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Good morning my homies and welcome to the blog! It’s a rainy morning here in Elizabethtown and super damn cold outside! Still, I’m so very thankful to have this time to share and catch up with all of you. Now that the holiday madness is really over I hope everybody didn’t go bankrupt buying all those presents and Life is certainly keeping me on my toes and I can’t wait to share with all of you what’s been up so let’s get into it!

First, off ya boi has hit a new low of 476 which feels great because I think I have moved my damn set weight finally, thank goodness! This is an all-time low for me and I’m thankful for the results on the scale but I still need to measure because it’s been a long time since I have done that! The key to my recent fat loss has a lot to do with amazing weights my girl bought me during the holidays! My routine is so easy with the gym in the house and my body is starting to look forward to lifting after work every day I work. So the routine goes like this, on days I work I fast the whole day at least 20 hours and then when I get off work I lift before I break my fast! On my days off I have 2 meals and still hit the weights but I try to also do my stretching and Yoga plus Qi Gong! My routine is very ambitious but it feels amazing and I’m really stretching myself!

Work is going really well and it is affording me a great workout! The constant fast-paced and demand has got my stamina getting better and better! Not only that but I’m starting to really do a great job with my own standards which are always higher than what anyone else puts on me. Sometimes I get caught up with the money and I forget I took the job to get in better shape and the money was a distant second! For what I do I feel like I make really great money for the time I spend there. When I first started I was just dripping with sweat and couldn’t keep up with my standards but now I’m right on pace and doing a better job of keeping my stamina high! Trust me when I tell you that this job is far from perfect and there are a good amount of things that really suck about where I work but the awesome part is my job allows me to be off to myself and do my thing which I really love! It’s about getting better and better and all the drama about the job well it just is what it is but it doesn’t make me any less grateful, I just put my head down and grind because I’m only there long enough to get me to the next level of my life!

On the diet front I was getting into that Keto boredom you may have heard of. Well, let’s be clear every single way of eating gets boring after a long time. The key and this is what I have been doing lately is to get back to cooking all those favorite meals that I loved when I first started Keto. For instance, these Keto waffles I got poppin in the picture above! I forgot all about these bad boys until I saw someone on Instagram talking about them. They so bomb and so damn easy to make!

4 eggs/2 tsp of vanilla extract/2 tsp cake batter extract/4 oz of cream cheese(soft)/tablespoon of sweetener use a blender to blend those up for a few moments!

Then add 4 tablespoons of almond flour and peanut butter powder(optional) and blend again until you get a fantastic waffle batter and that’s it! put them in your waffle maker and I’m telling you for like 7 net carbs a waffle you will love these and keep it so Keto with sugar-free syrup or cool whip! Try them and let me know what yall think! Oh, and I made some baked chicken with cheese and had a ghetto chicken and waffle low carb

Lastly, I am so very thankful to my friend Juliecares! She is amazing and has been supportive from day one! Check this out, she knows how hard I have been working and she sent me a jersey that is too big for her because she lost so much fat so that I could use it for inspiration! It’s like a 2xl and it’s gonna take a long way before I can wear this awesome shirt but the point is when people believe in you it makes all the difference in the world! She has nothing to gain by doing this for me but to be a blessing and I can honestly say that I am humbled by her generosity! That’s how we make a difference when we do things just to be a blessing to someone else and It makes me hungry and motivated to be able to fit that jersey! Thank you so very much Lady!

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Real Men Adjust


Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic and motivating Thursday morning, I absolutely love Thursday yall! It’s starting to get close to the weekend and all the people around this house seem to be in a great mood knowing it will be time to relax and examine again. This weekend we are celebrating Christmas with my fiance’s family and it will be a true blessing to see everyone and come together as a unit. My fiance’ is also having here craft show coming up this weekend as well so things are very busy around here so I figured I would get up early and hit this blog before the time gets away from me. Grab your coffee and let’s have some fun!


Work is proving to have it’s up’s and downs. I forgot how many different personalities you run into when you are in a work environment. My new soon to be boss and I don’t really see things the same and I think that in order to make things work I’m going to have to take an approach that allows him to be the manager he is going to be. My mission at work is simple I just want to do my job well and get a fantastic workout in the process, the money has and will always be the 3rd reason for me and I realize that just being able to say that is a blessing! We don’t always have to get along but in order for there to be peace and productivity, I’m more than willing to sacrifice my ego a bit. It just is what it is but I must admit I’m not the type of person who doesn’t like another person but this dude is pushing Some days I have to remind myself that I am the luckiest man on the planet to be where I am and living the life I get to lead and whatever may go on at work just isn’t as important as what’s not at work. Having said that people can truly drag on your patience sometimes and when that happens I usually take a moment of pause and remember why I’m here, what’s my mission and is it worth the time to feel anything that doesn’t produce results at work. So this is me getting it out and getting my focus right!

My Keto lifestyle has been fairly predictable of late. I’ve been all about my baked chicken and fine cuts of beef along with sunflower seeds and coffee. Lately, because I realize the holiday food is going to be coming I have just been plain and steady with my eating, keeping my carbs zero or to a minimum and drinking a ton of water! I wish I could report that I have been trying a lot of new and exciting recipes but that is just not the case and won’t be until next week when I start looking into some delicious Keto Christmas recipes! Hopefully, my blog will have more great and delicious pictures filled with foods I successfully made from my kitchen next week!


You know how you don’t really feel hungry so you just don’t eat? Well, I had this happen the other day and I just stayed hydrated and didn’t have any food at all. It’s been about 34 hours now and I know I won’t eat anything until after work today. It seems that whenever I get this way I can change my bodies set point to be lower and lose a good amount of weight as long as I follow 2 golden rules. First, I have to stay super hydrated to keep my body from getting too fatigued and second I have to get lots of salt, magnesium, and potassium or all the fat loss will just come back on when I start eating again. Going 48 hours with no food isn’t that hard for me because I have so much reserve fat for my body to use for fuel! Hell based on that with my size I could fast till Not to worry all of you know that I will still be having my coffee fix and because I’m fasting for a little longer I will probably give myself a treat and have sugar-free creamer instead of black. I’ll be weighing in Friday or Saturday and rest assure I will let you all know where I am!

Try to find a reason to help someone today for no other reason but that you can and I will do the same! We all can and do make a difference if we choose to and I challenge you all to be the kindness today that you want the world to be like! By the way, don’t forget to love yourself and give yourself praise and worship on an hourly base. You are going to be with you all day so be nice and give that kindness to yourself first and then spread it to others, that’s the win-win! Have a great Thursday and enjoy the coming weekend everyone!

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Carb Crush!


Good morning all and welcome to another glorious Monday! I had a really great weekend with the family and now I’m ready to get back into work week mode. The temperature is dropping to really really cold outside and with the lower temperatures the cold and flu season is sneaking up on us. Please be careful and safe this winter as it is projected to be one of our coldest in recent memory! Let’s get started, shall we?


While I had a great weekend I did have a few candies and other treats that are not part of my planned eating formula. Sometimes chilling at home can put you in a state of free fall, it’s like you sit and watch movies and television and you look up and realize that you had a bag of chips or M&M’s in your If you’re anything like me then you know that this kind of behavior is simply old habits coming back and trying to get Habits have been programmed for years and years and sometimes they are so embedded in our minds and thoughts we are unaware of just what the hell we are doing! That certainly was the case with me this weekend and the weird thing is I wasn’t really craving anything sweet or carby at all it just kind of happened. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t binge or anything but, to be honest, my low carb was high carb for a meal and a half! Someone like me, who has a massive case of insulin resistance can gain 10 to 15 pounds in a few days. It may just be water weight but in reality, my body just doesn’t respond well to sugar and carbs!


Part of it is that I have been low carb so long my body freaks out with a rush of carbs but mostly I believe I just have a crazy insulin response to certain food that’s much more drastic than other people. Knowing your body is so very important because the same food in one person’s body can affect a different person’s body completely different! The key for me is to write down what I was thinking and how I felt, go over my why’s for eating a healthy diet and then letting it go. The worst part of any bad eating isn’t the food itself but the emotional toll that we can level onto ourselves for making a mistake. It’s important to move on and try not to make the same mistake twice or at least limit the number of times you make that mistake. The biggest step is to get back to what you are and what you are striving to be because you are creating new habits and after awhile those habits will take you home! So I’m good and ready to start this Monday off right with my already scheduled 3 24 hour fasts, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.



I’ve got about 2 more weeks at my current job and then I will be transferring to another place within the same company, it’s even on the same block so very easy for me! I’ll be working a bit more hours than I have normally but it’s a lot more money and a position that suits my talents better. I’m very excited to be starting yet another chapter on this journey and I pray I will really love and appreciate the next phase! We must continue to test and push our lives forward so that we can say that we truly lived and I believe in my heart this move pushes me forward so wish me


This weekend I recorded another podcast and I think I am starting to get the hang of it but it’s a lot of work in an area I admit I absolutely know nothing about! It’s that nervous excitement that makes me try so many different things because growth is scary and wonderful all at the same damn time, that’s just real! In my heart, I know so many people have or are struggling with Obesity and related issues that I must do something to help. My journey can only be aided by helping other’s relate because I am dealing with this every day myself! I have found so much strength in other’s that has truly allowed me to carry on and move forward in a healthy and positive way. I see it as an honor and a responsibility of mine to help as many people as I can feel like they have a friend who understands their plight! It’s so true that we all really are better when we work together as a team and I’m thankful to be a part of this one!

If you are reading this you are a part of a team and I am grateful for your loyal support and time. In my heart, I know that you could be doing so many more things with your day so the idea that you have let me be a small part of your day is fascinating to me! It’s something I will never ever take for granted. Whatever your goals and dreams are, get back to making them happen today, put a plan in place and go get it because you never really know when your time is up and you no longer have the chance. The only thing worse than living with regret is dying with it in my humble opinion! The world needs you and what you have to bring to the world, don’t let us down!

Thank you so very much for reading and have a great day!

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The Falls


And here we are back to another beautiful and hopeful Monday morning and we have yet another week to get better and better! I’m blessed to be awake and have all the love and support I have today and every day. Let’s face it if we have another day than we owe it to the people around us to do the best, be the very best we can be today! I know you can do great things this week with this gift of life you have been given. Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your day to read this and I appreciate you so very much! Let’s get it:

Untitled design.png

Last night I recorded my 3rd podcast and I’m very happy with the process! It’s very fun and I’m enjoying every single minute of the time and effort it takes, hopefully, I am being of service and if you get a chance I would be honored if you check it out and tell me what you think! This weeks episode is Titled The Falls and I think it has some valuable content and entertainment! Honestly, I never knew I could do anything that felt so important and potentially impactful in my life!


Yep, I got up at 4 a.m. this morning and hit the gym to do back and biceps and I was very tired, I haven’t gotten used to my routine yet so even though I’m going to bed early I’m still super tired when I wake up in the morning. I know it will get easier as I go but man my eyes were absolutely burning this morning. The rest of the family has been dealing with a touch of the flu and I think that might be biting me a little this morning! I can’t front this is by far the best time for me to workout because it is an absolute ghost town when I get there, I love it and it makes the workout so much more focused and powerful! Hopefully tomorrow it will be easier getting my ass up and going



Today starts my first of 3 42 hour fasts! I’m in the middle of a plateau and I’m struggling with the same 5 to 10 pounds and ya boi has had enough and I refuse to stay stagnate because I have way too much weight to get off my frame! This fasting regiment has always helped kickstart my fat loss in the past and I love the sense of empowerment it gives me over my food addiction! There are just times when the fat will not come off and you have to mix it up, you have to respond strongly you can’t just sit back and let it happen! When you want it bad like I do you have to keep trying different things until something works, so here goes my changeup Thank the lord I discovered fasting and the benefits because honestly, I don’t know if I would have come this far without it!

The job is going pretty good I mean I have made some bonehead mistakes and I’m sure I have got on a few nerves but I give my best everytime I clock in! We get really busy sometimes and that really pushes my limits and stamina. It’s one of those things that I hate while it’s happening but I know that it’s very much a part of my process! The money is really good and I’ve already been told by my fiance’ that the extra cash has really been awesome for our future plans! Yall already know while I’m happy she is happy because I love her so very much, my main goal is the fitness benefits! When I get done my feet hurt and sometimes my shirt is all wet from sweating and to tell you the truth it gets crazy and I don’t want to go on in the moment but it just happens that I push thru ya know? It just is what it is and I thank god for the blessing! The blessing of pain and growth! I’m very thankful because I know that if it were up to me I would just walk away and give up but with God all things are possible!

Well, that’s it for me this morning but before I go I just want to ask that you all love yourselves with your whole heart today! With that love, you can really help people around and make a real difference! You have the power to make a real impact on your life and the lives of the people around you! Go get ’em, I love you all!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to another wonderful Tuesday morning! Today I hope to get a lot of errands and stuff done as well as a good workout and research. The temperature in the area is back down to a reasonable level thank goodness because that heat was sweltering down here for real. I know my blog has been all over the place and not very consistent. We all know life happens and when it does we must adjust, to be the best we can be and that’s what I have been trying to do more and more here lately! The blog starts now!


I decided to take the job offer and start serving again just part time so that I can get some good cardio in as well as make a few ends here and there. I’m blessed to be in a position over this last year or so not to have to work and just focus on getting my health on track! I realize not everyone gets to take time off of work to focus on fat loss and self improvement but again I have the best partner in the game and I am thankful for all her love and support! At 44 I’m older and the years of access weight on my joints have taken a toll but I have recently lost a great amount of weight and it’s time to get moving and stretch my limitations. Serving is fast paced and while it will not be the carreer that I see myself doing for the duration of my life I honestly feel like it is a step in the right diretcion as far as physical growth! My focus will be on cardio first, working hard and pushing my body to gain endurance and flexibility. The money is obviously important but on the list of things I’m taking the job for it is 3rd or 4th. I have a background in customer service so I’m fairly confident I’ll be fine as far as connecting with people. The shorter hours will allow me time to continue to focus on my fat loss journey and other goals as well! Wish me luck, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous!


Yesterday I went to the gym to get a good lift and it felt amazing to be able to do a fasted workout! My energy level was amazing and the gym was fairly empty so that’s a combination for success for sure! I’ve been walking and spending more time on my feet lately than ever before and I think it is helping my foot pain. Like most people I have a weight dominate side and it’s my right side, so the foot on that side gets the grunt of the soreness when I spend a large portion of time on my feet. The best way I can see to get over this pain is to keep pushing foward and losing fat to put less and less stress on those joints and tissue. It really is time for me to start doing squats and lower body lifting to help with my overall body compisition! I have until December to get as much out of this gym memebership as I can before I switch to my home gym idea, so I’m certainly going to be working on getting my lower body in gear! I have oreintation for my new job at 2:30 today so I’ll probably hit the gym earlier than normal or maybe tommorow, I’m not sure what my work schedule will be yet so I’m just guessing at this point!


The alternate day fasting has been going great for me so far, yetsterday I had a really bad hunger swing on my fasting day which is super abnormal for me but I think my body is still adjusting to fasting every other day instead of eating every single day! The scale keeps going the right way and you know I will update you all as I go I just haven’t been weighing myself as much as of lately. With fasting, the weight fluctuates so much because of water and other factors I want to make sure that I give my body enough time between scale jumps to be a true reading and not just a super low number because I haven’t eaten in a few days. It’s taken a great deal of time but I finally feel confident that I have a great amount of tools in my chest against fat loss! I can honestly say that while I have tons of weight to still lose, I am healthier now than I have ever been and I eat and treat my body alot better now! Today is a feast day so I get to eat my 2 meals of high fat low carb foods and I can’t wait to dig in because I have some delicious food in there!


The diet has been a beautiful thing to behold lately. I haven’t been eating any food that I wouldn’t be proud of and the carbs have been low but healthy leafy greens and nuts! My pistachio game has been obese!!! I absolutely love them so I have to pre portion those bad boys out or I’ll eat way to many! What’s been working for me of late is having my first meal be a nice sized meal and then having a green smoothie sometime in the day to get my greens in, then later in the day having my last larger meal. So you could say that I have 2 and a half meals on my feeding days, but I find that I feel satisfied and dont feel the need to stuff myself with food. I’m thinking about checking out adding Collagen into my routine to help with strong joints and bones. I’m still researching if it really works or not but yall know I’m always up on game!


Just want to say that while I am nervous and a little scared about starting this new job and thus new cardio challenge, I do understand that growth is always on the other side of fear. Our bodies and minds try to protect us from things but fear is something that isn’t design to stop us but to pause us! I refuse to let fear stop me from pursuing these fat loss goals I have and I refuse to let fear stop me from doing whatever it takes to better my families life as well as my own. We are designed to deal with the other side of fear, it’s not suppose to stop us it’s suppose to pause us long enough to understand what the next thing will do or if we are sure this is what we want to do, but never let fear stop you from getting better! I AM CHANGE and in order to be change we all must stretch our limits and reach for things we thought were impossible, that’s what true living is about!

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Decisions, Decisions

20180713_063500.pngIt’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin, I’m very happy to be able to get out of bed early and get a jump on the day this morning! I’ve already brewed coffee, it’s very early and the house is very relaxed and quiet for now so this is the perfect time to get some work done before the family gets up and going. The Fiance’ and kids just got back from a fantastic trip to New York City and I must admit I am glad to have them back home. So let’s get this thing started!


Even though they are doing construction at my gym I was still able to get a few workouts in this week, in fact, I will be going again this morning for my last lift of the week. I’m thinking of getting some much-needed cardio in this weekend if the weather isn’t too bad, we are scheduled for a pretty bad heatwave this Saturday so I may be doing my cardio I have been downloading some really great music lately which always helps my workout performance so I’m super excited about that! I’m working chest and triceps again today with a few shoulder exercises thrown in if time permits. The gym has been somewhat of a boring place for me lately but like I said before, I haven’t gone swimming in awhile and with so much going on here lately I have been less focused on the gym mentally even though my body is going.

On the diet front, the family came home from their trip strapped down with all types of candies and stuff I try to stay away from and I admit I had a few chocolates covered fat loss suppressors when they first got home. I didn’t go overboard however and I have still been making my food in advance to keep my snacking down. My diet of late is mostly my good ole reliable baked chicken but I have also been eating a good amount of broccoli lately. In fact, I baked some pork rind covered chicken last night that I will share with you all in this post as well as some plain baked chicken in butter. The plan is to go to Sam’s Club and grab some more steamed veggies to go with my chicken this week along with some pistachios and turkey bacon! Of course, no matter if I’m fasting or not I always have my morning coffee so I will be grabbing a few bags of whole bean coffee to stock up the bean jar! Nothing new here this week as far as food because with all the things going on I chose to keep it simple and what I know will be delicious and easy.


As you know I am a big believer in fasting and I have been doing various fasting protocols lately. This week I will be doing alternate day fasting which is by far the most, simple fasting there is in my opinion! I simply eat one day followed by a full day of fasting and repeat.I’ll probably do this for a month to give it enough time to see results and then play around with it depending on my fat loss results. I’m finding it easier and easier to tell the difference between being hungry or thirsty and it has really been a blessing to me. I try to keep well-hydrated no matter what so if I’m drinking a ton of water and I’m hungry, I know it’s the real deal and it’s time to feast! Actually, I feel much better in a fasted state than I do after eating lately and that’s just mind-blowing to me. There truly is something to this fasting thing and I wish everyone who reads this to try it out for themselves it may be the game-changer your looking for.

Recently I have been dealing with a really awesome job opportunity and while I am happy to be given this chance I feel like I am struggling with taking it. My gut tells me there is something just not right about the situation for me but the money would come in handy and the exercise on the job would really help me to shed body fat. The big thing is I don’t, nor have I ever truly wanted to work for anyone else. Most of my life I have and I have had some awesome jobs but while doing those jobs I always thought I wanted to do something I loved to do every day as my job! This offer is a blessing and I will probably take it but I’m doing so just to speed up my move to the west coast and back to the side of the country I love the most.  It’s something that can be long-term if I so desire but isn’t anything I would want to do for the remainder of my working life. I have a few days to decide if I want the job so that’s really cool and I have always been one to be thankful for any blessings coming my way as I am about this one. Like my youngest son always say’s “Living Is Work!”

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend and please stay safe

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