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Back To Basics




It’s on today because I finally got some sleep. It wasn’t looking too good at first because of the college national championship game last night had me up a little later than I planned but the game was certainly worth it. After Alabama’s freshman backup threw a game-winning touchdown in overtime I was too pumped to go to sleep so I headed to the gym. Granted it was after 1 in the morning but hey I was up and the gym is right behind my place so I’ll take it.Once I got home and hit the bed it was lights out and into some of the best damn sleep I have had this year!



Once I made it to the gym I was able to do about 30 minutes of cardio on my favorite elliptical machine. I needed a little more than my usual 20 minutes because as you know I really slacked last week so I did about 10 minutes more with no real discomfort. I’ll probably just start doing 30 on the regular now that I know it feels fine. in the strength training department, I did a chest and triceps circuit workout and that felt amazing. My whole upper body is still shaking but it was a good push! I’m back at it later tonight for back and biceps! Maybe I needed those few days off because my body felt fresh and super responsive the entire workout! Not to mention I was in the midst of a 20 hour fast and you all know how much I really believe in fasted cardio.


The diet, and by that I mean what I ate because I’m not on a diet in the traditional sense, I did pretty well getting back on track. The whole 2 meal thing is back on and that’s the way I want to keep it because it seems to keep my body satisfied, plus with keto, the foods are so low in carbs that I don’t feel bloated or weighted down. I got another great smoothie yesterday which is becoming a daily habit and with the chia seeds more filling. Today when I woke up I got to have one of my large salads with chicken and cheese, simply amazing how easy and delicious this way of eating can be. It helps in my case that I am so damn routine with my tastes because I really think I could have a salad a day for the rest of my life and be just fine with little else. I got issues I’m aware.




I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and I am so proud of how many people are doing more to get healthier and happier. I think it’s fantastic that you all have decided to do what makes you happy and help others as well. No matter what I do I always look forward to the next post I read on here because every day someone somewhere inspires me and I’m so very grateful. Lastly, I am happy to report that my seedlings are slowing starting to show in my lettuce cups! I’m so happy and I can’t wait to experiment with different methods to produce my own healthy foods.



Do something wonderful for yourself today and if you feel like it please share what it was, I’m always interested in hearing when folks do right by themselves, it’s so important! Until next time my friends!!………..


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Blast Off


Saturday we celebrated Christmas at my fiance’s sister house. This is the place that we always share seasonal get-togethers. It’s always great to see the new babies in the family as well as the progress of the unit overall. Great times were had as we opened presents played delightful games such as Dirty Santa and the plastic wrap game. There were the usual kids crying, adults talking about how old they are getting and how beautiful the decorations are and such. It was certainly a blessing!


As for me, I did exceptionally well with my eating! I didn’t have any carbs and I only took one bite of a pie but it was a sugar-free coconut my sister wanted me to try and it was really tasty. This was a major victory for me because I love all the stuffing and mash potatoes that accompany a traditional holiday feast. The only beverage I had was water and to my surprise, I didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything at all. Everything looked delicious and I wouldn’t have been upset at myself if I would have had a few bites here and there but that was contrary to what I had set out to do. I had survived the dinner and I felt great.


Sunday was my day to relax and actually consume more carbs. I pretty much replaced all the calories I previously avoided the day before. lol. The only thing is I had regular pizza with thin crust and candy because it had been a long time since I have had either. Well, let me tell you my body is just not o.k with bad foods anymore at all. The response from my body was evident and I was going back and forth to the men’s room so much I felt like a Yo-Yo! Then last night I had that heartburn is coming type feeling in my esophagus and honestly I may have drunk like half a gallon of water in an hour! lesson learned I guess. One of the wonderful things about all that happened yesterday is that I’ve realized that I am no longer a junk food eater. My body simply has found a better way to consume foods and refuses to go back to eating too many empty and unhealthy options and that’s such an amazing feeling. To know that my body has adapted to my new and lifelong healthy eating regiment brings me great joy!


Tomorrow morning around 2:30 or so I start the next phase of my attack on my fat and that’s the gym! The first of 3 workouts this week will probably be more of a feeling out period and an examination of where I stand in regards to stamina. I’ll be doing Cardio before and after the workout just to be safe and keep my body burning calories at a steady rate. I will also be doing fasted workouts to help me feel like I’m burning more stored fat. The science, to me is still a little shaky about fasted workouts but I know that it’s easier for me to workout on an empty stomach anyway. I have to say I feel really amazing on my journey right now! It’s like I can feel the momentum building like friction on a carpet and my excess fat is about to get blasted

I hope and pray you all are enjoying both your holidays as well as your health!  Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!


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Cardio? On purpose?




So it’s the very first day of December and I’m trying to decide what my goals are for the month. It’s a little difficult to make goals about fitness and weight loss when you have anxiety about working out. It’s funny how I’ve always loved going to the gym in the past. I would get on the cardio machines, fire up my headphones and blast off into another world. I’m not sure if everyone does this but when I’m working out I like to pretend that I am the king of the damn world! What I mean by that is when my heart is pumping and the sweat is pouring down the side of my face, the music transforms me into a place where I am the greatest version of myself! I listen to all types of music while working out. I should say I used to as I was working out. In these recent years, I have developed a bit of a stumbling block. Truth be told I have absolutely no idea where it started but it’s just not the same.


The pain of working out when your an obese sized dude can be very uncomfortable. I do home workouts but they are more strength based than say heart-pumping cardio. I could attribute this to the natural order of getting older but that’s not really the problem. The problem I’ve discovered is I’ve built up a lot of anxiety about cardio over time. The confidence I may have once had when working out has been replaced with fear. Fear that standing that long or those movements will hurt so they won’t allow me to continue working out. Fear that my body will hurt so much or that I will be so tired that I won’t be able to get thru my cardio session. Like any guy I know strength training doesn’t pose the same challenge. I’m not sure if it’s because I love lifting or if strength training requires less stamina. It’s possible that both play a factor for I have been strength training pretty consistent for awhile now and that makes me feel amazing! Whenever I think about what I’m going to do about my lack of cardio the wall of nervousness and panic sets in and I just pretty much mail it in. I’ve tried chair exercises and that helps, but I wonder if they give me enough of a workout to be effective. My Fitbit keeps chiming in about me getting my 10k of steps daily and I have been trying to do that while seated, just to keep moving. Sometimes the anxiety that I mentioned stops me from progressing from seated cardio to do standing cardio and elliptical machines.


So back to my December goals. This past year I have discovered two major tools on my journey of weight loss, Fasting and of course keto. Finally, I believe it’s time to start adding challenging cardio to the mix. The more tools in the toolbox the better the machine, right? Anxiety has never been a problem of mine except in the area of fitness.

We must never let our fears stop our soul’s progression. Mind, Body, and Soul must work in harmony for happiness to take place. With that said, I’ll be making a list of my goals this month containing serious revisions to my current routine. Growing as a person is only bad when you don’t want to gain fat, right?(insert smile here!)

Wish me luck and I hope you all conqueror your fears and set big goals for yourselves.  If you have anxiety about anything that your facing I would love to hear it. Please feel free to like and comment!





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