly, thank you to everyone who has gone to my facebook page Alexx’s Keto Avenue, liked it and spent time looking around. I really appreciate it and I want to know if there is anything anyone is looking for that I may need to put on there. It certainly doesn’t have to be keto related but anything about a healthy lifestyle anyone wants to get together about let me know and I’ll do my best to respond. Have a fabulous Friday and go enjoy a glorious weekend everyone!


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Let’s Get It!!




Good morning to all of you and happy Tuesday! I am hoping that everyone had a safe and fun new year and that you all are settling into this glorious new beginning. This morning has started off fantastic, I just knocked out my first workout of the year and I must say it was fantastic! I love college football and as the games were playing I must have dozed off at halftime because I woke up at like midnight and my body was really wanting to get this first workout of the year in the books! My workout consisted of chest and triceps and even though I felt I pushed it, I was kinda on exploration mode this morning at the gym. I’m still fairly new to the layout and I found myself wandering around trying to see were this and that The elliptical and I are back on great terms and we worked together for about 20 minutes of nice paced cardio. As you all know I absolutely love that machine and I actually look forward to cardio because of it!




Yesterday I had one of my signature obese salads with Romain, Green Onion, and Arugula and it was delicious, although I ran out of the homemade dressing so I’m hoping I still have the ingredients to bust out a few more batches later today! Of course, I followed the salad with my simple baked chicken and a tall glass of water. To be honest, I really only have maybe 4 or 5 things that I make over and over again, I’m pretty basic and simple with my Keto meals. The kids are back home from their dad’s and I’m so glad to see them; however. they were loaded down with all types of cookies and candy from the holidays with the other half of the family. I was like noooo! I felt like Kevin in that movie Home Everything they brought home looked amazing and of course, loaded with sugar and I did all I could to look away. Ugh! It feels amazing to have their energy and enthusiasm back in the house, they just make the atmosphere seem better! O.k I have to mention that I fasted 20 hours yesterday and only had one meal, which is something I really try not to do because I don’t want to be malnourished or anything. I don’t know how it works for all of you but if I have too many days that I’m under a certain caloric intake I end up binging and we can’t have that!


I just wanted to share something with you guys that’s completely and totally off topic for me but Have you all seen Dave Chappelle’s new stand up comedy show’s on Netflix? There are two of them and they are absolutely hilarious. His comedy is certainly not for everyone, but to me, he has an amazing mixture of interesting topics and the punchlines are always on point! You should definitely check them out if you need a quick laugh this week. I wish you all the very best day possible and don’t forget that you are worth all the effort it takes to be the very best you can be! If you need any support or any advise that I can help with please don’t hesitate to check out my facebook page! Alexx’s Keto Avenue.








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Salad Game Proper


No gym today and I feel pretty good about it! I’m taking it slow and learning what works best for me. Today my post will be shorter than usual because I have a ton of work to do. I’m really very surprised at how good my body feels today. Last night I had a lot more calories than normal because my body just felt like an incinerator! I didn’t eat terribly unhealthy but man I had such hunger. I’m thinking it’s because of the workouts so I will have to maybe change some things around because going to the gym is not an option I have to go 3 times a week at the very least! No excuses!


Yesterday’s food was very simple as usual I just had a large and delicious salad and my favorite pizza on the planet, chicken crusted pepperoni pizza:



I am a salad junky and I’m not afraid to admit it! If you’re interested in the low carb pizza recipe here ya go………Pizza yum!

If you’re eating a low carb diet you absolutely must try using pork rinds as your croutons! I really love the taste and they have no carbs yet a delicious crunch to your salad. I use sugar-free dressing when I can but yesterday I used my son’s real french dressing and I just took the hit on the carbs and sugar. of course I’ll be buying my dressing later today, I just didn’t want to run to the store for that 1 item!

Hey guys 1 thing I forgot to mention about the gym that was really cool was this new slide lock system for the machine weights! I’m not sure if it’s new or just new to me but I absolutely found it very easy to transition from light to heavyweight with just a flick of my finger! O.k I know that was out of nowhere but hey sometimes you gotta put stuff out there when it comes and it just popped into my




Just want to say welcome to some of the new people who have started following my blog I truly appreciate it! Have a fantastic day and don’t forget to smile, it really does make a difference!






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Alrighty Then


Happy Happy Wednesday to all of you! Today was day number 2 at the gym and let’s just say it went loads better than the first day did! The seated elliptical and I had a chat. I figured since we got off on the wrong foot yesterday I would use a little love and tenderness this time around. I needed to get to know my cardio buddy if I was to truly be one with the machine! So with that in mind, I hopped on the seat and off I went to cardio bliss. The machine sensing that we needed to bond decided to go up to 30 again without me even noticing until my legs started to burn. I took this as my chance to replace bitching with kindness and love and a little deductive reasoning. Surely the machine didn’t hate me, it was specifically build to be used the way I was attempting to use her. Further, this was a nice machine, a machine that truly deep down inside its core wanted to get me on the road to my cardio dreams! I wanted to open the lines of communication between us so I decided I would make the first move, I mean in any healthy relationship someone needs to take the lead. While I mulled over what to say to my elliptical I noticed something that caught my attention, I hadn’t noticed it before and as soon as the message was sent from my eyes to my brain and back I was instantly rejuvenated! It turns out that the machine doesn’t hate me at all, nor does it have a malfunction of any kind. it had been trying to communicate with me from the jump. It was saying. “I love you Alexx and I would be more than happy to cooperate with you if your overlapping ass would stop pressing down on the arrows on the seat!” And then it all made sense to me, because of my large body, when I ride the elliptical my butt touches the handle on both side of the seat where there happen to be controls for…. drum roll please!….. level increase or decrease! So I simply put my hands down to block my overage and boom, smooth sailing. It should come as no surprise that I did more cardio today since I didn’t have to do the hills of the bay area today and I’m thankful for that! Lesson learned. On a side note, I have a gym bag full of machine manuals for all the equipment in the gym so I’m WOW!!!




Alrighty then back to the diet! Ya boi did great yesterday with his eating and hit all his macros and calories! Fasting has become pretty much second nature now and as long as I keep somewhat busy I have to remind myself to eat my 2 meals a day. I’ve been having huge salads to break my fast and my lovely and beautiful fiance’ hooked me up with a shredded chicken salad that was absolutely amazing! I added some coconut oil and a little butter for healthy fats and it was on! Bulletproof coffee and my customary green smoothie rounded out my eating window very nicely!


Recently I’ve been reading a lot of peoples posts and I must say it’s truly amazing how strong and resilient people can be! Every time I get ready to open my mouth to bitch and moan I come across these people with extraordinary will and determination! The stories are just filled with pain and agony but met will such vigor and fight, that I am absolutely in awe of the human spirit! We always hear about all of the bad things that happen in this crazy world but time and time again I realize that there truly is more good than bad going on around us! We all have these blessing that floats around us that we tend to ignore because we get busy or we get upset however we all have things to truly be thankful for. Time is so very precious and I am learning to truly appreciate what others around me do! One thing we all have in common is the innate ability to love something, no matter what it is. It’s the best part of humanity to me.

Be Merry everyone and enjoy your day!


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And So It Goes….



So this morning was the first of many workouts at the new gym! Typically I’m extremely hard on myself for what I should be able to do versus what I actually do. This morning was a 2 a.m wake up call and I was nervous but ready! The gym attendant looked at me with a thankful smile when I walked in. That dude had been there since 10 p.m. last night and looked like he hadn’t seen a soul in He is a young kid I’d say college sophomore at the oldest and he seems very upbeat and happy about his job. The reason I mention this is because when I go someplace and the person working looks like he truly wants to be there it really helps the experience! Great start to the workout!


The very first thing I did was hit the sitting elliptical that I had been eyeing when I made my initial tour of the place. This thing looks great and super easy on the joints and such. As I climb on I noticed the machines were tightly pushed together to each other so I had to do a little furniture moving to get my butt on the machine. Once I began it seemed so awesome at first. As advertise the machine was very easy on my joints and knees and I was coasting along until my machine decided to switch levels on me! It went from the first level to like 30 on me and my legs started feeling like I was walking up those huge hills in San Francisco. While I desperately tried to adjust the level my legs were absolutely screaming! The damn level wouldn’t change back down to 1 so I was a hurting unit for a few seconds. And I mean just a few because the total time I had been on the machine was like 2 minutes tops! I’m not sure if I was operating the machine right or if I wasn’t going fast enough for the machines liking so we parted ways until next time. The score: Gym 1, Alexx 0




I was determined to get some cardio in so I tried the standing elliptical this time. Now I believe that this machine had seen the difficulty I had with the last one and it welcomed me with open arms. I was able to get another 2 minutes or so to warm my legs up before lifting. My plan is to build my cardio up to about 30 mins a day and then just intensify my cardio as I go. Man, I think when it was all said and done I may have gotten 8 minutes of total cardio this morning yall! I mean damn it was rough. You don’t know how lazy and out of shape you are until you workout I guess, thus is why I’m doing this in the first place. So while I was able to do this machine, I was so out of breath that the as I left the cardio area I swear I heard the other machines laughing at


Now with the strength training, I was able to do 4 exercises rather easily and without much discomfort! I plan to add as I go. Strenght training is definitely more in my wheelhouse but it’s pretty easy with the machines as opposed to free weights. With the machines your seated for most of the workout so while you build you chill. My goal was to make sure I didn’t give myself too much time in between reps. I did 3 sets of 10 and it was fairly easy. Honestly, I could have pushed for more weight but again the first day I wanted to see where I was. Gym:1 Alexx:1. Ha!


Now that I’m done with the first workout I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know for sure I will be making this a habit! No doubt about that, however part of me feels like I could have pushed a little harder and done a little bit more. There’s always tomorrow I figure but I hate the feeling of knowing I have so far to go. Which is really crazy because at the same time I absolutely love that I have so far to go. I brought no music to the gym and tunes always motivates me in the gym. This week I’m concentrating on forming my routine. Once I get my routine down I will most definitely use my music to help with doing better in the cardio area! It’s all a process and while my performance sucked today, I’m very optimistic about my future gains and accomplishments!


On the eating front, I’m happy to report that I had about 50g of carbs yesterday and was just 75 calories over my 2k for the day. I have been fooling around with my diet to increase vegetable consumption and decrease my meat eating. It’s hard for me to get my 7 cups a day of leafy green veggies without taking those calories from somewhere and so meat must be reduced. My salad game is proper yall so I’ll be able to up my greens no problem at all. As far as fasted workouts go I felt great, although I can honestly say that maybe I will need a shake or something for my pre-workout if my cardio doesn’t improve!


Honestly, folks, I have to say I’m very proud of myself for taking the first step and keeping this promise to myself to be healthier for years to come. I know that consistency is key to my overall health and well being! I refuse to give up!


Thank you so much for reading this and for supporting me. There are so many of you who have said some wonderful things to support me and I am truly thankful! Go enjoy your life homies, have a fantastic day!


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Grape Swisher


So yesterday went fairly well. I managed to fast for my now standard 20 hours as well as stay under my loose calorie restriction of 2k calories. My carbohydrates, however, were 90g which is 40g over my desired goal for daily intake. So not too bad on the day but by no means perfect and absolutely not close to my best!


I often have to remind myself that there are always reasons to eat just a few more than I should. Holidays, Family visits and stress can trick me into having a little more here and a touch more there, all in the name of the occasion! I have a great friend who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. When you ask him about it he has biblical reasons for which I will not go into. The reason I bring it up is he won’t be eating a meal to celebrate Christmas like I will and that made me wonder about something. Since I have always found a reason to eat more unhealthy foods on certain occasions, than shouldn’t I be able to reverse this trend? For instance, instead of finding a reason to overindulge perhaps I could adopt a system where my response is an alternatively healthy one. Sort of like when folks run 5k marathons on Holidays to raise money or awareness for a cause. I’m wondering if I could reprogram my thinking so that I associate the holidays and special occasions with healthy eating or doing a very interesting and new form of exercise that would progress my weight loss goals! I was thinking about this last night when I went to bed and I’m hoping that it is possible because I think it would be a game changer! I’m not saying I’ve invented the wheel here but I am thinking that I’ve never tried turning these weak moments into opportunties of strength!




One last thing, I wouldn’t call myself an addict when it comes to smoking but I really do like having my occasional Swisher Sweet cigar. The taste and the flavor of a grape Swisher can trigger my relaxation such as a hot cup of tea does others. I’ve decided that I will not smoke another cigar until I have reached my goal weight. I’m not planning on becoming a lifelong smoker after that point! I’ll simply have a victory Cigar than move on. I realize that I cant honestly say that I have done all I can to be the healthiest I can be if I continue to have my Cigars. I often talk about tools I have acquired in my bag to live a healthier lifestyle but I’m learning that often times it’s the thing you eliminate out of the bag that has the most profound effect!


It’s Wednesday and you’re almost to the end of the week! Thank you very much for taking a moment out of your amazing life to come into mine! I appreciate you very much. Please like and comment if you have the time!


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