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Year In Review


Wow so this is my very first post of the year and I apologize for the delay. My year has been a true blessing and I can honestly say that this year should be even better than the last! I decided to highlight a few things that had a huge impact on me this year as well as helped keep me motivated to live my best life! Thank you so much for sticking by me this year and supporting me the entire year!


I started the year thinking about how big I had gotten and what I was going to do about it so I bought a scale from Amazon and started focusing on my goals. I can’t front I was pissed at how much I weighed and thought I was lighter because I thought at the time I had really been trying to change my relationship with food. Boy, was I dead wrong! My diet was horrible and I gave zero thought to what food was for and what it was doing for my body. That was the day that I started becoming a research junkie and diving into the field of health and nutrition head on! Today I have such a better understanding of what my body responds too and how insulin affects my body based on what I have been giving it! I’m not perfect but I have the formula for what works for my body so I say that’s a win!

Screenshot_20180402-072603.jpgThe get back tour was the biggest most important goal I had last year. My children and I have always been close but the truth was I wasn’t being all I could be for them! The truth is I needed to do more and this trip was to address that and so much more. The drive was long and I was still nervous the entire way because I wanted my kids to truly know just how much I love and respect them! My mission was to leave no doubt about my love for them and my belief in them and there’s nothing like being there in real time and physical contact! We went all over the place and the looks on their faces filled with excitement and delight filled my heart like no other feeling ever! To say this was the highlight of my year would be an understatement it was simply one of the greatest blessings the good Lord has ever let me be a part of!


The kids asked me one simple question when I arrived back home and that was “When are you coming back to California?” Yall already know that’s all I needed to make the Get Back 2 to happen and I went back to Cali again about 5 months later and had a great time! This time we found my favorite beach at Dana Point and it blew me away! The kids and I must have gone there every single day I was in town. I think the first trip was really emotional because it had been a long time since I saw them but the second trip was that confirmation that they know that they can count on me making the trip a priority in my life! My kids flat out make me the man I am and the man I strive to be so they made this last year the best of my life to that point!


Tiffany got her bling! So my girl and I have been together for going on 9 years now and although we discussed it years back this year for Christmas she got her engagement and wedding ring set! I’m blessed beyond measure to have a person that loves me so very much and cares enough to put up with my bullshit and deals with me anyway! I am no day at the beach in my humble opinion and I am riddled with flaws but she has stood by me no matter the test and she is what we call A REAL ONE! I love her very much and we plan to get married around June or July and hit a cruise for the honeymoon, she deserves the best and she will have it, I mean it’s the very least I could do!

Finally my fat loss journey and the grind! So this year I lost a total of 75 pounds which brings my total to well over 115 pounds of total weight loss! I’m blown away at what I have been able to accomplish by simply researching and ap[plying the findings to my life the best way I know how. My body feels and performs better today than it did at any point since I moved to Kentucky almost a decade ago! Don’t get it twisted my ass is still sore and I walk around here looking like a geriatrics patient sometimes because my knees bother me sometimes. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to all of you who follow my blog and my account on Facebook and Insta because I promise I couldn’t have done it without the support and love that is always waiting! My goals are very lofty for 2019 including but not limited to losing 130 pounds but I feel like I’ll never know what I can do until I shoot for it!

And that’s about it, my year has been amazing and my Mother knows where she fits into all this or she better know because all I am and what I have become is strictly because she cared enough to love me and put me in a position to be a great man! I love you momma and I always will!


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Good morning everyone and welcome to another wonderful Tuesday morning! Today I hope to get a lot of errands and stuff done as well as a good workout and research. The temperature in the area is back down to a reasonable level thank goodness because that heat was sweltering down here for real. I know my blog has been all over the place and not very consistent. We all know life happens and when it does we must adjust, to be the best we can be and that’s what I have been trying to do more and more here lately! The blog starts now!


I decided to take the job offer and start serving again just part time so that I can get some good cardio in as well as make a few ends here and there. I’m blessed to be in a position over this last year or so not to have to work and just focus on getting my health on track! I realize not everyone gets to take time off of work to focus on fat loss and self improvement but again I have the best partner in the game and I am thankful for all her love and support! At 44 I’m older and the years of access weight on my joints have taken a toll but I have recently lost a great amount of weight and it’s time to get moving and stretch my limitations. Serving is fast paced and while it will not be the carreer that I see myself doing for the duration of my life I honestly feel like it is a step in the right diretcion as far as physical growth! My focus will be on cardio first, working hard and pushing my body to gain endurance and flexibility. The money is obviously important but on the list of things I’m taking the job for it is 3rd or 4th. I have a background in customer service so I’m fairly confident I’ll be fine as far as connecting with people. The shorter hours will allow me time to continue to focus on my fat loss journey and other goals as well! Wish me luck, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous!


Yesterday I went to the gym to get a good lift and it felt amazing to be able to do a fasted workout! My energy level was amazing and the gym was fairly empty so that’s a combination for success for sure! I’ve been walking and spending more time on my feet lately than ever before and I think it is helping my foot pain. Like most people I have a weight dominate side and it’s my right side, so the foot on that side gets the grunt of the soreness when I spend a large portion of time on my feet. The best way I can see to get over this pain is to keep pushing foward and losing fat to put less and less stress on those joints and tissue. It really is time for me to start doing squats and lower body lifting to help with my overall body compisition! I have until December to get as much out of this gym memebership as I can before I switch to my home gym idea, so I’m certainly going to be working on getting my lower body in gear! I have oreintation for my new job at 2:30 today so I’ll probably hit the gym earlier than normal or maybe tommorow, I’m not sure what my work schedule will be yet so I’m just guessing at this point!


The alternate day fasting has been going great for me so far, yetsterday I had a really bad hunger swing on my fasting day which is super abnormal for me but I think my body is still adjusting to fasting every other day instead of eating every single day! The scale keeps going the right way and you know I will update you all as I go I just haven’t been weighing myself as much as of lately. With fasting, the weight fluctuates so much because of water and other factors I want to make sure that I give my body enough time between scale jumps to be a true reading and not just a super low number because I haven’t eaten in a few days. It’s taken a great deal of time but I finally feel confident that I have a great amount of tools in my chest against fat loss! I can honestly say that while I have tons of weight to still lose, I am healthier now than I have ever been and I eat and treat my body alot better now! Today is a feast day so I get to eat my 2 meals of high fat low carb foods and I can’t wait to dig in because I have some delicious food in there!


The diet has been a beautiful thing to behold lately. I haven’t been eating any food that I wouldn’t be proud of and the carbs have been low but healthy leafy greens and nuts! My pistachio game has been obese!!! I absolutely love them so I have to pre portion those bad boys out or I’ll eat way to many! What’s been working for me of late is having my first meal be a nice sized meal and then having a green smoothie sometime in the day to get my greens in, then later in the day having my last larger meal. So you could say that I have 2 and a half meals on my feeding days, but I find that I feel satisfied and dont feel the need to stuff myself with food. I’m thinking about checking out adding Collagen into my routine to help with strong joints and bones. I’m still researching if it really works or not but yall know I’m always up on game!


Just want to say that while I am nervous and a little scared about starting this new job and thus new cardio challenge, I do understand that growth is always on the other side of fear. Our bodies and minds try to protect us from things but fear is something that isn’t design to stop us but to pause us! I refuse to let fear stop me from pursuing these fat loss goals I have and I refuse to let fear stop me from doing whatever it takes to better my families life as well as my own. We are designed to deal with the other side of fear, it’s not suppose to stop us it’s suppose to pause us long enough to understand what the next thing will do or if we are sure this is what we want to do, but never let fear stop you from getting better! I AM CHANGE and in order to be change we all must stretch our limits and reach for things we thought were impossible, that’s what true living is about!

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What yall know about another beautiful and gratifying Monday morning on this earth? I’m sure you know all about that because here we are again and this is truly a blessing!. You know how we do it, today is that day to get up, get out and get something! There’s no need to worry about what happened last week because this is a better week a vastly more fortunate week and this week you will do more and be more! It all on you but at least we have each other’s back and you are not alone! You have a nation of people all around you running their own race and trying their best to win and overcome. This morning remember what your dreams are and what you have a passion for. Don’t blindly go into the week pretending that whatever will be will be, you have the power to affect change in your life and it starts on a Monday fam!



Fat check: Today the scale read 537! That’s a loss of 3 pounds from last week and that much closer to wellness and optimal health for ya boy! You know I would love to hear how you all are doing on your journey, so let me know how things are going in the comments, what went well and what didn’t and your strategy to win this week! We can do this together, I got your back and I know you got mine so let me know!


The gym is calling again this week just like always so today I will be damaging some muscle tissue so that it will grow back bigger and stronger this week. This is chest day and I think I’ll be doing some cardio this afternoon either on the stairs or the seated bike machine plus I think we are going to the pool tonight! I’m excited to see how my body responds to the weight limits that I went up with this week. Hopefully, my body gets used to it fast and I will be able to keep getting stronger and burn more fat! This week I’m putting my Fitbit to good use and stepping up my damn step goal! I’m Alexx3982 on the Fitbit platform if yall want to compete because I damn sure could use the Today I looked at my Fitbit profile and I average like 4k steps and that’s just terrible and unacceptable for real so I figure there is a place I can improve so that starts this week! Keep pushing yourself in different areas it can only make you better and better!





So last week my diet was good but it wasn’t great! I mean I stayed within my calorie goal but my macros could have been better. Some of you don’t really track macros and I wish I could be more like you but it’s just not me. If I leave it up to myself to eat and not track it will get out of hand real quick and I have worked too hard to leave it to chance! The meals that I have been making have been good but I have not been able to keep my carbs down under 30g consistently! Even though I just dropped it from 50 a week or so ago I didn’t think it would be this damn hard for me to stay under. Funny thing is even my protein has gone down and that’s crazy because you all know how much I love meat! The truth is I don’t think I’m drinking enough water. I stay with a bottle of water around me all the time but I don’t really keep track like I should of my water consumption. So the plan this week is to keep my carbs down and then pay better attention to my water intake. I’m really starting to love being able to actually listen to my body. Before, I ate so fast and without a care that I never even used my bodies signals. Hell, I didn’t even know that my body communicated with me because the bag of chips I was eating was drowning out the sound! Lmao. I will keep showing love to myself and my body so that it will reflect the joy I have in my life because I have a truly wonderful life homie that’s just real!


If you’re going thru anything that is troubling you. If you don’t have anyone to say they love you and you matter to them remember this: I Love You and You Matter To me and no matter what, I value your contribution! There is no one on this planet like you and that makes you priceless!


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So it’s Monday and I’m back from a great weekend! I turned 44 years young Sunday and I had a wonderful Time! There was carrot cake and alcohol involved but we won’t get into all that .lol. I pray that you all had a wonderful time and if you didn’t it doesn’t matter because it’s Monday and we get a chance to get it right! I for one, am very glad that you all of sound mind and body and that you have time to read my post this morning so thank you in advance!




O.k my right hand to god I stepped on the scale Saturday morning before all the festivities and she it said I was 541! I was hella happy and about to scream to my girl I had a damn swoosh! Then I looked down and my damn size 16 foot was hanging over the top of the scale so yeah that was false. Yes, it’s o.k for yall to laugh because after I got over my initial pissedoffness(yes this is a I laughed as well. So this morning I took a true step on the scale and it said 545 so I was a little disappointed but that’s 2 pounds in a week. Now I realize this is a good pace to lose I wanted it to be faster because I have been kicking the gyms ass. I mean 1 week of tough workouts should trump 44 years of trashing my body! Lmao, I’m just weird I realize this but I truly am glad the scale is going down but damn it I tell you what I refuse to let the scale tell me that I’m not more than 2 pounds better because I feel 15 pounds better! That’s just real. Remember I told yall being healthy is an obsession for me and I am enjoying the journey but if I don’t hit my own personal goal I’m gonna be a little annoyed, which translates to I’m hella more motivated! I’m doing good but I want great and I just won’t stop till I reach each goal along the way, I thank the lord that I am going the right direction!




We don’t miss Monday’s in the gym so I will be back at war with my fat in the gym today!. I’ve got chest/triceps plus swimming cardio tonight. We did some modified planks last night and it was so funny watching us all collapse on the floor when we got done. It was a big thud and cries of soreness when we landed.haha. I knocked out like 3 pushups last night too so I’m about to get in on this month of march push up challenge for I’ve been seeing people on Instagram do it and damn it I want in even though I cant do any real ones yet! I’m alexx3982 on there if yall want to be followers hit me up I’ll follow back. So this week I’ll do 5 days of workouts with 4 weight lifting days and at least 3 cardio workouts and some much needed walking in the park! I hope all your workouts are going well feel free to let me know what you guys are doing because I love finding new and fresh stuff to do!


The diet is actually going really well. Even though I had some non-keto snacks this weekend for the ole birthday fun I stayed under my calories! That by itself is a win for me! Today for breakfast I’ll be having keto meal with coffee and some turkey bacon and for my final meal, I’ll have some leftover baked chicken and a green smoothie to get my veggies in. I’ll be posting my macros and all this week so yall can keep ya boi honest!




O.k to wrap it up thank you all so much for all the love on I.G and facebook and even on here. There are so many people that get after me and let me know they are supporting it’s so overwhelming and humbling! Let’s keep crushing it like my homies, Juliecares! , Kawsreflections, Angelle and this really smart chic The Zen Leaf! Thank you, ladies you truly are amazing and you along with so many others inspire me to be a better version of myself! Standing Ovation for you wonderful folks!













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Damn Right I’m Not Stopping!!!


I can’t front ever since I was a child my favorite day was Thursday! I’m not sure if it had anything to do with my favorite shows on the tube being on this day or what but Thursday always did it for me. With that said I hope that you all have a fabulous day and that you take joy in knowing it’s almost the freakin’ weekend’!



The workout was great yesterday because it was one of those days I just didn’t want to go but I went anyway. Sometimes I have to force myself to go and the weird thing is those workouts almost always feel the best! the gym was flooded but it was all my fault because I was out of my lane. Because of schedule, I had to go at 3 and that just not my usual time so it’s my bad that I added to the overcrowdedness of the gym. Is that a damn word?lol. No matter I was still able to blow thru the chest and triceps workout for the day. I’ve got 3 lifts in this week but only 1 cardio day so I’ll do both today and then just cardio a few days to get to my 4 days for each. The whole gym has been sick so I been scrubbing my damn hands like a neurosurgeon lately before, during and after the workouts I’m not trying to get sick that virus is not playing this year! My girl is off work and going thru shark week so pray for me that I go, it’s always harder for me to go when she is home for some reason! I need to get this in because the scale is being super kind this week so damn it I wanna keep the peddle down!


O.k so something weird happened yesterday! I had 2 meals and I was super full and couldn’t really eat anymore like my body was hella full and I only had like 1806 calories all day. The crazy thing is I have at least 2500 to 3k daily and I burned like 1k calories yesterday. Is that normal, do any of you find that if you had a really hard day in the gym that you can’t eat as much? Hell if that’s the case I’ll kill the gym every damn day I was born at night not last night ya know?lol. I’ll take those type of results on the regular but I’m certainly not used to the number being this crazy! The truth is I was really not hungry at all and my stomach is always hungry! For my first meal, I had a green smoothie and a small bowl of ham. The second meal was Bulletproof coffee and a bowl of ground meat with butter and cheese, plus a handful of the most delicious Pistachios ever! Maybe it was all the fiber? If any of you have any idea please let me know because I would really like to know if that’s normal for some of you. Having 2 meals is just better for me because not only is it easier but it allows me to fast a bit longer which I’m starting to love!



I was poking around the internet and I decided to do some research on obesity. Man if you do that for like 5 minutes they make you feel like you are going to go sleep and never wake up! I stumbled across that show My 600lb life and that shit stopped me dead in my tracks. You know how you are just flipping thru channels and you catch something and like 2 hours later your pausing the t.v and refilling your drink because you don’t wanna miss shit? That was me, I mean it got me and I was like I need to watch this everytime I don’t feel like going to the gym or when I feel like giving up. I’m not clowning at all but hell I’m not too much smaller than most of the people on the show and I had to catch my feelings up. Then I had questions like why does fat look so different on different bodies? I see people on there that look way bigger than me and then they get weighted and I’m like damn they smaller than me, wtf?  Needless to say, my interest was peaked and I will be checking out the show a lot more because the stuff they were talking about sounded like a damn recording of what goes on in my head sometimes! That stuff is a game-changer because our emotions make us move! When your head is really into something your body will follow and these people are so damn courageous and I’m like “Hey negroe if some dude in Houston can go from a crane lifting him out of bed to getting healthier than you have no damn excuse when the gym is damn near in your backyard”! That hit me in the chest like an MMA fighters right hook!



If you know me you know I am never trying to make fun of anyone and what they are going thru, my point is to find your motivation! It doesn’t have to be a show or a life-threatening condition, it could be a new outfit or getting on a ride at a waterpark! There’s something that will push the adrenaline bottom for you and get you thrust into action to fix things you want to change your life, go find that thing NOW! It’s out there and you might not need to get knocked on your ass like I did yesterday to come to it!


Enjoy the gift of life today homies!








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4 & 3 YESSIR!!!!!


It’s back to Monday again and a fresh new start! Hello and good morning everyone who reads this, as always I wish you the best morning possible and a fun day after that! It’s a thin scary layer of ice around the surrounding areas of where I live so they called school off today which I must say was a good move because I was sliding around myself! The beautiful morning sun has peaked it’s amazing head above the horizon and the ice should be thawed in a matter of hours!


Yesterday’s workout marked my 4th strength training routine of the week, add that to the 3 nights of water workouts I did and that makes my goal for the week! Yessir! It’s so important that we set weekly goals as well so that we know what direction our journey is going! This week, starting today I am going to try to do 4 of 4, 4 days of weights and 4 days of the pool! Last week I even had my water shoes arrive so I will be able to do some serious work in the water this week! Currently, I do 3 lifts for each body part but this week I will be spending a little more time in the gym figuring out a new workout to add to my routine! Usually, when I do circuit lifting I can get it all done in about 25 minutes or so. Now during that session, I only get less than 30 seconds between reps so when I’m done my body has really worked. I think the next frontier is to move to more of a free weight workout that focuses on heavier weights and lower reps. I just need to figure out a way to get that in! The cardio in the water has been kicking my ass so I feel like it’s doing the job but I’ll still try to do the elliptical in the rotation to shock my system and break up the monotony. Just so you all know the end game is to be able to do 5 of 5 eventually with active rest days! It’s a very lofty goal but hey, I’ve come this far and all I can do is try!



Let’s talk diet for a moment. Last week I went to Longhorn Steakhouse and we also had taco bell once. It has been forever since I have done either and here I go doing both in the same damn week! Even though I was still well under my caloric allowance clearly this is a bad pattern to be creating again! So this week there will be no jumping out of the plan, I’ll be hitting my high healthy fat goals and chilling on all the extra carbs and processed foods! Last week wasn’t horrible I still met my dietary goals to fast for 2 24 hour periods and to do I.F. at least 16 daily and I’m proud of that. The goal, however, is to be able to take advantage of all these tools and not fight against me. I know my body and my habits well enough to know that I have to constantly re-up or I will fall I do need a little help. I do one day a week that is vegetarian only and I find that I am consuming a lot of foods that are higher in carbs even if their healthy ones. If any of you have any ways to avoid this and have any suggestions I’m open to ideas. I’m such a meathead that I’m lost without some type of



If your struggling this week and you feel like you need some motivation don’t hesitate to ask for help from me or anyone else! Motivation is so important and sometimes all it takes is a conversation or a quick chat to get us back to that space that we focus on what we are trying to get done. I got your back family! If you can’t find a way to be down to help someone else or be available to extend a kind word than what’s the point? We all have something that someone else can use for their good and I feel like I owe it to all of you to be the best I can be for you, so please consider messaging me or drop a post if you need a little help.

Have a Beastmode of a day and find a reason to love yourself!













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It’s Friday and today we can officially kick this weekend off the right way! If you woke up and are reading this then your winning homies! It’s a new dawn a new day and you get to kick this days ass like you been doing all week long! I wish you all a fat hot cup of your favorite coffee and a smooth progression this morning! Drama free of course, don’t let that negative nonsense even register this weekend yall! Throw those B.S. blockers on and see clearly all thru the weekend!


Yesterday was a rest day and I certainly needed to let my body It was awesome to just chill out go out and have a fun day running errands and getting caught up! I’ll be hitting the gym at 1:30 today to hit my chest and triceps up with some resistance. Today I believe it’s time to go up a little in weight because my muscles are starting to get too comfy and we can’t have that! Yall know how I am about research right? Well, I stumbled upon something called HIIT the water version! Man, I can’t wait to try this stuff out tonight because it looks hella challenging and works my lower body without all the pounding and stress of the traditional workouts! It’s like the lord says if we keep searching we will find something that we need, we just have to search and have an open mind! So tonight for workout number 2 I’m headed to the pool for my first round of HIIT! Don’t worry everyone I learned my lesson about doing too much the first time I got in the pool so that will not be happening I’ll start off doing half the workout to get my movements down and then I’ll gradually open up the rest of the Aquatic playbook.! Lmao….




I shared pictures yesterday of the amazing meal I had to break my fast, today I think I will be having baked chicken and a green smoothie to start off the day’s meals! To be truthful I have no idea what I’ll have for my second meal yet but I have plenty of options! Soup sounds amazing this morning for some strange reason! Maybe I’ll make a homemade keto friendly version of Zuppa Toscana soup, that sounds so bomb!


Hydroponic update! My babies are growing up yall! Well, I should say some of them I think when I transplanted some of them from soil seedlings to the water I may have handled some too rough because I have 2 plants that are not gonna make it. That really stinks because I’m trying to get this whole thing right and you know how when you see people do stuff on Youtube or other places their stuff looks perfect? Well dammit, I wanted all mine to be that way! I know I’m being silly as I am just starting out but how am I going to eat them if I keep killing them.lmao. I must say the others are coming along really nice and it’s only been like 10 days or so and they are loving the hydro nutrients! I had to put something under my box because I think my plants were a little too far from the light source, but oh well we live and we learn right?! Overall I am very satisfied with the progress of my lettuce for sure! Check em out and tell me what yall think?



A note about obsession! The more I progress along my journey to health and wellness I realize that greatness has a lot to do with obsession! You have to have such a passion for what you’re doing that it borders on the insane! Think about it, if you look at all the people that were great at anything had an obsession! Phil Collins was obsessed with music he learned to play every instrument he got his hands on! So obsessed with the music sounding right he started singing the songs he wrote because he didn’t like the way other sang them! I read he really didn’t want to be a singer, are you kidding me? Obsessed! Ronnie Lott was so obsessed with winning in football that he once had a doctor amputate a finger so he could have it wrapped up and get back into a football game! Obsessed! Last example, Helen Keller, this chic here are you serious? She became deaf and blind by her second birthday. Not only did she learn how to read and write, she ended up earning a damn bachelors degree! Check it after which she championed issues such as social welfare, woman’s suffrage and the rights of those with disabilities! How real is that? I mean a female in the 1880’s doing all that? Super obsessed!

I’m not telling anyone to harm themselves. I would never advocate that but it’s my belief that we all have greatness inside of us and that obsession is one of the keys to our dreams! I can honestly say as of now I’m obsessed with rebuilding my life from the ground up when it comes to health and fitness! I’m so far from my goals it’s not even funny but it on my mind every day for sure! What are you OBSESSED about?

I love you all and I wish you all grace!






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I absolutely love Thursday! No one ever gets mad or upset about it being Thursday!  I had a fantastic time last night and this morning was just as amazing so I’m in a great mode and ready to blog!



O.k so last night I went swimming again, however, this time I brought some sense and my fiance’ with me!lol. I did several laps as well as a small workout water circuit and I exited the pool feeling a lot better than the first time! The swimming made the second workout on the same day, earlier I did a fast back and bicep routine while my girl signed up for the gym! I’m very proud of her! Great news I think that 1:30 p.m is the perfect time to workout at my gym! It was really slow and everything was available so I think I’m going to make this my regular time from now on!


I did a 24 hour fast yesterday and it felt marvelous! The more I fast the better I feel and that’s just fact. Now I cant see myself doing 24 hours every day but doing it twice a week will definitely help! Going to the gym after fasting that long you would think that you would be really weak when lifting but this is not true at all. My body actually feels like a fat burning furnace when I do a fasted workout! So when I extend the fasting it’s just that much more amazing!

The diet is going really great and according to my app, I’m in a massive caloric deficit so I’ll take it! We went to Longhorn this morning for brunch and I had a baked potato for the first time in 8 months! When I tell you it was worth the wait it was every bit and more! My gosh that baked potatoes damn near taste better than my pork chops which were delicious as well! Of course, you know I got a picture for you yall below!



That’s about it today, I’ll have an update on my lettuce tomorrow and maybe some soapbox topic that I may want to blog Have a fantastic day everyone!


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I Wasn’t Ready!!!


Man, I was not ready! First off, happy Tuesday morning yall and I hope today becomes one of the best days you have ever had. As for me, I am feeling sore as hell from my workout yesterday but I learned so much about my life and where I am on this journey. So relax, kick back and let me give you all the 411 on what happened yesterday!


Like I said ya boi just wasn’t ready last night! My first workout at the gym was really great, I did chest and triceps and I also added a few more reps to my overall routine. The whole thing took about 30 to 35 minutes. The gym parking lot was very empty when I pulled in so I thought to myself that this might be the time I should come in all the time. It was so funny because even though the gym wasn’t as busy as normal, the only places that were busy happened to be, you guessed it, all the things I was working on. There was like this mini huddle of like 5 men who seem to all be doing chest day and we just looked crazy waiting for each other to get from one machine to the next. Now I have my music playing but I could feel that everyone felt like me, wtf! ” All this damn equipment and we all standing right around each other waiting damn near in line. Again I’m trying out new times to workout so I just took a mental note that I’m the odd man who doesn’t belong to the normal Oh well, I’ll just keep changing it up till I find my lane!




Back to why I wasn’t ready! So you know how things look so simple and easy when you write them on paper? Well in my little fitness journal( don’t laugh at me!lol.) I wrote that I would do 3 nights of swimming along with my now customary 4 strength training workouts. I figured since I’m no longer going to the gym in the wee hours of the morning anymore I would split up my cardio and do it at a separate time. For a big guy, the water has always seemed like a rational choice. It’s easy on your joints and knees and it is a complete body workout depending on what you’re doing.My plan was simple, I was just going to play around in the pool and get used to it, you know let the buoyancy carry a brother to a nice relaxing place. Well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned because I made the mistake of watching a few youtube videos on water workouts! Hmmm, they looked simple enough, using the water resistance and getting the heart rate up was exactly what I needed. The problem was it had been 10 years since I had even gotten into a pool so of course, I went into full metal gear solid mode. I was wonderful! Y’all would’ve been so proud, I was doing all kinds of legwork and swimming to and fro. I got in some laps of breaststroke and did some backstroke too. I felt like I was the obese version of Michael Phelps! I could have won the recreational gold medal award for Etown fitness I was feeling great! What I wasn’t ready for was getting out! As soon as I got to carry my own weight out of the pool my body betrayed I felt like I had another man my size on my back carrying him to the locker room. I carried his big ass to the sauna and he hung around till I got home! My legs were absolutely screaming at me yall!! I promise you all that I stretched before and after the workout and it really didn’t matter, my ass was whipped! We won’t even get into how the whole family had to help a brother out of bed this morning! Let’s just say it was a damn comedy skit and leave it at that!


We did great on the diet front yesterday! I broke my fast with the most amazing green smoothie ever! I loaded that puppy up, it had a whole avocado, chia seeds, roman lettuce, MCT oil, peanut butter and cinnamon and I threw in a little stevia and topped it with sugar-free whip cream! It was so bomb! As you could guess it was a meal in itself with over 500 calories but I loved every single green slurp!lol. Because my smoothie was so gigantic I only had one other meal yesterday and it was a bowl of Crackslaw! I had some low carb pudding for dessert as well so I was very satisfied and my macros were great!




I can’t front, yesterday was hard. I mean I put my body to the test and I got my ass kicked! The cool thing is I love it! I can honestly say that I pushed myself and I was completely uncomfortable and that’s what I needed. I’m comfortable being uncomfortable now if that makes any sense. In my heart, I want to know that I have truly done everything I could to be healthier than I am. I do want to make something clear, my life is fantastic! I don’t know why it bothers me, but it really does, when people say that they were miserable until they lost weight. I don’t wish anyone to feel miserable but if your miserable overweight, I just feel like once you lose weight you’re just miserable in shape! How I feel about myself personally is very important and for me, it’s a choice. Not everyone gets the chance to choose to be happy, they may have a debilitating disease or come from a situation that caused damage that can’t be ignored. That, however, is not the case with me, I just want to be a better version of me in this particular area of my life, that’s it!

Have a wonderful day everyone, I’m pulling for you!










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Apple Crown



As all of you know it’s Saturday of Superbowl weekend! I hope you all went out and got all your supplies and stuff for the big game! If you’re not into football don’t fret this blog doesn’t really talk about the game other than this section. I’m thrilled to the bone this year for the game because I could care less who wins since my Cowboys are out of it! This actually takes the edge off because with no horse in the fight I can just sit back and enjoy the show! If you are rooting for one team or the other than I hope your team wins!




Today was day 4 of the gym routine and I am happy to report I smashed this last workout as best I could. my muscles truly ached from previous workouts so I really needed to push hard to finish! Not to mention the gym was flooded today. Now in fairness, it’s the weekend and I’m the new edition to the workout group today. Since this is not my normal time I will accept the fact that it was busy today and never come at this time again! EVER! lol. Not only was it busy but it was that lazy busy, you know when people sit around and talk to their friends and sit on the machines without using them busy. Hey it’s cool this isn’t my regular time so it’s all good but man you would think people would do their thing and then get off so others can keep the rotation going! O.k I know I sound like we are passing around a joint but you get my So lesson learned and workout complete, plus my back and biceps are feeling the burn!




I haven’t eaten anything yet today because I think we are ordering pizza today. It’s funny that I am totally keeping it keto on Superbowl Sunday but having wings and pizza! It’s nuts I know but I figure since the lady of the house is off and all the kids are home we can change things up. Besides, I bought a little apple crown royal and diet cranberry to sip on tonight so tonight should be just chill! The plan is to take the hit and have a couple pieces of pizza tonight and that’s it, no other meals or snacks just the pizza. I figure it’s one meal day since all that pizza and wing sauce will have enough calorie for the whole damn diet! That’s why I had to go to the gym to get a headstart on this carb feast tonight!



I’ve fasted 16 hours so far so by the time the food comes tonight I’ll be good and hungry! The fasting tool is one I highly recommend if you’re having a tough time losing weight or you have hit a stall. It’s not for everyone but I find it pretty easy now and I’m 500 plus so anyone can do it. I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for certain people who have type 1 diabetes and stuff so please do your research and hit your doctor up just to be safe! Before I go I just want to say please be careful! This flu is getting pretty rough so if you go to the gym on the regular or you’re going to be around a ton of people it may be a good idea to grab some sanitizer and double wash your hands.I know at my gym there are so many people that I make sure that I was my hands and water bottle when I get home. It’s never a bad idea to be too safe ya know! I want you all to be happy and healthy and around to see me lose all this!



Have a glorious weekend everyone!


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