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Love Your Damn Self Homie!


Well, good morning and happy Friday to everyone! it’s the last day of the work week and all of you have been pushing yourselves very hard and doing all you can! I for one am very proud of you for all that you have been doing. Lately, I have been realizing that all the things people do that I will never see are so important and I know you don’t always get the credit for your greatness so this is me saying: YOU ARE APPRECIATED FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!


Today is the last day for me in the gym this week as far as lifting goes. I have been working my butt off this week and I feel like I can honestly say I found a great schedule for myself. It feels amazing to be in a rhythm with my body and my workouts! I’m doing my back/biceps today and then I’ll be doing some stretching to help with my weak There is no doubt what so ever that I will be doing a fasted workout today, they just feel better to me and the mental game is the most important. If I think it’s working then I will push harder and be more involved and that’s the win-win! The gym has really been amazing for me these last few months and I’m very thankful to have a place that I go that is just for me. The idea that I am going somewhere that will make me better physically and push myself to get better really makes me feel great about myself and that’s all that really matters. The only way to be of service and to help others is to be in love with yourself so that you can share that love with others!


The diet has been going great and my macros have been very good this week! I just wanted to talk about something that has really changed my life. If I have learned anything it’s that the diet and how I eat really makes the whole thing possible. The truth of all of this is in today’s society we all workout more now than we did generations before and yet obesity is more rampant than ever before. The answer is in the foods we eat and the way we treat ourselves away from the gym! Don’t leave your training in the gym or at the park because the bulk of the change comes in the diet! Now I realize this isn’t revolutionary stuff I am writing but if you sit on that for a minute it really will make you change your perspective! There has never been a workout created that will do more for you than rest, nutrition and the study of your own body! You really have to fall in love with learning about your body and what makes it perform at it’s best. If you have problems truly loving yourselves the best place to start is not a relationship or a drink. You can prove to yourself how much you love you by how well you spend time feeding your body positive thoughts and proper nutrition.


Notice I didn’t say give your body the right nutrients, I said the proper nutrients for you! The best way for you to eat and treat your body is all up to you and what works best for what you are trying to achieve. It’s funny that we will go to a job and work our butts off for someone else’s dream then go home and give all we have to our kids only to treat ourselves as if we don’t have things we need to achieve for ourselves. It’s absolutely your responsibility to make the decision to achieve as much for your health as you possibly can. I’m not saying you have to be a world-class Olympian or anything, all I’m trying to say is if you have a direction you want your body to go in then damn it go! Spend some time and love the machine you spend all your life in and learn to give it what it needs to be who and what you want to be. Then you have a love that no one can take away from you because they didn’t give it to you, you did, you feel me?


Please be kind to yourself this weekend and do something fun that you enjoy and bring that beautiful smile with you. You have something others around you need and that’s your presence! Be there, give a damn and appreciate your damn self and that’snot a

The picture of the plants like I promised! My poor plants some are doing great but as you can see I had the light too far from them and a few got leggy but I still saved a


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That’ll Work!

I had to do this really quick tonight because I’m very excited! These damn noodles were really good! Now they are not as good as regular pasta and if you read that anywhere it’s a I must admit that although they are very chewy if you have a great marinade then these noodles will do you well! I’m really happy because I don’t crave pasta all the time but when I do I really go overboard with it. The problem is there are so many damn carbs and sugar in processed pasta that I could easily eat a couple thousand calories when you add in sauce and proteins and oil! What’s blowing me away is they have no calories! I mean I been researching these things for awhile looking for reviews and negative feedback and all I hear about is the taste being bad for some.

I knew going in that these would not be as good as regular pasta since they don’t have all the sugar and stuff but I can honestly say that with the right sauce and seasoning that they taste so damn good that I will buy them again. I got a 7 pack on Amazon so I’ll try the rice and angel hair some other days but as far as the Fettuccini I’m sold! Now I know that if I get that craving for pasta again in the future I don’t have to go to Olive garden or someplace but I can make these and keep it straight keto!

sauteed those bad boys in Worcestershire sauce and soy with a touch of sesame oil and they came out wonderful!



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4 & 3 YESSIR!!!!!


It’s back to Monday again and a fresh new start! Hello and good morning everyone who reads this, as always I wish you the best morning possible and a fun day after that! It’s a thin scary layer of ice around the surrounding areas of where I live so they called school off today which I must say was a good move because I was sliding around myself! The beautiful morning sun has peaked it’s amazing head above the horizon and the ice should be thawed in a matter of hours!


Yesterday’s workout marked my 4th strength training routine of the week, add that to the 3 nights of water workouts I did and that makes my goal for the week! Yessir! It’s so important that we set weekly goals as well so that we know what direction our journey is going! This week, starting today I am going to try to do 4 of 4, 4 days of weights and 4 days of the pool! Last week I even had my water shoes arrive so I will be able to do some serious work in the water this week! Currently, I do 3 lifts for each body part but this week I will be spending a little more time in the gym figuring out a new workout to add to my routine! Usually, when I do circuit lifting I can get it all done in about 25 minutes or so. Now during that session, I only get less than 30 seconds between reps so when I’m done my body has really worked. I think the next frontier is to move to more of a free weight workout that focuses on heavier weights and lower reps. I just need to figure out a way to get that in! The cardio in the water has been kicking my ass so I feel like it’s doing the job but I’ll still try to do the elliptical in the rotation to shock my system and break up the monotony. Just so you all know the end game is to be able to do 5 of 5 eventually with active rest days! It’s a very lofty goal but hey, I’ve come this far and all I can do is try!



Let’s talk diet for a moment. Last week I went to Longhorn Steakhouse and we also had taco bell once. It has been forever since I have done either and here I go doing both in the same damn week! Even though I was still well under my caloric allowance clearly this is a bad pattern to be creating again! So this week there will be no jumping out of the plan, I’ll be hitting my high healthy fat goals and chilling on all the extra carbs and processed foods! Last week wasn’t horrible I still met my dietary goals to fast for 2 24 hour periods and to do I.F. at least 16 daily and I’m proud of that. The goal, however, is to be able to take advantage of all these tools and not fight against me. I know my body and my habits well enough to know that I have to constantly re-up or I will fall I do need a little help. I do one day a week that is vegetarian only and I find that I am consuming a lot of foods that are higher in carbs even if their healthy ones. If any of you have any ways to avoid this and have any suggestions I’m open to ideas. I’m such a meathead that I’m lost without some type of



If your struggling this week and you feel like you need some motivation don’t hesitate to ask for help from me or anyone else! Motivation is so important and sometimes all it takes is a conversation or a quick chat to get us back to that space that we focus on what we are trying to get done. I got your back family! If you can’t find a way to be down to help someone else or be available to extend a kind word than what’s the point? We all have something that someone else can use for their good and I feel like I owe it to all of you to be the best I can be for you, so please consider messaging me or drop a post if you need a little help.

Have a Beastmode of a day and find a reason to love yourself!













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I absolutely love Thursday! No one ever gets mad or upset about it being Thursday!  I had a fantastic time last night and this morning was just as amazing so I’m in a great mode and ready to blog!



O.k so last night I went swimming again, however, this time I brought some sense and my fiance’ with me!lol. I did several laps as well as a small workout water circuit and I exited the pool feeling a lot better than the first time! The swimming made the second workout on the same day, earlier I did a fast back and bicep routine while my girl signed up for the gym! I’m very proud of her! Great news I think that 1:30 p.m is the perfect time to workout at my gym! It was really slow and everything was available so I think I’m going to make this my regular time from now on!


I did a 24 hour fast yesterday and it felt marvelous! The more I fast the better I feel and that’s just fact. Now I cant see myself doing 24 hours every day but doing it twice a week will definitely help! Going to the gym after fasting that long you would think that you would be really weak when lifting but this is not true at all. My body actually feels like a fat burning furnace when I do a fasted workout! So when I extend the fasting it’s just that much more amazing!

The diet is going really great and according to my app, I’m in a massive caloric deficit so I’ll take it! We went to Longhorn this morning for brunch and I had a baked potato for the first time in 8 months! When I tell you it was worth the wait it was every bit and more! My gosh that baked potatoes damn near taste better than my pork chops which were delicious as well! Of course, you know I got a picture for you yall below!



That’s about it today, I’ll have an update on my lettuce tomorrow and maybe some soapbox topic that I may want to blog Have a fantastic day everyone!


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On Your Mark!



Looks like we are right back to good ole Monday morning again folks! Congratulations you have successfully made it to another starting block this morning. Today we begin another week to restart and get things right. No matter what you did this weekend or whatever you failed to accomplish last week no longer matters. I’ll take it one step further than that, even the things you accomplished last week don’t matter this week because you must kick ass once again this week to continue collecting the wins! Luckily we all know that you have what it takes to get things done and to truly be happy and satisfied because all the things you are working toward are your choice! I pray that all of you go out and attack this week with hearts full and with great vigor! Be better than you were last week, be the best you ever this week and you will be that much closer to your destination! You got this all day every day!




After Saturday’s great workout I took Sunday off to travel back home from our visit with family and friends and unwind.It’s so true that there really is nothing like your own bed and bathrooms to come home to! Although I didn’t lift I certainly wasn’t lazy because I went couponing and killed a couple of great deals at Riteaid this weekend! My family is happy that we are fully stocked up on just about all of our paper and bathroom products, laundry detergent and more! I’m not as heavy in couponing as I once was but there’s nothing like stocking up once in awhile and not having to buy certain but once or twice a year! If any of you coupon I would love to hear about it, by the way, it’s always exciting to hear about how much people saved and donated and such. So I definitely got my walking in for the day and the best part is when your shopping like that you don’t even think of it as a workout until you look at your smartwatch and it says you kicked




On the diet front I did really well passing on pizza for buffalo wings instead and although I had some wine I made sure to drink plenty of water! I’m supposed to take some snacks with me when I travel to do things but it completely slipped my mind this weekend but thank goodness I stayed relatively keto. I only say that because I had a really bad headache Sunday morning and I had gas station coffee and some form of McRib type sandwich to get rid of my headache. It was one of those bad ones were your tummy starts to get sick because it’s pounding so hard. Typically I don’t get headaches on the regular so you can imagine that I am such a baby when I get I would have eaten a small child if it would have stopped the pounding in my head! Blessing to me those items did the trick because my headache was gone by the time I got back home. We all had a great time catching up with everyone and the kids got to see a few friends they used to go to school with so that was a bonus blessing!

My goals for last week were as follows:

I.F 5 times between 18 and 20 hours each

Workout 4 times at the gym

Get a handle on what my calorie intake should be and try to get to 3k every other day.

knock out transferring my plants to their new aquaponic system

Blog at least 4 times




I must say all my goals have been met and I even did an extra workout from home this week to round that up to 5! My eating and gym goals will pretty much be the same every week however they may have to be altered monthly as my weight hopefully keeps! I just want all of you to know that it helps more than you will ever know to have you all with me on this journey. I truly believe that there is a great source of power when people get together in numbers for a common goal! The truth is there have been plenty of days that it took reading some of your posts and comments that drove me to keep getting out of my comfortable ass bed and putting in work! That kind of support is something that I will never take for granted and it means so very much to me! You are all so very special and you all have such a unique contribution to the world and I’m thankful that I continue to be blessed by your time and support! You are appreciated! Now go kick this weeks butt!

Have a fantastic damn Monday homies!






























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I Can’t Imagine



Happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday was a very hard day to swallow for me. As most of you know there was a school shooting in my state that left 2 people dead and several others in critical condition or injured. My heart truly goes out to the victims of these crimes and I pray that these families find some type of peace in the coming days. Having said that I was wondering when did we become more concerned about who or what to blame than who was affected? If you pay attention to social media and the like people have a wide range of views everytime something like this happens. I certainly understand that learning the root causation of something is extremely important in preventing these type of incidents from reoccurring in the future. It just hurts my heart that we spend so much time finding fault that we forget that this isn’t a video game. These people who lost their lives won’t be here tomorrow to start over again! we don’t even take time to just mourn the dead we just start spitting out all sorts of opinions and ideas often before we even learn all the facts involved. I would just like to take a moment to say I’m heartbroken for those people affected by this tragic event. I’m heartbroken for a 15-year-old kid who feels like he needed to do this. Most importantly, I’m grateful that I have a platform here to say: I love and truly care about my fellow man, even those I don’t get along with!



So today I would like to ask that if you are all reading this that you think about those around you. Not the family and friends you are comfortable with, but everyone around you and wish for them the same love and caring that you wish for your own family. All we are after all are a bunch of souls floating around searching for meaning and purpose and we share a common biological suit. We all have feelings and emotions and they are as precious and delicate as the next person! Please keep that in mind today and in the days to come!



My weight loss journey was fine yesterday and everything is moving forward as planned. I just feel in my heart that it’s more important to let all of you know that I care and love all of you, no matter what! No calorie or fat cell was ever more important than that. Nothing that I will ever accomplish or achieve will ever be more important than my fellow man! You are all important and all valuable and your place in this sphere is so very important! I wish you love today and forever! Until next time homies!



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Rubberband Man



Sometimes you just have to have one! There are moments that you know are very pivotal in your life when you know that your lack of action here could cause a major setback. This morning around 3 a.m. I got this feeling that I needed to go to the gym really bad. It was different than other times before. There was a force that told me that If I didn’t go now if I took today off it would be really bad for me! Days off are important to allow the body to heal and recharge from the demands we put on it so I truly respect that aspect of having a day off. Today’s workout was important because getting on the scaler and getting my true weight was a very surreal experience and I found myself getting a little discouraged because of the road ahead! Suddenly there was a number that was no longer invisible or silent that was filled with truth. I am that size whether I like it or not and no matter how much I feel upset about it I cannot and will not allow my emotions to stop me from trying! This whole thing means too much to me! Having said that I had to get my ass out of bed and get back to work on me!




There is always humor in my life no matter what the situation and this mornings gym session was no different. I was about to get on my favorite seated cardio machine when I noticed the seat was broken! Now I use this machine all the time so I thought maybe because of my size I put too much strain on the machine and it gave out on some poor bastard just trying to get his heart rate up. I was told by the attendant at the gym that 2 of the machines have had broken seats a few time so they rotate the machines around because of location, not all the machines get the same usage. He is used to me working out and knows I like those particular machines so he was very quick to let me know that it had been broken already. In my head, I was wondering if he was just trying to be nice about the fact that it was my fault but he was literally pulling out invoices of work orders to prove his point. Now the scary thing is that he did this not to make me feel great but to show me that damn near 70 percent of gym equipment they have has had major repairs done because of wear and tear. Damn, that’s crazy! Anyways I moved to a different well-oiled machine and got my Cardio in for the day! My muscles may need a day off because my back and bicep workout was harder than it typically is and I felt myself struggling a little more than normal! Sometimes you just don’t have your best stuff but you still have to work at it right?!


Yesterday for lunch I made some cracks slaw and I must say it would really good! For my second meal, I had some of Panera bread cheddar and broccoli soup. I get these cool 32 oz already made portions from Sam’s club and they really do hit the spot! Of course, I had a nice delicious cup of bulletproof coffee to round out my healthy fats! Having 2 meals a day makes life so much


In closing, I wanted to say thank you to all those people who reached out and said some really nice and encouraging things to me yesterday. I am truly humbled that in a world so busy and with all that people have on their plate that they find time to be so damn supportive! The truth is nothing great ever happens alone, there are always people who help along the way and I just want to say I love you all for your help! Have a fabulous Tuesday and praise yourself for something you did great! You deserve to be your own biggest fan!








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Making Progress



It’s hump day yall and it’s great to be back blogging after a few days off! I have just been chilling and trying to deal with this cold weather system we have had blow thru the southeast the last week or so. Kids are still not in school because of the snow accumulation and freezing rain here in Kentucky but it looks like a safe bet they will have school tomorrow! Let’s hope! I can’t front, I’m loving the snow and all it brings minus the accidents and all. I love a good winter wonderland!



I haven’t been to the gym this week but I have been getting plenty of sleep this week and I feel amazing! I typically don’t have a problem sleeping but I know I don’t get anywhere near the recommended amount of minimal sleep per night! It’s been like 8 or 9 hours a night and I’ll admit it really does help; definitely feeling refreshed. As you know the other day I was running from pizza, but today I can honestly say that I have been eating pretty good and I have intermittently fasted every day for the last 10 days in a row so I’m getting a fine handle on that front! The kitchen was bare yesterday and we had zero produce but I went and grabbed some at Krogers last night and stocked up so I’m good to go this morning! I’m thinking of making a batch of keto brownies today that I’m really excited about because I have never made any that weren’t made the old fashion way with lots of sugar and chocolate! If it turns out good or bad you all know that I will post it on my next blog! While I won’t be I.F. today I will be keeping it keto as normal with a monster salad and some B.P.C! Then I’ll focus on the deserts of brownies and maybe some keto shortcake for my second meal, I’ll figure it


This past week I have had some mental battles with myself about fat loss. It seems like there are days when it doesn’t feel like I’m losing fast enough! My mind knows it’s all a process but the spoiled man in me wants all the results now, you know the perfect body overnight.ha ha ha. The same mind that pushes me to get up when I fall and to stay positive is the same mind that manufactures my doubts. It’s funny how that works but I know it happens to all of us. Sometimes you have to battle with your own team(mind) ain’t that a bitch! Usually, when this happens I watch a movie or I check to see how far I have come, anything to get my head right! This process isn’t always easy but it’s definitely apart of the journey and all I can say is we just have days we have to fight and fight no matter what!



Great news homies since November 11th till now I have lost another 3 inches on my waist! I feel really great about this because I have so much to lose and it helps to see progress, especially since I don’t have my scale in from Amazon yet. O.k I know we shouldn’t be obsessed with weight but I have to at least know that I’m making progress on days I feel like I’m not, so I had to order Did I mention I’m excited about the measurements? I lost size in my chest and other areas as well but my waist is my biggest area of concern for now so I’m super focused on my midsection! I just measured in the middle of making this post because I’m supposed to do it monthly and it totally slipped my mind. With this new planner, it’s hard not to write everything down because it’s staring at me every day, all

Enjoy your hump day and be safe on those crazy streets!




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Let’s Stay Together!!




Happy Martin Luther King day to each and every one of you, I hope today finds you with a smile on your face and a full heart! It’s Monday and it’s pretty cool that it is a day, in the States at least, when we honor a great American as well as the great struggle that was fought with his leadership! This post will not be about him, but as a black man in America, I am honored when anyone is honored for trying to do some good for the people around them!


Yesterday was a great day. I wasn’t able to go to the gym yet because of weather conditions but I did get my 10k steps in and I’m happy with that. Remember, sometimes it’s just important that we do something to keep consistent! I am really missing the weights but I think I’ll do a little strength training at home today because it looks like we have a little snow coming today and then we should be in the clear. I live right behind our gym so I’m not missing because I can’t get there but rather they have been closed for operations for several days. The resistance bands I got off of Amazon are really great because they truly take away any excuse I could have for not getting some sort of basic workout in.


On the eating front, everything is moving right along! Since I was out of lettuce I simply had a green smoothie and bpc for lunch and for dinner I had some delicious chicken wings! I love chicken as you know but wings are just simple and easy to throw together and bake or fry. Most of the time I don’t even have any sauce on them I can just season to taste and I’m completely satisfied! I was brought some sweet treats that I hardly ever eat and as much as I would like to say I held strong I didn’t. I totally gave in and had a small piece of cake but I simply did a little more cardio to make up for the calories and I didn’t feel guilty or bloated or anything. This lifestyle will require me to be more discipline but every now and again I will be having a guilty pleasure! My body feels great and I can tell that my relationship with food is still headed in the right direction!




Lastly, I would like to talk about something that has been in the news a bit lately.  Recently, I read where a clothing chain put a shirt on a young black kid that referred to him being a monkey and the internet went crazy! It was an advertisement for some sweatshirts or something like that and people started saying that it was a racist ad aimed at calling black people monkeys. As a black man, I would invite all of you to remember that we are more together than divided. The media and others would have you believe that everything has a underlying meaning and that we are not supposed to be together because we are different. Please don’t let this non-sense distract you from the fact that there are too many people out here in this world doing good and getting along of all nationality to be suckered back into some race problem. I’m not suggesting that there aren’t any racial problem in this world. I’m simply saying time and time again we have proven that the overwhelming majority of us love and care about each other no matter what color or creed. We as people have shown that compassion and love transcend all barriers! Please don’t let people get you to believe we are divided and totally different because the truth is we are united. Today in this world there are more people from diverse backgrounds interacting and caring for one another than ever before. We all know how to love and we all need love, so don’t believe them when they try to make you think we are other than what we are! Don’t take the bait! The world has much bigger issues in my opinion! O.k., the soapbox has been exited!



Have a fantastic Monday and remember no matter what, you are worth anything and everything it takes to be happy! See Ya!


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Snow Love




What is it about snow days that make the sleep so much better than normal? Man, I slept like a champ last night and when we woke up this morning there was a good amount of snow on the ground! As we get older we start seeing snow different than we did as kids but not I. I have and will always love snow! The conditions to drive certain places can get a little dicey I admit but I just love how snow makes even nasty looking places look pleasant! So when I woke up to snow this morning, I was as happy as a previous me would have loved to wake up to O.k who am I kidding, waking up to pancakes is still heavenly but since I try to stay away from bread and the like it’s whatever.


The workout will take place at home today since the gym has been closed due to the snow and I’m fine with that. I can get 10k steps around the house and do my best version of setups and pushups to get my heart rate up. Hey, I have a question does anyone reading do interval cardio? You know where you do 40 seconds at a normal pace and then 20 seconds as hard as you can? I was just curious how effective that is because I have seen videos where people say they only do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio that way and they get really great results and I was thinking of trying it! Please let me know if you do a similar cardio workout. Today I’m going to do 2 workouts so that I’ll have my 6 that I needed because tomorrow is Sunday and that starts the new week so wish me luck.



The diet was amazing and it was because I got a carb day yall and I actually got to have mashed potatoes. I honestly haven’t had mashed potatoes for at least 6 months and they tasted great. There were even a few delicious potato chips that I got to have and they were o.k but not as great as I remember. The only problem was because I don’t consume carbs that aren’t from veggies anymore my tummy wasn’t very happy with me so I spent the remainder of the day stranded on the porcelain and it was no fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the food but I think I should have had maybe a little less of it, but oh well lesson learned. Folks, be sure to give yourself days or meals where you eat the foods you no longer eat anymore, it’s important not only to help with cravings but also to stay realistic about your diet. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing and if you think that you will never ever eat another food that has a few too many sugars in them you’re not being realistic. Think about it you will never have another piece of cake for the rest of your natural life? That may work for some of you but I know it will never ever work for me. Now I realize that people use almond and coconut flours to may cakes and other baked goods and that’s great, but I have yet to taste one that’s even close to the taste of white flour. I just take the hit every so often and then fast the next day for as long as it takes to get that garbage out of my system and I get back. Please don’t misunderstand me, if you having a carb day and it turns into 5 days, then maybe you shouldn’t do it, but after awhile doing keto, you will be able to quickly have a few guilty calories and be o.k every now and again! It ain’t gon’ hurt nobody right Kid and Play?




Today I will enjoy the snow and sip some amazing coffee and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is never promised and if every day is a blessing than shouldn’t we embrace the blessing and be happy? I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable day and that your moments are filled with fond and delightful events that make your heart sing! Peace!




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