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Year In Review


Wow so this is my very first post of the year and I apologize for the delay. My year has been a true blessing and I can honestly say that this year should be even better than the last! I decided to highlight a few things that had a huge impact on me this year as well as helped keep me motivated to live my best life! Thank you so much for sticking by me this year and supporting me the entire year!


I started the year thinking about how big I had gotten and what I was going to do about it so I bought a scale from Amazon and started focusing on my goals. I can’t front I was pissed at how much I weighed and thought I was lighter because I thought at the time I had really been trying to change my relationship with food. Boy, was I dead wrong! My diet was horrible and I gave zero thought to what food was for and what it was doing for my body. That was the day that I started becoming a research junkie and diving into the field of health and nutrition head on! Today I have such a better understanding of what my body responds too and how insulin affects my body based on what I have been giving it! I’m not perfect but I have the formula for what works for my body so I say that’s a win!

Screenshot_20180402-072603.jpgThe get back tour was the biggest most important goal I had last year. My children and I have always been close but the truth was I wasn’t being all I could be for them! The truth is I needed to do more and this trip was to address that and so much more. The drive was long and I was still nervous the entire way because I wanted my kids to truly know just how much I love and respect them! My mission was to leave no doubt about my love for them and my belief in them and there’s nothing like being there in real time and physical contact! We went all over the place and the looks on their faces filled with excitement and delight filled my heart like no other feeling ever! To say this was the highlight of my year would be an understatement it was simply one of the greatest blessings the good Lord has ever let me be a part of!


The kids asked me one simple question when I arrived back home and that was “When are you coming back to California?” Yall already know that’s all I needed to make the Get Back 2 to happen and I went back to Cali again about 5 months later and had a great time! This time we found my favorite beach at Dana Point and it blew me away! The kids and I must have gone there every single day I was in town. I think the first trip was really emotional because it had been a long time since I saw them but the second trip was that confirmation that they know that they can count on me making the trip a priority in my life! My kids flat out make me the man I am and the man I strive to be so they made this last year the best of my life to that point!


Tiffany got her bling! So my girl and I have been together for going on 9 years now and although we discussed it years back this year for Christmas she got her engagement and wedding ring set! I’m blessed beyond measure to have a person that loves me so very much and cares enough to put up with my bullshit and deals with me anyway! I am no day at the beach in my humble opinion and I am riddled with flaws but she has stood by me no matter the test and she is what we call A REAL ONE! I love her very much and we plan to get married around June or July and hit a cruise for the honeymoon, she deserves the best and she will have it, I mean it’s the very least I could do!

Finally my fat loss journey and the grind! So this year I lost a total of 75 pounds which brings my total to well over 115 pounds of total weight loss! I’m blown away at what I have been able to accomplish by simply researching and ap[plying the findings to my life the best way I know how. My body feels and performs better today than it did at any point since I moved to Kentucky almost a decade ago! Don’t get it twisted my ass is still sore and I walk around here looking like a geriatrics patient sometimes because my knees bother me sometimes. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to all of you who follow my blog and my account on Facebook and Insta because I promise I couldn’t have done it without the support and love that is always waiting! My goals are very lofty for 2019 including but not limited to losing 130 pounds but I feel like I’ll never know what I can do until I shoot for it!

And that’s about it, my year has been amazing and my Mother knows where she fits into all this or she better know because all I am and what I have become is strictly because she cared enough to love me and put me in a position to be a great man! I love you momma and I always will!


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So as you can see I have hit a new all-time low in my fat loss journey! It’s been crazy because I felt like I was at a standstill for months before I saw this trend of going lower.  I’ll get into that later but first I want to wish everyone happy holidays and I truly hope you are having fun with the people you love! Like everyone around, I have been super busy celebrating and enjoying my family time! It’s finally time to get back to it and crush these goals ahead!


So my girl got her ring this Christmas and she was very happy! We are getting married this summer of 2019 and I’m really excited about that! I made out great as well, I got the new Samsung Note 9 and an awesome workout set for Christmas. I can’t really act surprised because I always get spoiled for the holidays by my family and friends and this year was no different! Everyone seemed to be truly happy with their gifts and the smiles lit up the living room! The truth is I’m very blessed no matter what the time and hell every day is Christmas when you have the type of loving family and friends I have around me!

As the title says I stepped on the scale and when I heard the ladies voice say 478 I was floored! I have been working hard with my eating but I honestly couldn’t break this damn plateau until recently! I’m so excited to see if I can get to below 450 by the 22nd of January because that’s been the goal for a while now and I believe it possible if I continue to focus! The weights I was gifted will certainly help to burn fat while I’m sleeping and I plan to lift every morning before work along with my Qigong and stretching exercising. Lord knows that the holidays are providing plenty of cardio at work, so if you throw fasting and OMAD in the mix I feel like it’s going to be a great couple of weeks as I breeze thru January and beyond!


I’m so very proud of my girl, she has been doing some truly amazing things with wine bottles and I am totally in awe of her creative spirit! It’s funny how you never know who you may inspire to chase their dreams because they see you pursuing your own! She and her sister had a craft show and totally killed it and damn near sold out! Not bad for the first time out. They already have plans for the next show in February and I can’t wait to be there to cheer her on!

On the diet front, I have ordered a 3 bottle supply of Organifi green, gold, and red juice! I know in my gut that I need more nutrients than I am getting from my mostly meat diet and I want to try to get this juice every few months because it tastes amazing and it has loads of great and cold processed vitamins! Besides, I would much rather eat my protein but drink my greens and fruits anyway, that’s just how I like it!

I got a haircut yall and it feels great! Other than this I’m pretty much done. I work the next 2 days but I will be putting out another podcast episode this weekend on Big Boi Koncepts so check it out if you get the chance! Have a fantastic night and I will be back as soon as possible!

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Real Men Adjust


Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic and motivating Thursday morning, I absolutely love Thursday yall! It’s starting to get close to the weekend and all the people around this house seem to be in a great mood knowing it will be time to relax and examine again. This weekend we are celebrating Christmas with my fiance’s family and it will be a true blessing to see everyone and come together as a unit. My fiance’ is also having here craft show coming up this weekend as well so things are very busy around here so I figured I would get up early and hit this blog before the time gets away from me. Grab your coffee and let’s have some fun!


Work is proving to have it’s up’s and downs. I forgot how many different personalities you run into when you are in a work environment. My new soon to be boss and I don’t really see things the same and I think that in order to make things work I’m going to have to take an approach that allows him to be the manager he is going to be. My mission at work is simple I just want to do my job well and get a fantastic workout in the process, the money has and will always be the 3rd reason for me and I realize that just being able to say that is a blessing! We don’t always have to get along but in order for there to be peace and productivity, I’m more than willing to sacrifice my ego a bit. It just is what it is but I must admit I’m not the type of person who doesn’t like another person but this dude is pushing Some days I have to remind myself that I am the luckiest man on the planet to be where I am and living the life I get to lead and whatever may go on at work just isn’t as important as what’s not at work. Having said that people can truly drag on your patience sometimes and when that happens I usually take a moment of pause and remember why I’m here, what’s my mission and is it worth the time to feel anything that doesn’t produce results at work. So this is me getting it out and getting my focus right!

My Keto lifestyle has been fairly predictable of late. I’ve been all about my baked chicken and fine cuts of beef along with sunflower seeds and coffee. Lately, because I realize the holiday food is going to be coming I have just been plain and steady with my eating, keeping my carbs zero or to a minimum and drinking a ton of water! I wish I could report that I have been trying a lot of new and exciting recipes but that is just not the case and won’t be until next week when I start looking into some delicious Keto Christmas recipes! Hopefully, my blog will have more great and delicious pictures filled with foods I successfully made from my kitchen next week!


You know how you don’t really feel hungry so you just don’t eat? Well, I had this happen the other day and I just stayed hydrated and didn’t have any food at all. It’s been about 34 hours now and I know I won’t eat anything until after work today. It seems that whenever I get this way I can change my bodies set point to be lower and lose a good amount of weight as long as I follow 2 golden rules. First, I have to stay super hydrated to keep my body from getting too fatigued and second I have to get lots of salt, magnesium, and potassium or all the fat loss will just come back on when I start eating again. Going 48 hours with no food isn’t that hard for me because I have so much reserve fat for my body to use for fuel! Hell based on that with my size I could fast till Not to worry all of you know that I will still be having my coffee fix and because I’m fasting for a little longer I will probably give myself a treat and have sugar-free creamer instead of black. I’ll be weighing in Friday or Saturday and rest assure I will let you all know where I am!

Try to find a reason to help someone today for no other reason but that you can and I will do the same! We all can and do make a difference if we choose to and I challenge you all to be the kindness today that you want the world to be like! By the way, don’t forget to love yourself and give yourself praise and worship on an hourly base. You are going to be with you all day so be nice and give that kindness to yourself first and then spread it to others, that’s the win-win! Have a great Thursday and enjoy the coming weekend everyone!

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Cold Blessings


It’s the middle of the week and boy am I not feeling so hot! I used to tell myself that I could just will my way to not getting sick but I think this little cold bug I picked up from work is kicking my willful ass this It’s midnight here in the Eastern time zone but it feels like morning because I took some powerful awful tasting medicine last night that I must admit helped a great deal. The battle in my head told me not to take a sleep aid too close to taking cold medicine so I’m up and I figured I would get a jump on the blogging. My shift doesn’t start till noon today so hopefully, I’ll find a few hours more sleep before I head into work! O.k enough bitching and moaning about how I’m sick, the truth is I have a house full of people who love me, an amazing design for my life ahead and the most powerful god in my corner so I’ll be straight!

Yesterday I still managed to run a few errands to the store and post office, it’s funny how when you’re not feeling well you just go do stuff but when you feel normal you get lazy and Anyways, after running around for a few I got home and decided to get some much-needed rest and basically wait out this damn cold I have! I started doing that thing we all do sometimes when we have too much time on our hands, I started thinking back about when I started getting healthier and working out. It’s been such an amazing awakening and I feel so very blessed to be more enlightened then I was previously. I had the dream to get better but I had the wrong damn formula and anyone who knows how to build anything knows without a blueprint you are toast!


Even though I’m blah today, I still know in my heart that my future is bright and I’m on the path I really truly want to be on! People often say that life is about balance and there is some truth to that, however, the more I think about it the more I feel like life is about being unbalanced and gaining balance back. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to further your hopes and dreams and living in uncomfortable spaces sometimes in the name of growth and prosperity! This journey I’m on has taught me so much about myself and my weaknesses and I think it’s important to understand our weaknesses so we can get stronger and faster and better.

Nothing too big today I will be working on my Podcast and then doing some deep personal work. Then I will follow that up with some great time with the family and hopefully get some fresh idea’s for the future. My girl being the awesome person she is brought me some training tools to use on my next job and I can’t wait to feel a tad bit better so I can dive into it all! I’ve said this so many times you need a team of people if you are going to be great in life! It just is what it is because when you feel like you can’t go on or get thru they step in and up and help you with your life! I am super blessed to be able to have so many that truly care and love me that I refuse to waste all of their efforts to form me into a better man!


We are getting into the holiday season and I can feel the spirit in the air this time of year! I realize that we should be this way all the time but it doesn’t mean I don’t love the way people care for each other this time of year! We talked about what we wanted for Christmas and to be honest I just want to be able to go visit my kids that live on the Westcoast and do some traveling around this year! I really don’t need anything else because when I get to see everyone together and smiling it’s the best thing going in my life! Simply put it all leads back to family and how much I truly love and respect every single member of this group! They all have unique and interesting contributions but they are so very similar in that they fill my heart with love and joy! That kind of joy that sounds corny but doesn’t need to be wrapped unless in a hug! I want to dedicate my life to this families joy! I wish all of you and yours a fantastic time of year and many wonderful memories this holiday season!


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Carb Crush!


Good morning all and welcome to another glorious Monday! I had a really great weekend with the family and now I’m ready to get back into work week mode. The temperature is dropping to really really cold outside and with the lower temperatures the cold and flu season is sneaking up on us. Please be careful and safe this winter as it is projected to be one of our coldest in recent memory! Let’s get started, shall we?


While I had a great weekend I did have a few candies and other treats that are not part of my planned eating formula. Sometimes chilling at home can put you in a state of free fall, it’s like you sit and watch movies and television and you look up and realize that you had a bag of chips or M&M’s in your If you’re anything like me then you know that this kind of behavior is simply old habits coming back and trying to get Habits have been programmed for years and years and sometimes they are so embedded in our minds and thoughts we are unaware of just what the hell we are doing! That certainly was the case with me this weekend and the weird thing is I wasn’t really craving anything sweet or carby at all it just kind of happened. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t binge or anything but, to be honest, my low carb was high carb for a meal and a half! Someone like me, who has a massive case of insulin resistance can gain 10 to 15 pounds in a few days. It may just be water weight but in reality, my body just doesn’t respond well to sugar and carbs!


Part of it is that I have been low carb so long my body freaks out with a rush of carbs but mostly I believe I just have a crazy insulin response to certain food that’s much more drastic than other people. Knowing your body is so very important because the same food in one person’s body can affect a different person’s body completely different! The key for me is to write down what I was thinking and how I felt, go over my why’s for eating a healthy diet and then letting it go. The worst part of any bad eating isn’t the food itself but the emotional toll that we can level onto ourselves for making a mistake. It’s important to move on and try not to make the same mistake twice or at least limit the number of times you make that mistake. The biggest step is to get back to what you are and what you are striving to be because you are creating new habits and after awhile those habits will take you home! So I’m good and ready to start this Monday off right with my already scheduled 3 24 hour fasts, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.



I’ve got about 2 more weeks at my current job and then I will be transferring to another place within the same company, it’s even on the same block so very easy for me! I’ll be working a bit more hours than I have normally but it’s a lot more money and a position that suits my talents better. I’m very excited to be starting yet another chapter on this journey and I pray I will really love and appreciate the next phase! We must continue to test and push our lives forward so that we can say that we truly lived and I believe in my heart this move pushes me forward so wish me


This weekend I recorded another podcast and I think I am starting to get the hang of it but it’s a lot of work in an area I admit I absolutely know nothing about! It’s that nervous excitement that makes me try so many different things because growth is scary and wonderful all at the same damn time, that’s just real! In my heart, I know so many people have or are struggling with Obesity and related issues that I must do something to help. My journey can only be aided by helping other’s relate because I am dealing with this every day myself! I have found so much strength in other’s that has truly allowed me to carry on and move forward in a healthy and positive way. I see it as an honor and a responsibility of mine to help as many people as I can feel like they have a friend who understands their plight! It’s so true that we all really are better when we work together as a team and I’m thankful to be a part of this one!

If you are reading this you are a part of a team and I am grateful for your loyal support and time. In my heart, I know that you could be doing so many more things with your day so the idea that you have let me be a small part of your day is fascinating to me! It’s something I will never ever take for granted. Whatever your goals and dreams are, get back to making them happen today, put a plan in place and go get it because you never really know when your time is up and you no longer have the chance. The only thing worse than living with regret is dying with it in my humble opinion! The world needs you and what you have to bring to the world, don’t let us down!

Thank you so very much for reading and have a great day!

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Beyond Me


The middle of the week is here so fast it seems! Welcome to the blog, I hope everyone is doing great and living their best life this morning! One of the many blessings I am thankful for is coffee in my cup this morning, it just feels right when I get that first drink after my morning water bottle. So while I am very thankful for the taste I am also mindful that many people don’t get the chance to even have coffee time in the mornings because of their busy lifestyles! I’m glad you are reading this today and I truly appreciate you this morning!

So far this week I have made really good money at my job and the place has been packed because of the voting going on this week! I’m not super political but I’m always happy to see people so passionate and engaged about things it just brings more energy to the day! The great thing about it was I got a great workout at work, I mean I really pushed myself to go all out and give all I had and I’m grateful that I was rewarded with awesome guest and wonderful conversations. The scale has been trending in a great direction lately and I’m very enthusiastic about that there!


This week I’m fasting all week doing 18/6 which I love because it’s simple and easy and basically when I go to work the time flys! It’s just not my thing to really eat at work because I get really tired and worn out so when I’m doing an 18hr fast it’s cool because when my shift is over and I get home I can eat some bomb low carb foods! This week so far I have had hotdogs with no bun, a few pieces of bologna and baked chicken. My snack of choice this week has been pork rinds and by that I mean my side dish because I’ve been going zero to low carbs this week. I had plenty of carbs when I went to Cali so I feel like I can get super low on the carb scale this week. It’s all about having a plan my friends that way at least you have a little direction and you can hang your hat on the fact that you have done all you can to get to your better.


Speaking of fat loss, I am thrilled to announce that I am officially 483 as of this morning which is my lowest weight to date since I’ve been an adult I I’m very happy that I am starting to get back to shrinking to my goal weight and progressing at a steady pace. I credit my fat loss to the fact that I have an amazing family who loves and support me and also to the idea that I can and will be in the best shape of my life this coming season! My chips are on the table and I’m certainly all in on improving my body so that I can be more present and engaged for the people around me. Getting better every day just feels right and even though there will be setbacks they don’t have to define the struggle they are just part of it! It’s lofty but my short-term goal is to get to 450 before the 22nd of January. Why that date you ask? Well if you have been following my blog you know that the 22nd was the day this year I first bought my scale and if I get to 450 that will be a few pounds over 100 pounds lost since I’ve bought it! That’s more than 30 pounds in 2 months but I’m shooting for it because it’s my life and I’m about dreaming big!

The next few days I will be working on my podcast about battling obesity and I hope you will find time to check it out, I believe it will help anyone who struggles with their weight or knows someone who does. I’m scheduling the release of my podcast every Saturday for now until I learn more about what I’m doing! It’s hard work but very exciting to dive into these different topics as well as share things that I have learned thru research and life experience. Big Boi Koncepts will be my main focus as far as bringing value to others in the form of dealing with obesity for the next 14 months. That’s the name of the podcast by the


I’ll let you all in on a little secret the best thing I have done recently is develope a morning routine designed to improve my inner self. I start off the day doing Qigong and stretching because I am the most unflexible human being in the species I’m sure of it. Next, I have been doing about 10 minutes of meditation followed by going over my goals and aspirations for the day as well affirmations. Folks this stuff is very powerful because not only does it keep you focused but it serves to embed your deepest and most treasured outcomes in your subconscious! Did you all know that scientist believe that up to 85 percent of what we do comes from our subconscious? To be completely transparent I’ve never even truly thought about my subconscious, what it is, what it does, EVER! It was just a word I heard people on television use but there is some powerful science-based evidence that it plays the most important role in our actions on a daily bases. I guess I’m just super late to the party but at least I’m pulling up and getting there! Keep getting to know yourself better homies, you are certainly worth it!


Since it’s the middle of the week I challenge you to start today and find someone to bless this week! I’m not talking money or gifts but anyone who you can be of service too. Maybe the guy who delivers your Amazon Package or a Barista at your favorite espresso cart! Pay for someone’s breakfast if you’re grabbing fast food this morning, lend someone your favorite novel, anything that lets someone know that you’re here to serve!

Have a crazy and joyous Humpday and get yourself happy, it’s on you!


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Master of Service


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to the blog! I know you are all floored that I’m writing so close together this I’m working on trying to be more consistent with my entries so I appreciate your patience and time. My heart is very full that you make time to check out my blog from time to time and I value you all enough that you deserve more frequent postings! As you know Monday is such a great day for starting off fresh and new and giving yourself a chance to be your best self this coming week! I believe we all can get better and grow and be of service to someone! I wish you the type of week that produces the best possible version of the life you have always dreamed of!

This last weekend the kids were away so I and the Queen of the house had a really great time getting things done as well as spending quality time together! Since I had a good amount of free time I have come up with a strategy and goals for the future that I think is both reachable and a little crazy! The next 14 months I am dedicating my life to getting in the best physical shape of my life, expanding my service to others and performing at a higher level than ever before in the history of me! As you have just read my goals are pretty ambition but I truly feel like I was built for this time in my life and I want to take full ownership of the trajectory of my life! If I’m being honest with myself I am on the outside looking in when it comes to my best effort and I know that while I have certainly come a long way, there is so much more I can do. There are so many more people I can serve and it’s just that time, ya know?

Now that I have gotten to this point I need to be more specific about what I have planned to do so this is the list of the things I really want to focus on in the near future or next 14 months to be exact:

Performing 3 days a week of Cardio

2 to 3 days a week of complete body stretching for flexibility as well as strength training

Performing Qigong daily along with meditation to become more focused and centered

Blogging 3 days a week to chronicle my story and stay connected to all the wonderful writers out there!

Developing my Podcast to becoming a place to get help with battling Obesity, mastering self-improvement and hyper motivation

Creating valuable content on my Utube channel(stay tuned) so that I can help others as well as myself!

Screenshot_20181105-071245.jpgI realize this is a very ambitious list but I am determined to be the man I say I want to be and to do the work that I feel I have been put on this earth to do!

There are plenty of other goals and aspirations I have that are coming into focus but right now I have focused on these tight few and one other personal one I will mention in another post, I promise! As normal I will be posting about my diet and fasting, that’s just who I am now and I have done so much work in these areas this year I feel they have helped to shape the way I will live the rest of my days on this planet! My goal is not to be perfect! My goal is to be the best I can possibly be every single day and absolutely take 100% ownership of my life and my actions! How I think, how I feel and how I treat others is entirely up to me and I will work my butt off to become a master of service!

All of you have the power and the ability to have a fantastic day and I pray that you make the decision to do so! Thank you so very much for reading and have a great Monday!









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I’m back!!


Hello everyone and happy November to everyone! It’s been a few weeks and I just got back from Cali a few days ago but I’ll get into that in a minute. How have you all been doing with your goals and aspirations? I believe in all of you so I’m sure you are crushing it as usual! You all know what it is, I’m sitting here chilling with a big cup of coffee with sugar-free creamer and MCT oil and it is amazing! It’s good to be back with you all and with that let’s get rollin’!


The beach was amazing in California, check that: everything was amazing including the crazy We stayed at the beach for basically the whole time I was in town, the kids and I have always loved the ocean so it was just natural for us. As I always do I drove the whole way there and back from Kentucky so I had a hell of a road trip and tons of time to think and appreciate the scenario along the way. In all, I think I drove like 4k miles on this trip and with the exception of a flat in Arkansas on the way home it was a cool and relaxing ride. I included a few pictures of my knuckleheads playing around and chilling on the sand. I love them so very much and they make me a very proud father! I’ll be going again around April of next year but I’m afraid my driving back and forth days are over, its just too many miles to go I’ve decided to start flying and renting a car there instead so I can get more rest on my journey to visit in the future!





When I left for my trip I was weighing in at about 502, my pounds have been up and down with the same 10 or so fluctuation! Funny thing is I have been home a week and I’ve already lost like 13 pounds and back to 489 as of this mourning! My body is just weird that way but I’m thinking it has to do with me getting back on track sleep wise because my diet never really changes! I admit to having a few simple pleasures with Olive garden and pasta but I was very responsible and only had a little. I stopped off in Vegas to see my parents and they always bring me inspiration and they know my health intentions so they always have good quality foods around when I’m in town! We had some great wine and conversation and I think they are why I stayed so good on my trip!


Screenshot_20181103-063541.jpgThe next phase for me is very exciting! I’m really feeling a great buzz with my self-improvement and I just have that feeling like I’m about to have a major breakthrough. I can’t really say what it is because I honestly don’t know but now more than ever I have real direction in my life and supreme focus! Seeing the kids always give me a boost and it certainly re-establishes my WHY but this time seems different! As we were standing on the beach watching the beautiful and powerful pacific ocean rush in and out I just became overwhelmed with a sense of renewed expression. My life just came full circle and I felt speechless like the answers were coming in on those huge waves! I’m making new plans, bolder ones and setting my sights on moving closer to that coast very shortly! It’s just where I know I need to be. Sometimes things just feel right and no explanation is required!

My plan for the next 14 months is to get into the best physical shape of my life! To continue my journey with fat loss while pushing myself to greater highs with specific goals. This 2018 has shown me a ton, it brought keto and a new way of diet into my life, fasting and exercise on a grander level than before. This year has been one that will go down as one of the most important ones of my existence! I AM CHANGE! This whole year I have been saying this and I honestly can say that I am a changed human being! I take complete and total ownership of all that goes on in my life and how my actions affect others around me. I assure you that this wasn’t always the case with me, I have always known better but now I’m doing better!

This coming year and beyond I pledge to love better, to care far more than before and to chase my goals with a tenacity that I have never previously had. This coming year I will:

Be of service to those around me

Love me and treat my body the way it was meant to be treated

Finish every project I start with as much passion as I started

Educate my mind

Enrich my soul

And finally become EXTRAORDINARY!

I love you all so very much and thank you for reading this!









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O.k so I know this is out of nowhere because I never really blog on Saturdays at all and with it being the first real college football day it’s even more shocking! This morning I had to get up and just share a few things that have been on my mind and then I will let you all get back to enjoying your god given weekend in peace! lol


This morning I am officially 490 and that’s just 2 pounds off my lowest ever so I’m really happy about that! Even more incredible is that I have battled with my fat loss stall for so long now it seems like that my patience has truly been strained and taken to the absolute max some days. It’s not the times that are unexplainable when my number doesn’t go down it’s the days and weeks I know I have had a meal that will set me back and I go ahead and do it anyway. It’s really not the one meal but when you are an addict that one meal is always followed by a second and a third of bad choices that send me down a dark path! To be honest, I’m completely aware that my body has a really hard time dealing with grains and sugar, especially together( like when we have Chinese food). Having this knowledge is powerful but I’m learning is just the first step and the real work comes in the moment, those tiny decisions that you make alone when no one is looking that make or break us. 490 feels great because I have no intentions of having any reward for my progress that involves food! 450 is the goal I need to hit before my trip and I’ve set October 13th as the day to hit even though I don’t actually leave till the following week!

Today marks the 5th day on the Carnivore version of Keto and I really am loving the way I feel when I eat this way. I never feel bloated or lethargic after having a meal and I still feel like I’m eating plenty of food but not stuffing myself. The challenge is to remember to add good healthy fats to my meats because I love meat so much by itself that I often forget to add fat for the fullness and health benefit! The best girl in the game made me some hamburger patties and some leftover pork roast for my feast today and I can’t wait! When you’re eating such a limited food menu it is very important to have foods that you truly enjoy and also to have all types of different meats. I’ll be honest it will be tough for me to eat the organ meats out there but I will give it a try if it means staying consistent and on target!


I told my girl I was quitting the gym and she didn’t want to hear it! She told me that just because I am doing more bodyweight movements doesn’t mean I should limit the options I have to work out. She said that the gym is good in case you get a little injured or need a change of pace and she made a few other good points about waiting till we move and building my home gym! If I haven’t stressed it enough this fat loss journey cannot be done individually you must have some aces on your team who not only support you but challenge your opinions with their own, I’m very blessed to have her in my life and I don’t ever take a moment for granted because I know everyone doesn’t have a bonafide ride or die like I do!


As I type this I’m coming up on the 40th hour of my 42 hour fast, the last one of the week and last night was really rough! It’s not that I was hungry but when you fast sometimes you have a weird energy surge and you just can’t fall asleep. I mean I meditated and watched football and even an episode of Two and a Half Men and still I had problems getting to sleep! The quality of sleep is fantastic but damn it doesn’t take a minute and it always seems to be on Fridays my last 42 hour fast that it is the worst, I’m not sure why! You all have heard me say it before and I’ll keep saying that Keto was the biggest change that I made in my fat loss journey but Fasting is by far the most powerful thing I have ever done when it comes to this journey! It has simple helped me to be mindful and patient and while I’m not perfect by any means, it has taught me that my body needs times of fasting to help heal my body and that’s been the biggest most powerful revelation in this journey! (outside of God that is!) If any of you ever need any advice or help to get into the practice of fasting I am always willing to help, I truly believe it has the power to change the world!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and thank you so very much for reading this!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the blog! I am waking up feeling blessed but a little tired because I have been wrestling with bouts of insomnia! The other night I was up all night and into the next day and that’s just not like me so even though it’s not clinical it certainly feels like last night I slept pretty well but it’s like I am still catching up and I could use about 4 more hours! As most of you know sometimes you just don’t have that extra sleep time and you got things you need to get done! So enough of my complaining and moaning let’s get this thing off!


This past week I worked out 3 or 4 times and while that’s pretty good it’s a failure for me because I planned to workout at least 5 times! I just have to adjust to life so that I keep my commitment to myself and get my work done! I can’t front I was having a hard time getting up early and getting my workout Even though my fitness watch says I burned more calories this week I still feel like I could have done more. It”s crazy how I really have set such high goals for myself but in order to get this done my goals have to be obese! This week I have my 3 days of cardio at work and I will try to get 4 lifts in this week as well so hopefully, I will report better progress in this area next time. I need to do a better job of getting up early because I have been going to bed earlier so I should feel rested and ready to go. Working out is a small weapon in the obesity fight but it can be powerful in the mental department, I certainly need that energy in my life!


On the diet front, things are going great and I have finally broken this crazy fat loss stall I was having! It’s really funny because when doing keto your suppose to do moderate protein but any time I up my meat intake I seem to always lose the fat! So lately I have been eating a lot more meat and fish will healthy fats and that seems to be doing the job so thank god!! It’s funny that I have been eating fewer veggies and that has helped me lose a few pounds as well which is strange! I recently bought the green super drink Organfi and so far it’s very good tasting and minty plus it seems to have a ton of healthy greens and turmeric so I’m thinking of relying on this drink for a while and see if it helps. Other than my large salads I’m not a big vegetable guy but I am well aware of the importance of having them and I’m slowly coming around to adding more and more. I’ve been doing the whole smoothie thing to get my greens in however I am aware that it’s important to have fresh whole greens! Hopefully, I can join the whole food plant based diet one day and make that what I do for the majority of my life but right now it’s hard for me to give up my delicious meats! I love the meats!! My plan this week is to make some cauliflower mash potato casserole with bacon and cheese as well as maybe a broccoli or cauliflower soup I’m not sure on the second dish of the week yet. I really need to have an all vegetarian food day in my regular routine.


This week on the fasting front I’m doing 3 42 hour fasts because they have been very instrumental in my current fat loss of late. Since I don’t eat on my work days anyway this fasting regiment seems to be the most effective for me. The only time it’s really difficult is when I get off of work and I’m super tired my body starts thinking it’s hungry and hits me with a really bad craving! My tummy gets all load and demonstrative like I haven’t eaten in 10 days but once I get over that one I’m good because I get to eat the very next

That’s the blog folks I wish you a wonderful week and a very inspiring journey today! If anyone needs anything or any support I got you!

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