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Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you and yours! It’s a very rainy and cloudy morning here but the birds are out and chirping so hopefully that means there are great skies ahead! I’ve been a little absent this week and I apologize I have just been getting ready for my road trip to Cali Thursday and I had a lot of loose ends to tie up before I could feel comfy leaving! I already know you all have been killing your goals and chasing your dreams because you guys are amazing! So let’s get into it!



Today I hit the gym to do some low-intensity steady state cardio or L.I.S.S. for short. Normally I do the stairs but I have been trying to give my knees a break because of all the flights plus doing squats daily! They were getting sore and I want to make sure I am up for walking around with the kids when I get to the Westcoast. This week I was able to get all 4 lifts in and also some cardio, even though I haven’t been blogging as much the drive is still sharp and better than ever! later tonight I’ll go back to the gym for round two so that I can lift and do more cardio. I’ll be driving a few days so I need to get a head start on my workouts so that when I get to the hotel I’ll be right on track with my routine! This trip isn’t really about sightseeing and stuff as much as it is spending quality time with my kids and a beautiful change of venue. There is a nice gym at my hotel in Cali so I will be making sure I do my best to get something done even if it’s just a short My last workout here will probably be Tuesday and then I’ll start resting and getting ready to drive!


We have been all about our diet this past week for real! Not just keeping it low carb and keto but also coming up with some tasty meals to keep our stomachs interested. I have been keeping my carbs down below 50 while lowering my fats a little to help burn more fat and stay full longer. We have switched to doing shopping a month in advance so it has really helped to prepare some large dishes and freeze them for later. I’m definitely taking my food with me when I go on my trip, I’ve come too far and worked too hard to let a road trip get me going backward. I know that I will indulge a little but no more than I do when I’m home and I have a small cheat. I’m loading up my cooler and bags with Keto cool snacks while I am away and don’t plan on getting any gas station stuff with the exception of black coffee or tea. I’m going to leave a few pictures of some food we have been having lately, it’s not fancy but very delicious and simple which is the whole point! Click pic for names:


Today I am in the middle of a 36 hour fast with only having coffee and a little broth if I get hungry. When I did it last week it felt pretty easy and I want to try to do a couple of these fasts to mix up my regular 18 daily fasts. The whole point is to keep wielding control over my true hunger and get to a point that I’m more and more insulin sensitive as well as Leptin sensitive. This whole process has really helped me distinguish between hunger and thirst as well as taking full control over my eating habits. I honestly will not be doing fasts longer than 36 hours unless I’m instructed by a doctor, I feel the benefits of a fast this long are sufficient and as long as it doesn’t get stressful I’ll keep using it!


That’s about all I have today but I plan on taking my computer with me while I’m tripping so I will certainly be blogging, plus I don’t leave till Thursday at midnight so I’ll be blogging before I leave. I’m still here and available if anyone needs any help or encouragement, that will never change! have a fabulous Sunday homie!

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Last Day Of Carnivore!


Hey, everyone, it’s Sunday fun day and I feel amazing! Hopefully, you all got a chance to really enjoy your weekend and feel ready for Monday because ready or not it’s coming in the This has been a long week but very informative and I have learned a lot about my body and my mental strength. If you get a chance you should watch one of your favorite shows or go to your favorite park and read a book, go ahead and get that in someday is today homies!



The gym yesterday was cool but let’s just say I will do everything I can not to workout on Saturday! It was so damn full and I felt like people were just looking for me to hurry up every time I got on a Noone was mean or impolite but it was just so congested people had to basically lift slowly to wait till the next machine was available and that’s just craziness! I’m glad I was able to get the back and bicep workout done and add on a little here and there. Normally Wednesday is my hardest cardio day because that’s the day I take a break between lifting, however, this week after I had a hard cardio session the next day I weighed in at a stupidly low number so you already know I’m at it again today because Monday is the weigh-in for the week. Even though 530 was my end of the month weight I still have to make sure I keep going down for the weigh-in tomorrow! Soooo today I did 30 more flights of stairs and I will do my lower body workout with squats and leg lifts and stuff. My homie Moe has been doing wall pushups and he put me up on the game so I started them last Sunday so today I’ll knock out a few of those as well! I’ll try to get everything done pretty early so I can chill and watch a little ball today!


The carnivore diet ends after today and I can’t wait to eat some damn veggies Hopefully, my green smoothie won’t hit my tummy too hard since it’s been a whole week with no real fiber but I can’t wait. This way of eating has been really great and if I get stalled or anything I will certainly come back to it now that I got a little comfortable with it. The way I see it if I can have a week that I only eat meat then eating under 30 or so carbs a day should be more than doable ya know? I didn’t even have Longhorn this week and yall already know how I feel about my wings but I knew if I got them I would want a bomb side salad ha ha. Tomorrow I was thinking of not even fasting just wake up and eat every single piece of green leaf in this damn house for real! I’m so ready for some variety. My macros have been on point and I didn’t go over my 2500 calories at all so there that. I will say this I have never woke up in the morning feeling so light and empty as I have this week eating only meat, there’s definitely something to it for sure!


That’s all I got this morning homies The only thing left to say is I love you all very much, that I believe in all of your abilities to get done that which you set out to do. Oh and One last thing. If anyone tells you that you can’t do something I got your back tell them to comment on here and I’ll prove to them you can! We are in this together no matter what!


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Real Swimming!


My favorite day of the week is here! That’s right it’s Thursday and I’m feeling great. The sun is shining very bright and the clouds are few and I love how a spring day feels. Today you should get yourself some amazing and fantastic coffee and enjoy an amazing day!


I just got back from the gym and my arms are really killing me and the truth is it wasn’t my best workout. What I mean is I wasn’t too tired when I finished and I wasn’t sweating as much as normal. I went swimming last night and I think maybe I am just exhausted because of all of the extra cardio that I am doing. Today the gym was super empty and only the front desk lady and 1 other person were there. I think it’s because it’s such a pretty day that some decided to head out to the park or lake for their workouts! I did a fasted workout today and honestly, I think this is the best way to go for me because you really feel like your burning a ton of fat off of your body! I really love the feeling and I’m starting to become a believer in these fasted workouts! Last night I waited until about 4 hours after eating to go swimming but instead of doing a regular exercise I actually did some serious swimming laps! It really kicked my butt and made me feel like my body was a fat burning machine! Also, I need more practice because I can’t swim very straight at all I’m mister diagonal lmao. I’ll certainly keep at it because it’s different and fun!




We had a few more carbs than we should have had last night but thank god that we swam our ass I kept it keto but just had a little more than I wanted to. I broke my fast with coffee and soup and salad. It was a lobster and shrimp soup and I didn’t realize it had potatoes and corn! It was so delicious I had to eat it but I managed to have a really small bowl. I picked up some seasoned wings at Longhorn and those really filled me up and like I said they are so damn delicious! Then my fiance and the kids made these cheese tortillas and I had a few and damn they were loaded with carbs! I don’t regret it however because I knew I was gonna have a super hard workout to lessen the blow!Screenshot_20180315-161651.jpg


That’s all I have for today everyone but I promise to share pictures of the plants tomorrow and write a little more than today. I’m finding that I am so much more tired after my workouts and I may need to go back to writing in the a.m. I hope you all are killing your weight loss goals and getting better and stronger at those things you wish to get better at. I believe in you and your abilities but the only thing that matters is that you believe in you! Have a fantastic day homies!


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Good morning and Happy Monday to all of you who are up and about today! You guys know I’m big on Mondays! We get a fresh start and a new day to try and get things the way we want them to be this week! What happened last week is old business and all that matters is what lies ahead this week! You can change everything for the better this week or if you’re doing really well you can continue your dominance! I believe this week will be your best week ever and I know you can do it!




I gotta start off by saying I am very happy to announce that I am down 5 pounds from last week! The work and the time I put in was crazy but I have a goal in mind and I am going to do all I can to accomplish it! It felt great to hear my scale say 540! As long as it’s going in the right direction I know I’m making progress and this area of my life has really been under construction so I’m grateful for gods blessing because with him all things are possible! This week I just have to keep trying to get better and better and propel myself to new heights because I know the areas that I could stand to improve this week and moving forward!


Yesterday was Sunday and a day off from weights but I did a little floor work and I also did some squats with just my body weight. At my size squats are a great workout even without weights because let’s face it that’s a lot of weight my legs are With the floor work, I just tried to do some leg lifts and a few movements to get my legs ready for future work. I certainly worked up a sweat and that’s very important because I was able to get my heart rate up and get my step goal in on a day I would have normally just relaxed around the house! Today even though we had some snow move in overnight I will be back to lifting weights! Today, we go up in weight so this workout may require me to rest a little more between sets but it’s worth it! It’s chest day which is my favorite to work so I should be able to really push myself safely. Right now I’m trying to decide if I should add another exercise to my program. I typically do 4 chest lifts and 3 lifts for my triceps and I’m thinking I should either add another triceps exercise or something. Since I’m moving up in weight today I was gonna wait on that but I will just see how my body feels and take it from there.


I looked back in my planner and I noticed that I did I.F 18 hours every single day last week and I think that helped with my weight loss so I am going to try to do that this week and lower my carbs a few. Currently, my goal is to not go more than 50g a day with carbs and I only went over last week like twice and only by a few. The carbs I did consume came from my green smoothies and some of the carbs from certain sausage and veggies I ate during the week. The one thing I did do this week is counted all my carbs without subtracting fiber and I think that also helped because for my body doesn’t feel as good when I eat higher carbs even if they are high in fiber content. Today I am planning to break my fast with keto meal coffee and leftover chili or bacon and then have baked chicken and veggies tonight for dinner! It looks like 2500 calories are o.k for me since I’m losing weight at a good clip. Keep playing around with your diet guys until you find your sweet spot because your body will let you know what is and isn’t working.


I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it, I can not do any of this if I don’t have you guys supporting me! When I try to do it myself and don’t listen to you all I get in trouble and tend to fall off but if I lean on all the wonderful friends and everyone here as well as Facebook and Instagram I feel like anything is possible. As I continue along this journey I am continually humbled by the love and time that I receive from so many awesome people! You are all appreciated and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!




Now go out and win today and the rest of the week, just like you are here for me I will always be here for you and if you need anything then I will do whatever I can to help, it’s only fair right? Take care fam!


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Info Age


And here we are at hump day again! It’s the middle of the week and I for one am very happy to be alive! Today is a chance for us to check our progress and see how we are on our journey. Even if it’s not the fat loss like me whatever you are working to improve don’t forget to keep checking to see that your actions have aligned with your goals homie! I love you and I know you can do it!




Today was my day off from the gym but I decided to do some cardio! I have been doing stairs up and down different times of the day. This morning I did it 10 times and I hope to go up a few each day I do stairs until I need to do it outside somewhere. My plan was to go for a walk today but it got really cold and we had a few snowflakes fall today. I was not trying to walk outside in that much cold air when I have stairs here as well as a gym with all types of equipment. lol, I’ll be lifting again tomorrow at my normal time plus doing some cardio early since my fiance’ is off.The key for me is to keep finding ways to move around and keep myself active so that I can let the weight do the work for me! Like I said so many times before I am blessed with so many things one of them being indoor stairs so I can do a workout anytime I want! I set the Fitbit to make sure I got my goal of 10 floors of stairs whenever I perform stairs! Whatever helps right?



On the diet front, I stayed well under my calorie goals as well as within my macros. I fasted for 18 hours and ate my standard 2 meals. If you are having some trouble finding interesting things to eat please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m pretty boring with what I eat because it revolves around the same 3 or 4 meals all the time. However, I know how to mix it up once and awhile to keep it satisfying! The key is to find a healthy alternative to the things you know you like! It sounds so simple but it’s the truth. The reason I struggled for so long to lose was that I wasn’t aware that I could find food that actually tasted good that were healthy for me. Once I found keto I was able to just plug in the foods I already loved and slowly start to phase out a few things that I didn’t need for my goals. Folks, we live in a world with more information available to us than at any point in the history of the planet and we should certainly use this wealth of info to find a way to have variety in our diet. Damn internet took away my last excuse to get healthy! Ha ha ha.


On Instagram I’m alexx3982 and if you wanna hit me up I’ll certainly follow you back! There’s also facebook Alexx’s Keto Avenue if you want to share or have any questions I’m always available. We have each other and I believe we all will win, we all will be as healthy and happy as we want to be… Together! Have a great day!

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I absolutely love Thursday! No one ever gets mad or upset about it being Thursday!  I had a fantastic time last night and this morning was just as amazing so I’m in a great mode and ready to blog!



O.k so last night I went swimming again, however, this time I brought some sense and my fiance’ with me!lol. I did several laps as well as a small workout water circuit and I exited the pool feeling a lot better than the first time! The swimming made the second workout on the same day, earlier I did a fast back and bicep routine while my girl signed up for the gym! I’m very proud of her! Great news I think that 1:30 p.m is the perfect time to workout at my gym! It was really slow and everything was available so I think I’m going to make this my regular time from now on!


I did a 24 hour fast yesterday and it felt marvelous! The more I fast the better I feel and that’s just fact. Now I cant see myself doing 24 hours every day but doing it twice a week will definitely help! Going to the gym after fasting that long you would think that you would be really weak when lifting but this is not true at all. My body actually feels like a fat burning furnace when I do a fasted workout! So when I extend the fasting it’s just that much more amazing!

The diet is going really great and according to my app, I’m in a massive caloric deficit so I’ll take it! We went to Longhorn this morning for brunch and I had a baked potato for the first time in 8 months! When I tell you it was worth the wait it was every bit and more! My gosh that baked potatoes damn near taste better than my pork chops which were delicious as well! Of course, you know I got a picture for you yall below!



That’s about it today, I’ll have an update on my lettuce tomorrow and maybe some soapbox topic that I may want to blog Have a fantastic day everyone!


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I Wasn’t Ready!!!


Man, I was not ready! First off, happy Tuesday morning yall and I hope today becomes one of the best days you have ever had. As for me, I am feeling sore as hell from my workout yesterday but I learned so much about my life and where I am on this journey. So relax, kick back and let me give you all the 411 on what happened yesterday!


Like I said ya boi just wasn’t ready last night! My first workout at the gym was really great, I did chest and triceps and I also added a few more reps to my overall routine. The whole thing took about 30 to 35 minutes. The gym parking lot was very empty when I pulled in so I thought to myself that this might be the time I should come in all the time. It was so funny because even though the gym wasn’t as busy as normal, the only places that were busy happened to be, you guessed it, all the things I was working on. There was like this mini huddle of like 5 men who seem to all be doing chest day and we just looked crazy waiting for each other to get from one machine to the next. Now I have my music playing but I could feel that everyone felt like me, wtf! ” All this damn equipment and we all standing right around each other waiting damn near in line. Again I’m trying out new times to workout so I just took a mental note that I’m the odd man who doesn’t belong to the normal Oh well, I’ll just keep changing it up till I find my lane!




Back to why I wasn’t ready! So you know how things look so simple and easy when you write them on paper? Well in my little fitness journal( don’t laugh at me!lol.) I wrote that I would do 3 nights of swimming along with my now customary 4 strength training workouts. I figured since I’m no longer going to the gym in the wee hours of the morning anymore I would split up my cardio and do it at a separate time. For a big guy, the water has always seemed like a rational choice. It’s easy on your joints and knees and it is a complete body workout depending on what you’re doing.My plan was simple, I was just going to play around in the pool and get used to it, you know let the buoyancy carry a brother to a nice relaxing place. Well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned because I made the mistake of watching a few youtube videos on water workouts! Hmmm, they looked simple enough, using the water resistance and getting the heart rate up was exactly what I needed. The problem was it had been 10 years since I had even gotten into a pool so of course, I went into full metal gear solid mode. I was wonderful! Y’all would’ve been so proud, I was doing all kinds of legwork and swimming to and fro. I got in some laps of breaststroke and did some backstroke too. I felt like I was the obese version of Michael Phelps! I could have won the recreational gold medal award for Etown fitness I was feeling great! What I wasn’t ready for was getting out! As soon as I got to carry my own weight out of the pool my body betrayed I felt like I had another man my size on my back carrying him to the locker room. I carried his big ass to the sauna and he hung around till I got home! My legs were absolutely screaming at me yall!! I promise you all that I stretched before and after the workout and it really didn’t matter, my ass was whipped! We won’t even get into how the whole family had to help a brother out of bed this morning! Let’s just say it was a damn comedy skit and leave it at that!


We did great on the diet front yesterday! I broke my fast with the most amazing green smoothie ever! I loaded that puppy up, it had a whole avocado, chia seeds, roman lettuce, MCT oil, peanut butter and cinnamon and I threw in a little stevia and topped it with sugar-free whip cream! It was so bomb! As you could guess it was a meal in itself with over 500 calories but I loved every single green slurp!lol. Because my smoothie was so gigantic I only had one other meal yesterday and it was a bowl of Crackslaw! I had some low carb pudding for dessert as well so I was very satisfied and my macros were great!




I can’t front, yesterday was hard. I mean I put my body to the test and I got my ass kicked! The cool thing is I love it! I can honestly say that I pushed myself and I was completely uncomfortable and that’s what I needed. I’m comfortable being uncomfortable now if that makes any sense. In my heart, I want to know that I have truly done everything I could to be healthier than I am. I do want to make something clear, my life is fantastic! I don’t know why it bothers me, but it really does, when people say that they were miserable until they lost weight. I don’t wish anyone to feel miserable but if your miserable overweight, I just feel like once you lose weight you’re just miserable in shape! How I feel about myself personally is very important and for me, it’s a choice. Not everyone gets the chance to choose to be happy, they may have a debilitating disease or come from a situation that caused damage that can’t be ignored. That, however, is not the case with me, I just want to be a better version of me in this particular area of my life, that’s it!

Have a wonderful day everyone, I’m pulling for you!










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I Can’t Imagine



Happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday was a very hard day to swallow for me. As most of you know there was a school shooting in my state that left 2 people dead and several others in critical condition or injured. My heart truly goes out to the victims of these crimes and I pray that these families find some type of peace in the coming days. Having said that I was wondering when did we become more concerned about who or what to blame than who was affected? If you pay attention to social media and the like people have a wide range of views everytime something like this happens. I certainly understand that learning the root causation of something is extremely important in preventing these type of incidents from reoccurring in the future. It just hurts my heart that we spend so much time finding fault that we forget that this isn’t a video game. These people who lost their lives won’t be here tomorrow to start over again! we don’t even take time to just mourn the dead we just start spitting out all sorts of opinions and ideas often before we even learn all the facts involved. I would just like to take a moment to say I’m heartbroken for those people affected by this tragic event. I’m heartbroken for a 15-year-old kid who feels like he needed to do this. Most importantly, I’m grateful that I have a platform here to say: I love and truly care about my fellow man, even those I don’t get along with!



So today I would like to ask that if you are all reading this that you think about those around you. Not the family and friends you are comfortable with, but everyone around you and wish for them the same love and caring that you wish for your own family. All we are after all are a bunch of souls floating around searching for meaning and purpose and we share a common biological suit. We all have feelings and emotions and they are as precious and delicate as the next person! Please keep that in mind today and in the days to come!



My weight loss journey was fine yesterday and everything is moving forward as planned. I just feel in my heart that it’s more important to let all of you know that I care and love all of you, no matter what! No calorie or fat cell was ever more important than that. Nothing that I will ever accomplish or achieve will ever be more important than my fellow man! You are all important and all valuable and your place in this sphere is so very important! I wish you love today and forever! Until next time homies!



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Back To Basics




It’s on today because I finally got some sleep. It wasn’t looking too good at first because of the college national championship game last night had me up a little later than I planned but the game was certainly worth it. After Alabama’s freshman backup threw a game-winning touchdown in overtime I was too pumped to go to sleep so I headed to the gym. Granted it was after 1 in the morning but hey I was up and the gym is right behind my place so I’ll take it.Once I got home and hit the bed it was lights out and into some of the best damn sleep I have had this year!



Once I made it to the gym I was able to do about 30 minutes of cardio on my favorite elliptical machine. I needed a little more than my usual 20 minutes because as you know I really slacked last week so I did about 10 minutes more with no real discomfort. I’ll probably just start doing 30 on the regular now that I know it feels fine. in the strength training department, I did a chest and triceps circuit workout and that felt amazing. My whole upper body is still shaking but it was a good push! I’m back at it later tonight for back and biceps! Maybe I needed those few days off because my body felt fresh and super responsive the entire workout! Not to mention I was in the midst of a 20 hour fast and you all know how much I really believe in fasted cardio.


The diet, and by that I mean what I ate because I’m not on a diet in the traditional sense, I did pretty well getting back on track. The whole 2 meal thing is back on and that’s the way I want to keep it because it seems to keep my body satisfied, plus with keto, the foods are so low in carbs that I don’t feel bloated or weighted down. I got another great smoothie yesterday which is becoming a daily habit and with the chia seeds more filling. Today when I woke up I got to have one of my large salads with chicken and cheese, simply amazing how easy and delicious this way of eating can be. It helps in my case that I am so damn routine with my tastes because I really think I could have a salad a day for the rest of my life and be just fine with little else. I got issues I’m aware.




I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and I am so proud of how many people are doing more to get healthier and happier. I think it’s fantastic that you all have decided to do what makes you happy and help others as well. No matter what I do I always look forward to the next post I read on here because every day someone somewhere inspires me and I’m so very grateful. Lastly, I am happy to report that my seedlings are slowing starting to show in my lettuce cups! I’m so happy and I can’t wait to experiment with different methods to produce my own healthy foods.



Do something wonderful for yourself today and if you feel like it please share what it was, I’m always interested in hearing when folks do right by themselves, it’s so important! Until next time my friends!!………..


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Blast Off


Saturday we celebrated Christmas at my fiance’s sister house. This is the place that we always share seasonal get-togethers. It’s always great to see the new babies in the family as well as the progress of the unit overall. Great times were had as we opened presents played delightful games such as Dirty Santa and the plastic wrap game. There were the usual kids crying, adults talking about how old they are getting and how beautiful the decorations are and such. It was certainly a blessing!


As for me, I did exceptionally well with my eating! I didn’t have any carbs and I only took one bite of a pie but it was a sugar-free coconut my sister wanted me to try and it was really tasty. This was a major victory for me because I love all the stuffing and mash potatoes that accompany a traditional holiday feast. The only beverage I had was water and to my surprise, I didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything at all. Everything looked delicious and I wouldn’t have been upset at myself if I would have had a few bites here and there but that was contrary to what I had set out to do. I had survived the dinner and I felt great.


Sunday was my day to relax and actually consume more carbs. I pretty much replaced all the calories I previously avoided the day before. lol. The only thing is I had regular pizza with thin crust and candy because it had been a long time since I have had either. Well, let me tell you my body is just not o.k with bad foods anymore at all. The response from my body was evident and I was going back and forth to the men’s room so much I felt like a Yo-Yo! Then last night I had that heartburn is coming type feeling in my esophagus and honestly I may have drunk like half a gallon of water in an hour! lesson learned I guess. One of the wonderful things about all that happened yesterday is that I’ve realized that I am no longer a junk food eater. My body simply has found a better way to consume foods and refuses to go back to eating too many empty and unhealthy options and that’s such an amazing feeling. To know that my body has adapted to my new and lifelong healthy eating regiment brings me great joy!


Tomorrow morning around 2:30 or so I start the next phase of my attack on my fat and that’s the gym! The first of 3 workouts this week will probably be more of a feeling out period and an examination of where I stand in regards to stamina. I’ll be doing Cardio before and after the workout just to be safe and keep my body burning calories at a steady rate. I will also be doing fasted workouts to help me feel like I’m burning more stored fat. The science, to me is still a little shaky about fasted workouts but I know that it’s easier for me to workout on an empty stomach anyway. I have to say I feel really amazing on my journey right now! It’s like I can feel the momentum building like friction on a carpet and my excess fat is about to get blasted

I hope and pray you all are enjoying both your holidays as well as your health!  Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!


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