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So the number from the title is what I officially weight based on my new scale I got from Amazon this afternoon! Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel, I’m not surprised by how big I am but I’m a little nervous because I can no longer turn a blind eye to the weight! It’s just not healthy for a brother my age to be this big unless he is the worlds biggest damn catfish in his spare This past year has given me a new outlook on my relationship with food. The tools I have developed have truly helped me battle my abnormal size. I am by no means trying to put anyone who is my size down at all. There are plenty of people my size, who really love the size that they are and I think that’s fantastic for them! It’s just not o.k with me and after I have gotten to a reasonable size for me, I will be getting rid of this damn The reason I am sharing this with everyone is that I am very disappointed in this part of my life!


I’m too blessed and loved to be treating myself worse than anyone around me would! When I see people who have lost an amazing amount of weight they often talk about how horrible life was before they lost the weight. They speak of how they are a better person because they weight less and all of those things. I could say it, but it would be a bunch of bullshit in my case. Throughout my life, I have been extremely blessed with amazing occurrences and events that have given me treasures beyond measure! I’m far from monetary rich but I more than make up for that in life blessings. So for me, weightloss is just one aspect of my life that needs to be altered! Right now, I am upset with myself because if I develop any complications from my weight, then I would have thrown away more than many people walking this earth ever come in possession of. People don’t just have to love me and the fact that I have people who do and show me love all the time is a gift I can no longer put in jeopardy! I don’t want to be anyone else but a better and more healthy me. That’s what all of these journal posts are about. They are about finding my way to accomplishing this goal and reaching as many people I can to come along with me because we all struggle with something!



Now, more than any other time in my entire life I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I have identified my addictions and hopefully, I will be able to overcome each and every one of them! I will not stop trying to be better and better because my family and friends deserve the best me that I can give them! Having said all of that, I wanted you all to know my business and that I don’t want people to hear from me after I have accomplished my weight loss goals! It is my intent that you get to share in the ups and downs that are certain to be apart of my weight loss journey. That when I say that I understand what you are going thru because I am facing it as we speak you can trust that! I’m not an expert because I’m going to find a way to lose the weight I want to lose, I’m family because I want all of you to truly claim victory over whatever it is that you may not like about yourself! Just because I don’t like my size doesn’t mean I don’t like me, that’s just not close to true. If I didn’t love the hell out of myself I wouldn’t be about to lose close to 300 pounds! My heart knows that I am capable and I fully expect that I will get to where I want to be!

Sorry, I took yall to church today on this one I just had such deep feelings about what happened when my scale arrived today! I did hit the gym yesterday and I got all my work done! I kept my carbs in check but I will admit that I may have eaten a little too much damn

From the bottom of my heart thank you to each and every one of you that read and follow along on my journey. You can trust and believe that I will be following along with you on yours! I love you all and have a blessed week! If you want to be homies on Instagram I’m alexx3982!

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Happy Saturday everyone I hope this post finds everyone in good health and spirits! Ya boi got to sleep in today and wake up fresh and rested! The snow is melting as the warmer temperatures are taking over so it seems like things are getting back to normal!


I hit the gym Thursday and worked chest and triceps along with my customary 30-minute cardio session! The routine is starting to come together nicely. I still need to start a leg routine so that I can hurt like everyone else I see walking around like they are about to fall The gym has been super busy for the last couple of times I have gone so I am still working on which times are the best for me. My goal is 4 times a week but in order to get to the gym that much I need to workout a couple of times during the day, so I’m still trying to figure it out! My music playlist has been on fire and the workouts are really getting to be fun because the music just transforms me into another world while I’m working out!




My diet has been going bananas lately! I’ve been trying all kinds of keto recipes to add to the routine and they are not all winners but boy is it fun to see what my mind wants to do! I came up with my version of keto pigs n a blanket and it was a total failure. Don’t get me wrong they tasted amazing but I had a little issue with my dough and I didn’t let it cool on parchment paper so I was scrapping dough off of stuff and it just wasn’t so, It was a lot of fun but I ended up making this big ass pig pocket thing that has no kinda resemblance to a damn blanket but the family ate it all up so at least it wasn’t in vain. My two meals have been staying keto and since I’m no longer counting calories I find it so much easier to just make what I love to eat and listen to my body! On the intermittent fasting front, I have been doing great! I been breaking my fast at about 2 p.m every day or so and rotating my fasting windows up and down and it’s really starting to be fun. The biggest challenge for me lately is water intake. For some strange reason, I have not been very thirsty lately and that’s just not like me! Oh well, I’ll figure it out I guess!


If you have nothing to feel thankful for then please think about how many people have to be dealing with all this extreme weather while being homeless! I just can’t imagine how people have the strength to deal with all of life’s challenges and on top of it all not have an idea where their next meal or their roof will be from day to day. I pray to the lord above that I am blessed to have all that I have and the amazing people he has placed in my life! I truly appreciate each and every person that has crossed my path! My blessing is truly overflowing and I am humbled by his grace! Have a magnificent day everyone!



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Monday, Monday it’s back again and I want to wish all of you a fantastic kickoff to the week. Today my kids got a snow day basically because it’s super icy out and they didn’t want to take any chances with the buses and stuff. I for one am glad that they didn’t have school because I really don’t want to be out in the bad weather driving myself so I’m even more nervous about someone else driving my kids in bad weather.




Boy did I blow it last week on the workout front, I only got to the gym 2 times and I planned on going at least 4 so I stunk it up. This coming week I’m going to make up for it by working out 6 of the 7 days of this week. Normally I would give myself rest in between but I’ll just break up the type of workouts I do and maybe do some late night swimming like R.E.M. Truth be told, for what I pay for the gym I probably should be doing it every day The cool thing is I spent a lot of time with the family this weekend and we had a ball. It’s been awhile since we have all been home on a weekend together so we watched movies, played Uno and made lots of cool meals together! Now, I should have still hit the gym but I didn’t and while I’m not down on myself about it that doesn’t mean the work doesn’t need to be done.


Not to worry good people I kept it keto, for the most part, this weekend. Actually tried chia seeds for the first time in my life in a smoothie. I would love to tell you they taste great but I didn’t really taste them mixed in with my green monster of a smoothie. I know they are a healthy fat choice so I just threw a couple tablespoons in! On Friday I had a few carbs with a small serving of angel hair spaghetti and ground sausage. Then for dinner, it was a delicious Bulletproof coffee, sunflower seeds and green smoothie mix that got my good fats in me for the day.  Saturday was a real treat because we all had a meal together as a family which doesn’t happen as much as I would like. My oldest son made sugar free crepes and they were amazing. Of course, the ones they had were full of sugar but I kept it sugar-free with the exception of sampling a bite of the Carmel filled one and it was Yesterday I made myself a fathead pizza with extra cheese and ground sausage and it was yummy and so filling that all I could muster for dinner was a green smoothie with those chia seeds I mentioned earlier. I felt very good about my eating this weekend and I didn’t feel bloated or overfeed at all. No binging took place and I stayed away from candy and added sugar!



Folks if you get a chance look up Aquaponics! I may just be slow to the party but I stumbled upon this system of growing veggies and I was blown away! It’s crazy how fast and plentiful the greens grow plus they conserve so very much. There’s hardly any mal-effect on the environment and truth be told I’m going to start using the system as soon as my seedlings germinate! I’m so excited and trust me when I tell you I never ever thought I would say that about gardening. I must be getting super old but I’m mesmerized by the idea that I can help grow something that I can consume! So if you get a moment just google it and tell me what you think about this system. Have a fantastic Monday and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the workout that had better have been accomplished.!


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King Meat




Well, there is good news and better news. The good news is I listened to my body and how sore my biceps felt and decided not to lift last night. The better news is I still managed to get my 10k steps in, so at the very least I have done something to burn calories and feel better! I’m telling you my arms were just not trying to do the simplest of task yesterday so I had to shut it down. It’s easy to forget I just got into the damn gym and I need to give my body time to adjust. The problem sometimes with a gym fee is you feel like if your paying for it you need to get the most out of it and you can sometimes overdo it. This morning my arms feel grateful that I let them rest and I’ll be at full strength to get my 4th workout in on Sunday, which I believe is New Year’s Eve! Happy New year everyone!




Interesting how things are rolling right along on the eating front! Yesterday I had a fantastic mix of Chinese cabbage and Romain lettuce accompanied by my homemade low sugar french dressing! I can’t really say it’s my recipe because I looked it up on youtube but I can say that homemade salad dressing is super easy and absolutely better than the store-bought version! Anyway, I chopped up a few delicious green onions in my salad bowl with my cup of delicious pork rinds and added some chicken to it! Let me just say not only was it delicious but it kept a big man like me full for awhile. So full in fact, that I was able to not eat any meat at all for my second meal of the day and that’s huge for me because as you know meat is King in my kitchen. The second meal was simply Bulletproof coffee, sunflower seeds and some sugar-free pudding that totally satisfied my taste buds. The best thing is my carbs were below 50g so that’s the win-win for me!


My fiance’ and I have been kicking around the idea of creating a cookbook of our favorite recipes, low carb of love the idea of us doing something together that would help others as well as allow me to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. The more I think about it the more I’m wondering if I need to make different versions of the same recipe to fit multiple lifestyles. I would love some feedback from you guys if you have any ideas that may help. I don’t think we are interested in selling the recipes but just putting some together as a resource we could use as we go along. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter because I am by no means a cooking expert and certainly not the most knowledgeable in terms of fresh ingredients but I’m very willing to learn.

I’ll wrap up by saying that I have found great strength and inspiration from my blogging community and I am so very thankful. I have been working on a Facebook community for followers of a low carb/Keto diet Alexx’s Keto Avenue and if you’re interested please feel free to join! Have a fantastic day and thank you so very much for reading!


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