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Lift Comp!


Hey homies how’s it going? I’m writing this a little late because my workout and fasting have changed a little bit so I didn’t get up in time to write early. I have really been working on my sleep because I know I need to focus on getting better sleep! Anyway, I am writing now to say happy hump day for you and yours and let’s have a wonderful rest of the week! Of course, I am going to update yall on what I’ve been doing!




I never workout at the gym on Wednesday and I’m glad I don’t because it was super The people at my gym are really nice and helpful but there are just so many people doing so many different machines you feel like just turning back and going home! Of course, you know I didn’t do that I was actually motivated by all the people and I had one of the best workouts I have ever had! I mean my back was killing me but in a good way and I swear me and this 70-year-old lady have issues because every time I did an exercise she did it. I mean movement for movement and I really got into a heated lift off against a senior citizen and honestly, I’m not sure I won! What I do know is that woman is a beast and if I’m like her when I’m that age then I will be super happy! Tomorrow I have chest again and then I have to do some makeup cardio I missed yesterday! I’ll be on my regular schedule tomorrow and I think I will be feeling a little better not having a



Listen I have noticed that I have a secret weapon if I miss the gym because sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow me to hit the gym. That weapon is fasting! So this whole fasting thing has been the single most powerful tool I have found in my fat loss journey even more than Keto. Although I didn’t workout yesterday I extended my fast from 18 hours to 24 hours! This allowed my body to do what it was designed to do which is to clean my insides like a pit crew and get me running at optimum level! Fasting has allowed me to feel in control of my eating problem and it has truly been the key to any success I have had so far! Simply put when your body has no food after digestion it begins to operate all your interior organs with stored fat! Man, are you serious? I’m sure tons of you knew that but not me and now that I know I will continue to use intermittent fasting as a tool to achieve my ultimate health. If you all get time please ask or google fasting and do some research it really is eye-opening!


On the diet front, I broke my fast with some wings from Longhorn and a delicious sweet kale salad! If you know me you know I really dig this place so it’s no surprised I ordered some for today and for my dinner tonight! I may be single-handedly keeping them in business and at the very least I know they have had to order more poultry! It’s really amazing thank goodness it’s low carb I would be in real trouble! We have been playing around with some fun quick food choices and I have a few pictures so yall can see. Don’t let your diet get too boring or overwhelming just relax and buy things that will allow you to keep to whatever way you plan to eat to crush your goals!


That’s all I have for today I apologize but I’m going to Cali next week and I have been getting ready to roll so my mind has been so focused on the trip that I haven’t been as consistent as I would like! I’ll make a better effort I promise. Have an amazing day today and enjoy the rest of the week because ready or not it’s













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Back To Basics




It’s on today because I finally got some sleep. It wasn’t looking too good at first because of the college national championship game last night had me up a little later than I planned but the game was certainly worth it. After Alabama’s freshman backup threw a game-winning touchdown in overtime I was too pumped to go to sleep so I headed to the gym. Granted it was after 1 in the morning but hey I was up and the gym is right behind my place so I’ll take it.Once I got home and hit the bed it was lights out and into some of the best damn sleep I have had this year!



Once I made it to the gym I was able to do about 30 minutes of cardio on my favorite elliptical machine. I needed a little more than my usual 20 minutes because as you know I really slacked last week so I did about 10 minutes more with no real discomfort. I’ll probably just start doing 30 on the regular now that I know it feels fine. in the strength training department, I did a chest and triceps circuit workout and that felt amazing. My whole upper body is still shaking but it was a good push! I’m back at it later tonight for back and biceps! Maybe I needed those few days off because my body felt fresh and super responsive the entire workout! Not to mention I was in the midst of a 20 hour fast and you all know how much I really believe in fasted cardio.


The diet, and by that I mean what I ate because I’m not on a diet in the traditional sense, I did pretty well getting back on track. The whole 2 meal thing is back on and that’s the way I want to keep it because it seems to keep my body satisfied, plus with keto, the foods are so low in carbs that I don’t feel bloated or weighted down. I got another great smoothie yesterday which is becoming a daily habit and with the chia seeds more filling. Today when I woke up I got to have one of my large salads with chicken and cheese, simply amazing how easy and delicious this way of eating can be. It helps in my case that I am so damn routine with my tastes because I really think I could have a salad a day for the rest of my life and be just fine with little else. I got issues I’m aware.




I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and I am so proud of how many people are doing more to get healthier and happier. I think it’s fantastic that you all have decided to do what makes you happy and help others as well. No matter what I do I always look forward to the next post I read on here because every day someone somewhere inspires me and I’m so very grateful. Lastly, I am happy to report that my seedlings are slowing starting to show in my lettuce cups! I’m so happy and I can’t wait to experiment with different methods to produce my own healthy foods.



Do something wonderful for yourself today and if you feel like it please share what it was, I’m always interested in hearing when folks do right by themselves, it’s so important! Until next time my friends!!………..


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Cold, Fast,Avocado


Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious Friday! As you know the weather is ridiculously cold and frosty this time of year and here in Kentucky, we are getting hit pretty hard with very cold temperatures. Wherever you are I wish you comfort, heat, and relaxation today!


Jumping right into it; yesterday was a very good day and I was able to get a lot of things accomplished. I hit the gym at my usual o’dark thirty time and had a great cardio and strength training session. Yesterday was back and bicep day and my body is feeling pretty great and not as sore as it had been while doing the same workout. The gym was an absolute ghost town and Rick Ross had me pumped while I hustled through my hour-long routine.  I felt like I was on fire at the gym and I think it had something to do with me working out in a fasted state. In fact, I ended up fasting for 34 hours which is a personal best for me. I typically don’t fast longer than 24 hours but as you know I decided to pig out on junk food the other day so I needed a restart. Folks if you ever feel like you had a bit of a struggle or you had one too many meals in a day, fasting can really help you to even the scales. It allows your body to burn through all the stored glucose in your body and switch to using stored fat for fuel. Another awesome benefit is that if you’re a calorie counter you can simply break your overeating up over 2 days if you fast for 24 hours and you won’t feel bad that you had more than you should. Fasting is just another tool and I like to use as many as possible because this is a lifestyle and there will be times you suck at staying on


When I did break my fast I had my usual baked chicken with a few pork rinds but get this I actually tried something new and I must admit it was great. I made a green smoothie using frozen avocado cubes and it was really delicious. I’m not a fan of these fruits at all however they are fantastic for you and are a source of healthy fat I never use. I mixed it in with my frozen collards, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a few frozen pineapple chunks for sweetness and it was the bomb! I didn’t even taste the avocado but it gave the smoothie a better consistency that I really love. I bought like 8 because they were on sale at Krogers for 69 cents and you just can’t beat that price! For the next 8 days or so I’ll be having my greens in smoothie form instead of my huge salads and I think it will do me some good because I’ll be forced to drink more liquids, which I need to be better at.




Today if it’s possible I would like to talk about sleep. Has anyone else noticed that with the increased workouts that they sleep less? If you do, please let me know what you have found to work. For the last few days, I’m so wired when I hit the mat that I can barely get any sleep and I lay there restless. I realize how vitally important sleep is and I really need to have better rest but I really don’t want to take a sleeping aid if I don’t have to. Any advice on this would be appreciated.



Lastly, thank you to everyone who has gone to my facebook page Alexx’s Keto Avenue, liked it and spent time looking around. I really appreciate it and I want to know if there is anything anyone is looking for that I may need to put on there. It certainly doesn’t have to be keto related but anything about a healthy lifestyle anyone wants to get together about let me know and I’ll do my best to respond. Have a fabulous Friday and go enjoy a glorious weekend everyone!


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And So It Goes….



So this morning was the first of many workouts at the new gym! Typically I’m extremely hard on myself for what I should be able to do versus what I actually do. This morning was a 2 a.m wake up call and I was nervous but ready! The gym attendant looked at me with a thankful smile when I walked in. That dude had been there since 10 p.m. last night and looked like he hadn’t seen a soul in He is a young kid I’d say college sophomore at the oldest and he seems very upbeat and happy about his job. The reason I mention this is because when I go someplace and the person working looks like he truly wants to be there it really helps the experience! Great start to the workout!


The very first thing I did was hit the sitting elliptical that I had been eyeing when I made my initial tour of the place. This thing looks great and super easy on the joints and such. As I climb on I noticed the machines were tightly pushed together to each other so I had to do a little furniture moving to get my butt on the machine. Once I began it seemed so awesome at first. As advertise the machine was very easy on my joints and knees and I was coasting along until my machine decided to switch levels on me! It went from the first level to like 30 on me and my legs started feeling like I was walking up those huge hills in San Francisco. While I desperately tried to adjust the level my legs were absolutely screaming! The damn level wouldn’t change back down to 1 so I was a hurting unit for a few seconds. And I mean just a few because the total time I had been on the machine was like 2 minutes tops! I’m not sure if I was operating the machine right or if I wasn’t going fast enough for the machines liking so we parted ways until next time. The score: Gym 1, Alexx 0




I was determined to get some cardio in so I tried the standing elliptical this time. Now I believe that this machine had seen the difficulty I had with the last one and it welcomed me with open arms. I was able to get another 2 minutes or so to warm my legs up before lifting. My plan is to build my cardio up to about 30 mins a day and then just intensify my cardio as I go. Man, I think when it was all said and done I may have gotten 8 minutes of total cardio this morning yall! I mean damn it was rough. You don’t know how lazy and out of shape you are until you workout I guess, thus is why I’m doing this in the first place. So while I was able to do this machine, I was so out of breath that the as I left the cardio area I swear I heard the other machines laughing at


Now with the strength training, I was able to do 4 exercises rather easily and without much discomfort! I plan to add as I go. Strenght training is definitely more in my wheelhouse but it’s pretty easy with the machines as opposed to free weights. With the machines your seated for most of the workout so while you build you chill. My goal was to make sure I didn’t give myself too much time in between reps. I did 3 sets of 10 and it was fairly easy. Honestly, I could have pushed for more weight but again the first day I wanted to see where I was. Gym:1 Alexx:1. Ha!


Now that I’m done with the first workout I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know for sure I will be making this a habit! No doubt about that, however part of me feels like I could have pushed a little harder and done a little bit more. There’s always tomorrow I figure but I hate the feeling of knowing I have so far to go. Which is really crazy because at the same time I absolutely love that I have so far to go. I brought no music to the gym and tunes always motivates me in the gym. This week I’m concentrating on forming my routine. Once I get my routine down I will most definitely use my music to help with doing better in the cardio area! It’s all a process and while my performance sucked today, I’m very optimistic about my future gains and accomplishments!


On the eating front, I’m happy to report that I had about 50g of carbs yesterday and was just 75 calories over my 2k for the day. I have been fooling around with my diet to increase vegetable consumption and decrease my meat eating. It’s hard for me to get my 7 cups a day of leafy green veggies without taking those calories from somewhere and so meat must be reduced. My salad game is proper yall so I’ll be able to up my greens no problem at all. As far as fasted workouts go I felt great, although I can honestly say that maybe I will need a shake or something for my pre-workout if my cardio doesn’t improve!


Honestly, folks, I have to say I’m very proud of myself for taking the first step and keeping this promise to myself to be healthier for years to come. I know that consistency is key to my overall health and well being! I refuse to give up!


Thank you so much for reading this and for supporting me. There are so many of you who have said some wonderful things to support me and I am truly thankful! Go enjoy your life homies, have a fantastic day!


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