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Hello everyone and happy Memorial Day to one and all. I would like to say thank you to those men and women that have served this country and laid down their lives for my good! Also, anyone, who is actively serving as well I would like to extend my sincerest form of gratitude and say Thank you for all you do that allows me to do what I want to do! I understand it’s a holiday and your all probably chilling and grilling somewhere but if you have a moment I’m glad you spent some of it reading my blog!

Yesterday wasn’t a gym day for me but I was able to get some errands ran and relax. My body has been feeling amazing lately with all the new and improved goals I have set recently! One of those goals is to have nothing that’s not Keto until July. Typically, I allow myself at least one cheat meal or cheat day a week but that’s all gone for now. Also, I have decided that I will be checking my blood sugar regularly so that I can see how my insulin is affected by certain foods! Ketone levels aren’t very important to me although it is the name of my way of eating so I purchased a Keto Mojo to check both blood glucose as well as Ketone levels. First I should be clear, a glucose meter is not necessary for everyone eating a Ketogenic diet, not even a little bit. It is an individual tool in the bag to use if you want to have it then you should! Why did I purchase one? It’s simple, people always talk about what breaks a fast and what doesn’t but until I do my own research I don’t really know what breaks a fast for me. It’s all about the data and I love the numbers so I figured it could only help me to stay focus and be more informed. Like I have always said it’s not anyone’s fault for receiving false or true information but it is absolutely your obligation to yourself to find out what is or isn’t true in your eyes. Research is a big part of my fat loss journey and I have found that the more I’m aware of things the better decisions I will make. Even if I don’t make the smart choice every time at least I knew what I was doing and I didn’t just follow what someone told me on the internet or the cafe. A little independent research can go a long way in getting to know your body and how it is affected by the foods and beverages you consume. Lastly, I made a goal to be more understanding of what others around me are dealing with and be of service more. If anyone needs any help or just needs an ear during their journey I am certainly available and willing to help!




We did an awesome thing last night, we made cauliflower soup in the slow cooker and using my new immersion blender and it was so amazing! Not only do I love the new blender but that soup is easy, delicious and super Keto! I found the recipe here Cauliflower soup from THE Pinning Mama. Now, I don’t know this woman personally but I plan on giving her a huge hug if I ever meet her because this soup is fantastic! I needed a hearty meal before my first of 3 42 hour fasts this week and let me tell you this didn’t disappoint! She even broke the macros down for ya and everything!  I broke my fast yesterday( I fast about 17hr on non-extended fasting days) it was with some delicious turkey bacon and 3 of those delicious Johnsonville cheddar stuffed sausage and coffee! All and all one of the best days of eating I have had in a while! The family and I finished off all the soup and I know for a fact I will not make it again unless I make a double or triple batch next

Today is official weigh in day and I posted that I was 510 yesterday but actually the scale said 509 this morning so we will go with that! I am very excited about this new way of fasting and eating and I am more than happy to help anyone who needs help because so many people are helping me!

Please be safe today and enjoy your free Monday! At least for those who don’t work today and for those that do, you know it’s o.k for you to enjoy today too just later when you get off. lol

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Here we go again another Magic and fantastic Monday is upon us all. I hope all of you had an amazing weekend as I did! It was an amazing weekend but laid back enough to truly enjoy the There is nothing better in life than celebrating other’s and Mother’s day was a great chance to do that! Hopefully, you all enjoyed yourselves and exercised cautious recklessness this past


Sunday was Mother’s day so we had a little celebration to show the mom of the house how wonderful she is. Then we made sure all the moms in our lives got some love as well! I made a point to hit the gym hard Saturday night because I knew we had some birthdays and celebrations going on. I focused on doing a heavy back exercise and then some nice steady state cardio before leaving. The jury is in and the verdict is I love lifting heavier than normal and I can truly feel the difference the next day after! I made a promise that I would get a certain amount of gym time in and I was able to do just that! I’m super happy with the work I put in this week which leads to my good news…



I’m back down to 519 which isn’t the lowest I’ve been but it’s the trend that matters and I’m back on track and headed down instead of I’m very excited about my turn around and I truly owe it all to God and the changing of my last meal of the day to early in the afternoon! It really has made all the difference and I feel amazing! You know me I wanted to get 515 but hey I’ll take the loss as long as it’s going in that direction!


My diet has still been mostly Carnivore Keto but this week I will be adding back more of those fresh green smoothies to give my body those essential green leafy nutrients I feel we all need. After that, you guessed it, I’m going right back to more Carnivore because the way I feel is simply amazing right now and I’m all about what makes me feel the best! I really did have a lot of carbs do to the wine tasting this week so that won’t be an issue this week, I’m sure all the wine will be gone by tonight. Ha Ha! We have certainly been tipping it up lately but I can’t complain it’s been marvelous!


That’s it for today it’s short and sweet but I’m still here if anyone needs anything!

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Get To Grindin’


Well look what day it is today, it’s finally Saturday! The sun is bright, the birds outside got their acts together and have agreed to celebrate this glorious morning with us! We are blessed to see another weekend, another day for that matter, so sit back relax and let’s chat a few about what’s goin’ down!


I am Change! Last night because of schedule I had to hit the gym later than usual and I mean it was 11 pm as I walked in the door! We all have scheduling issues so we just have to work around them the best we can and last night was one of those times! What was even crazier is I was still in a rush because I had to pick up my fiance’ so I hit the weights Normally, I never lift triceps and biceps together but since my workout wasn’t heavy I decided to change it up and I must say it was really worth it! My muscles were absolutely screaming at me, my skin was raining sweat and I was winded for real! Great workout! My cardio got a boost because I did some walking and exercise in front of the big screen and then I went for a cool and relaxing walk. The Veteran’s Park here in Elizabethtown is truly a beautiful place to take a stroll and the monuments surrounding give you a true sense of pride about the sacrifice that so many have made for us all. Don’t worry homies you know I’m going to include pictures, it was awesome to do some picture taking all in the name of fitness! Ya boi hit his step goal and got more than an hour of activity on my tracker and that’s without the gym visit last night!

I must tell you if you are doing fasting and your schedule allows it then you should try eating your last meal at 2:30 in the afternoon! Not only does it allow me to break my 18 hours fast in time to enjoy my morning coffee but it makes your body feel super lean in the a.m! Now last night I can’t front I was super hungry but that was my fault because I didn’t space my 2 meals out enough, plus I only eat 2 meals and not 3 like most people. Y’all already know I have so much more weight to lose so 18-hour fasting helps fat loss in a way nothing else ever has in my opinion! Yesterday I broke my fast with good ole turkey bacon with melted cheese and my customary large cup of coffee. I basically had a zero carb breakfast and that really helps to get the day started even though I know most have their carbs really early I prefer this route. O.K now I know I eat a lot of baked chicken and if there’s ever an outbreak I’m probably going to be ground zero for those infected because I love it but I made butter baked parmesan chicken and my gosh I found one with this recipe!  I was just playing around and decided to mix some grated parmesan with my melted butter and I drizzled that buttery mix over my chicken and let it coat in the oven and it came out so fire! I mean straight blazing!



A word about sleep! One of my goals lately has been to really focus on my sleep and get a certain amount no matter what. My fasting time has really helped and I have noticed that my body has really responded and I feel a lot better. For my bigger folks out there sleep is so very important to our overall health because we tend to overlook it but I’m telling you it makes all the difference in the world. Not just getting great sleep but also having a set time to hit the sheets, your body will thank you I’m telling you!


I can’t leave without saying thank you so much to those of you who bought my new flash fiction novel! I’m truly blessed to have people around like yourselves that help me reach my true potential! Marcus London: Crime type 1 is an amazing story with a hero who has type 1 diabetes and it brings tears to my eyes to bring awareness and support this movement. My son Marcus who is the inspiration for the series is my hero and the strongest person I have ever been around so again thank you so much! I’m so damn humbled by all of you! Marcus London: Crime type 1

















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I Got My Gear!


Happy day everyone we are finally back on Friday and I’m very blessed to have another chance to write to all of you! Today will be a wonderful day for everyone and plus it’s about to be the weekend and the return of the relaxing period! All of your hard work and perseverance this week has allowed you to set back and enjoy the relaxation of a job well done! I’m proud of you for making it this far and for those of you who work weekends, well you folks still got work to do what can I say? lol. Be thankful for today because today is unique and there will never be another chance like the chance you will get today!



Early workout yesterday, remember I told yall I was getting up early to do some of my workouts? Well, I was up at 3:30 a.m and went in to grab a nice relaxing Cardio session to get my day started. Early morning workouts really get the day off to a great start and yesterdays workout certainly did just that! Of course, later I went back to the gym at my normal afternoon time and did my lifting routine and boy did my body feel that whole double workout I was pouring sweat from head to toe and I definitely needed a long hot shower afterward! I haven’t had time to change my routine much because I’m just getting back into my rhythm in the gym but like the song says..change gon’ come! Plus, I’m not too sure I could have changed too much because my old workout proved to be harder to return to then I anticipated. The way I figure it a few more times back at it and I’ll be all ready to start afresh program. For whatever reason I have been listening to slow jams at the gym lately which is totally not like me, I mean I love the quiet storm but not usually in the gym. This week it’s just been my mood and I’ve been having zero problems getting in a solid workout. Today because of the house schedule I’m not doing an early morning workout just my afternoon lifting session but I will be resuming early cardio tomorrow for sure.


So yesterday I received my Samsung Gear Pro 2 from Amazon and wow! I really love this fitness watch so far! I’m not sponsored by them or anything but my opinion so far is that it blows my Fitbit blaze out of the water. The screen is the game changer, it has the most spectacular appearance I have ever seen in a fitness watch! All the features it has are fairly similar to most trackers, sleep monitoring, step counter, and heart rate sensors just like all the others but what I love about this tracker is that it stores my music right on the device so I don’t have to bring my phone in the gym! That alone made the 149.00 price tag worth it to me because I have plenty of watches so I don’t need everything in one but I like having the option to store music. Yet another feature I love is that it doesn’t make my wrist really uncomfortable. I’m not the type of person who can sleep with a watch on or anything on my wrist for that matter but last night I had no problem falling asleep with this thing on my wrist! I absolutely love the design and the feel and that it doesn’t make my wrist sweaty which is surprising because its made of silicon along the band. The last thing I love about it is since I love Samsung Phones and will probably always have one, the apps on my phone are so easily linked and that helps, I even got bumped up to a free year of premium myfitnesspal just for buying this device! It’s great!




Yesterday I broke my fast with some low carb chili dogs and a hot cup of coffee. Pretty basic I had leftover chili so I just threw a few dogs In the mix and the whole thing was extremely filling. I don’t do a complicated and long list of ingredients cooking on Keto, I strive for tasty and easy to make that way I will stay with it! My final meal was a create a sampler from Olive garden! I know not the best choice Keto wise but I had lunch with my girl and I figured I would take the carb hit with the breading. I had calamari and chicken fingers plus mozzarella which isn’t too bad but for the breading and the whole deep fried I’m not always perfect with my diet but I try hard not to deny myself times when I eat a little bit of junk as long as there’s not a ton of sugar because sugar is like crack to me and I would be in trouble! I would love to tell you I hit my macros last night but I didn’t because that sampler had over a thousand calories! I was like 50 calories over my daily amount so I’ll be o.k. I certainly won’t be making Olive garden part of my regular meal plan!




I pray you all have a marvelous weekend and remember to smile and enjoy your life! It really doesn’t get any more simple than that, you are obligated to enjoy every single moment that you can because when it’s over and done that’s it; you don’t get this life back! Find a reason to bless someone else around you today! I love you all!



Thank you for all of you who supported my book on Amazon Marcus London: Crime type 1 the support is both humbling and dear to my heart! You are appreciated! My youngest son Marcus is Type 1 and I am passionate about providing positive and uplifting characters for other’s who slay this dragon everyday!

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The future is not promised!

Screenshot_20180501-101748.jpgHappy Tuesday everyone and I pray that everyone is enjoying this wonderful blessing of another day! Today is going to be a fantastic day because of our decision to be happy right? Let’s just go ahead and make that decision now and get it out the way so we can get on with the proceedings this evening.




I didn’t hit the gym yesterday and I am really o.k with it. After my trip, THA GET BACK!! I realize my body was absolutely exhausted from all the driving and running around and I needed the slight change. I will still be getting all 4 lifts in this week I am simply starting today instead of my customary Monday start to the workout week. Today I will probably do chest/triceps and then some lower bodywork so that I can ease back into the swing of things. So today no excuses I will hit the gym running and get my mojo back! I bet the people in my gym think that I gave up on my workout goals even though I mentioned I’d be away.



My diet has been great however and since I been back it’s been super duper low carb! The way I see it there is absolutely no sense in losing weight on my vacation only to gain weight when I get back into my routine. There will be times when my fat loss is at a standstill but I’m not trying to gain weight right, The other day we had these amazing stuffed green bell peppers and they came out amazing! Then we put together this bomb low carb chili and of course, it was amazing! So yesterday I baked some wings and had them on the side with my chili and man it was delicious and filling. We even splurged a little and grabbed a pint of Halotop ice cream! That stuff is amazing and if you split the pint between 2 people it helps to lower the carb count per person! This week I hope to make more lamb from the Moink box we bought a while back.


The trip taught me that tomorrow is not promised to any of us! We truly have to live for today and cherish these blessings immediately and daily. Let’s not waste time with things that have no true importance and value. Let’s be of service to one another and bring love and respect to everyone we encounter! The shine you promote in others always brightens the glow of your own shine! Have an amazing day!

By the way, my new ebook is on Amazon as of yesterday I’m very excited and humbled if you have the time go check it out! Marcus London: crime type 1

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