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524 Part 2

Screenshot_20180416-055051.jpgSo this morning I hopped on the scale for my last weigh in before I leave this week and I was exactly the same as last week. Initially, I was a little upset about it from the standpoint that I want to be going down every single week but sometimes that’s just not going to happen. The wonderful thing is I didn’t gain any weight and it’s Monday so I get another week to keep pushing and striving for better! All we can ever ask for in this life is a chance and that’s what Monday represents to me! It’s going to be a great day and a fantastic week because we are all blessed and worthy! Let’s get it!


Normally I don’t hit the gym on Sunday but because of the trip, I went in twice yesterday to get some cardio and also some lifting done. Today I have a lot of packing and sorting things out and I may need to take today off and get a really intense workout Tuesday and then call it good till I leave. My body feels great after yesterdays chest workout and all things considered I’m very proud of myself for finding ways to keep my routine up while getting all this stuff ready to go. There will always be reasons why we can’t do something if we let it but if that true than the opposite is also true, that is that there is always a way to GET things done if we make it a priority! My health goals are certainly number 1 on the list and that’s why I intend to keep going even when I’m traveling around this week. I’m going to incorporate my resistance bands on this trip so I can get some resistance training if the gym at the hotel doesn’t have much! There’s always a way, right?


My diet has been wonderful this week with tons of variety and delicious macro friendly foods that are still very much Keto. Today I will break my 36 hours of fasting with some baked chicken and either a green smoothie or a side of veggies I haven’t totally decided yet, but I do know there will be coffee for sure! Tonight I’m thinking about some steak or lamb for dinner with the family but again I can’t seem to make up my mind what I want. This week I have focused on keeping my carbs under 50 and also drinking a ton more water. It seems like when I get one thing down pat then something else I’m doing slacks a little and I have to continue to get better and better because again I realize my goals are out of this world and somewhat unrealistic by conventional standards. My whole way of eating has changed and not only am I eating primarily whole foods but I’m loving all of the variety in my diet. Laziness is the only reason why this way of eating could get boring because sometimes I don’t want to cook and want to simply toss something in the microwave. That perfectly fine every now and then but I want to continue to take my eating and my relationship with food seriously and I can’t do that if I don’t work at it.


I try to always be honest when I’m blogging which is not one of my strong 524 is just too big to be safe for me. I’m not knocking anyone else who is my size and content with it but I am not. The truth is I do get upset and pissed about working hard and not always getting the desired effects that’s just real. Just because I know common sense doesn’t mean I don’t get disappointed when things don’t work out the way in which I planned them. I understand I have been stressing about getting ready for this trip, I also know that thinking too much and overanalyzing things can cause Cortisol levels to rise in my body and stall fat loss. Then there’s the fact that weight fluctuates all the time and for that very reason some people have an unhealthy relationship with the scale, it becomes a toxic relationship and I know all that as well. I’m allowed to be disappointed from time to time and still remember what the end game is. I’m blessed beyond measure and I have been given far too many things from god above in this lifetime that I did not deserve! Just simply by grace and I always fall back on this truth when I’m hurt or upset. I am thankful that the diet of my life has not killed me already and that greater men than me have not lived past 44 with all this type of weight and belly

No matter how long or how many ups and downs I go thru I have made a commitment to myself to live a more healthy life and I aim to keep that commitment. Every day won’t be easy but every one I see will be a blessing! I absolutely love my life and while it’s not perfect it’s perfect for me. This year of my life is shaping up to be one of the most important most impactful years of my life and I am overwhelmed with humility and thankfulness!

My promise to those of you who read my blog is to be available and helpful in any way I can to help you achieve your goals! I will never give up on myself, my family and loved ones and I will always try to both inspire and praise those around me! I love you all very much and I wish you a happy and healthy Monday morning yall!

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Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you and yours! It’s a very rainy and cloudy morning here but the birds are out and chirping so hopefully that means there are great skies ahead! I’ve been a little absent this week and I apologize I have just been getting ready for my road trip to Cali Thursday and I had a lot of loose ends to tie up before I could feel comfy leaving! I already know you all have been killing your goals and chasing your dreams because you guys are amazing! So let’s get into it!



Today I hit the gym to do some low-intensity steady state cardio or L.I.S.S. for short. Normally I do the stairs but I have been trying to give my knees a break because of all the flights plus doing squats daily! They were getting sore and I want to make sure I am up for walking around with the kids when I get to the Westcoast. This week I was able to get all 4 lifts in and also some cardio, even though I haven’t been blogging as much the drive is still sharp and better than ever! later tonight I’ll go back to the gym for round two so that I can lift and do more cardio. I’ll be driving a few days so I need to get a head start on my workouts so that when I get to the hotel I’ll be right on track with my routine! This trip isn’t really about sightseeing and stuff as much as it is spending quality time with my kids and a beautiful change of venue. There is a nice gym at my hotel in Cali so I will be making sure I do my best to get something done even if it’s just a short My last workout here will probably be Tuesday and then I’ll start resting and getting ready to drive!


We have been all about our diet this past week for real! Not just keeping it low carb and keto but also coming up with some tasty meals to keep our stomachs interested. I have been keeping my carbs down below 50 while lowering my fats a little to help burn more fat and stay full longer. We have switched to doing shopping a month in advance so it has really helped to prepare some large dishes and freeze them for later. I’m definitely taking my food with me when I go on my trip, I’ve come too far and worked too hard to let a road trip get me going backward. I know that I will indulge a little but no more than I do when I’m home and I have a small cheat. I’m loading up my cooler and bags with Keto cool snacks while I am away and don’t plan on getting any gas station stuff with the exception of black coffee or tea. I’m going to leave a few pictures of some food we have been having lately, it’s not fancy but very delicious and simple which is the whole point! Click pic for names:


Today I am in the middle of a 36 hour fast with only having coffee and a little broth if I get hungry. When I did it last week it felt pretty easy and I want to try to do a couple of these fasts to mix up my regular 18 daily fasts. The whole point is to keep wielding control over my true hunger and get to a point that I’m more and more insulin sensitive as well as Leptin sensitive. This whole process has really helped me distinguish between hunger and thirst as well as taking full control over my eating habits. I honestly will not be doing fasts longer than 36 hours unless I’m instructed by a doctor, I feel the benefits of a fast this long are sufficient and as long as it doesn’t get stressful I’ll keep using it!


That’s about all I have today but I plan on taking my computer with me while I’m tripping so I will certainly be blogging, plus I don’t leave till Thursday at midnight so I’ll be blogging before I leave. I’m still here and available if anyone needs any help or encouragement, that will never change! have a fabulous Sunday homie!

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Lift Comp!


Hey homies how’s it going? I’m writing this a little late because my workout and fasting have changed a little bit so I didn’t get up in time to write early. I have really been working on my sleep because I know I need to focus on getting better sleep! Anyway, I am writing now to say happy hump day for you and yours and let’s have a wonderful rest of the week! Of course, I am going to update yall on what I’ve been doing!




I never workout at the gym on Wednesday and I’m glad I don’t because it was super The people at my gym are really nice and helpful but there are just so many people doing so many different machines you feel like just turning back and going home! Of course, you know I didn’t do that I was actually motivated by all the people and I had one of the best workouts I have ever had! I mean my back was killing me but in a good way and I swear me and this 70-year-old lady have issues because every time I did an exercise she did it. I mean movement for movement and I really got into a heated lift off against a senior citizen and honestly, I’m not sure I won! What I do know is that woman is a beast and if I’m like her when I’m that age then I will be super happy! Tomorrow I have chest again and then I have to do some makeup cardio I missed yesterday! I’ll be on my regular schedule tomorrow and I think I will be feeling a little better not having a



Listen I have noticed that I have a secret weapon if I miss the gym because sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow me to hit the gym. That weapon is fasting! So this whole fasting thing has been the single most powerful tool I have found in my fat loss journey even more than Keto. Although I didn’t workout yesterday I extended my fast from 18 hours to 24 hours! This allowed my body to do what it was designed to do which is to clean my insides like a pit crew and get me running at optimum level! Fasting has allowed me to feel in control of my eating problem and it has truly been the key to any success I have had so far! Simply put when your body has no food after digestion it begins to operate all your interior organs with stored fat! Man, are you serious? I’m sure tons of you knew that but not me and now that I know I will continue to use intermittent fasting as a tool to achieve my ultimate health. If you all get time please ask or google fasting and do some research it really is eye-opening!


On the diet front, I broke my fast with some wings from Longhorn and a delicious sweet kale salad! If you know me you know I really dig this place so it’s no surprised I ordered some for today and for my dinner tonight! I may be single-handedly keeping them in business and at the very least I know they have had to order more poultry! It’s really amazing thank goodness it’s low carb I would be in real trouble! We have been playing around with some fun quick food choices and I have a few pictures so yall can see. Don’t let your diet get too boring or overwhelming just relax and buy things that will allow you to keep to whatever way you plan to eat to crush your goals!


That’s all I have for today I apologize but I’m going to Cali next week and I have been getting ready to roll so my mind has been so focused on the trip that I haven’t been as consistent as I would like! I’ll make a better effort I promise. Have an amazing day today and enjoy the rest of the week because ready or not it’s













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Good morning everyone and welcome to another Monday morning! I’m excited to be here this morning and I hope that you all had a great weekend and didn’t party too My weekend was great the kids came back from their spring break and today they go back to school. I really missed them around the house so I’m super glad that they are home safe and sound! Yo, grab some coffee and sit back and let’s get into it this fine morning!



Today was the weigh-in and as you can tell by the title I’m 524 which is 5 pounds down from last week! Honestly, I know exactly how my body did it this week! First, I got a ton more rest and I lowered my carbs a little and the funny thing is it just took a little tweaking. Now, it helps that I didn’t have a damn dozen donuts this week like I did the week before so that surely helped! Second I think it helped that along with my normal 18 hours a day fast I did a 35 hour fast between Saturday night and this morning. It’s really the first time I have ever fasted that long on purpose and I would never ever go past 48 hours. I can’t front I really feel really good and not too hungry at all, I had plenty of water and I had a cup of broth last night and that’s it and I think that really helped! I was able to still do my heavy cardio session Sunday with no problem at all!



Well, you all know that I’ll be hitting the gym today at about 1 p.m. to work my chest and triceps. I’m sure that the gym will be packed today because of school being back in session and kids are out of their parent’s hair. I’m all for it and I love seeing all my homies back in the gym and hitting the weights! Lately, I have been having some shoulder pain so I’ll be careful not to push it too hard today but still get a good tough workout! I’m not sure at all how long I will be able to keep this same routine because I can feel my muscles saying let’s change it up a I’m getting so very comfortable and I don’t want to get too comfy because I know that I will just get bored and not stimulate muscle definition. Again I don’t necessarily want to grow muscle yet I’m more trying to tone the muscles that I have and burn the fat around them so that I can be healthier first. Then I will be trying to add muscle later. That’s the plan!

My diet is doing great and I really am in a great space right now. My approach lately has been really about getting enough protein and lowering my total carbs but dialing back my fat calories. I’m still doing a higher fat just bringing the amounts down so that I can burn more of my stored fat than adding fat from the outside. I love Keto because it really does allow for a ton of flexibility with your macros depending on what the goal is! If anyone ever has any questions about macros feel free to ask. Today I will be following my workout with a large salad! I truly have mixed my large salad bowls so I will be eating a slightly smaller one but still gonna to crush it! I laid out some of that grass-fed meat for dinner with the family tonight and I am still figuring out exactly what I plan to make so stay

I haven’t said this enough so I will extend it now, I realize that eating low carb is not easy and certainly Keto is even more extreme than that! I am here to help if anyone ever has any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Sometimes all it takes is a little information and then we get to go out and explore all types of ways to get our health and fitness together. It’s always about your goals and your vision and yours and mine may be different for sure but one thing that remains the same is that the more we know the more educated decisions we make about how we live our lives!  You have the power to change, If an obese, damn near 600-pound 44-year-old man can change after years of eating horribly than so can you! Actually, he is getting closer to the 500 mark which is still much too damn big but it’s smaller than I was right?

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Screenshot_20180406-104937.jpgGood morning homies and it looks like we all made it back to Friday and it’s going to be a beautiful day! I woke up to birds singing and coffee brewing so I’m already blessed and happy! April will be your best month yet homies because I believe the best is always forward and never backward! The goals you set for April should be big and bold and they should scare you a little bit because growth is both rewarding and scary! No matter what this life has been waiting for you to put your best foot forward and reach for that mountaintop so don’t wait any longer, let this month, this day be the time you start your climb to greatness!



As for me, I had an awesome week so far with the gym and I’m right on schedule with all my workouts and everything! The biggest thing I need to work on is mixing up my routine in a timely fashion so that my body doesn’t get so used to the workout and start to slow down my fat loss! Right now I use cardio and strength training for fat loss with an eye on the future where I can start lifting heavier and doing more complex routines like squats and deadlifts with weights! For now, it’s all about volume and slowly moving up my weights until I get to a point that I can start building some muscle. I can honestly say that I love the gym because it’s another tool in the fat loss bag! It’s not even close to the most important one but it’s extremely beneficial for my mental clarity! Strength training doesn’t have to be back-breaking and there’s no need to scream at the top of your lungs while you are performing it. It can be relaxing and soothing and help you get lost in your soul’s progression and that why I really like going to my gym!




My diet and the most important tool in my fat loss journey second to god that is has really has taken on a shape of its own! The idea that I can control what I consume and how I consume it is very new to me but extremely gratifying! At this stage in my life, I am nourishing my body with healthy whole foods that come from safe and reliable sources. The difference in taste and flavor is amazing when you start to truly eat foods that are less processed. Meat is so much more flavorful and veggies are so much tastier and nutrient dense that I actually enjoy the process of selecting my diet. Again a diet is not a fad it’s a lifestyle and your diet must be something that you are constantly aware of just like anything else. It’s important to find meals you truly love because I can’t eat anything on a regular base that I hate the taste of, it’s just not me! Take it from an obese brutha there are foods out there and meals that are really great tasting that is also extremely beneficial to your goals for your health. We just have to search and seek out the information for ourselves.It’s our sole responsibility to do our own research and find out what will work for us and no one else’s. If you rely on other’s to do your research you are placing your faith in whatever they have learned and their opinion of what they have found. What stinks is that even if it did work for them it may not work for you so dig deep and find what you need for yourself and then get some opinions and views so that you have a better education on what you are consuming! You are worth the time and effort it takes to do this, it’s your body, your life and you are capable of taking control!


I truly have been blessed by the amount of you who take time to help me along this journey and I will continue to praise you and be thankful! I love and care about each and every single person that crosses my path and I am a  better man because of all of you! Have a great weekend!

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Time Waits For No Man

Screenshot_20180405-210101.jpgSo I apologize for blogging so late but it’s been a long fun day today. We did a little grocery shopping and running errands today, add to that a trip to the gym and it was a full morning! I hope you all had a fabulous Thursday, my favorite day of the week and you all know what tomorrow is so I’m sure everyone is excited tonight! The weekend is just around the corner and the weather has gotten it’s act together just about in time for it thank goodness!


You know I had to hit the gym today because that’s what I do on Thursdays so I went in and did my chest and tricep workout. I must admit because I was pressed for time I didn’t get as hard of a workout as I probably should have but I still went. There’s this lady who always does the stationary bike and she is fantastic in her fitness, she said hi and gave me that unspoken nod that she was both proud and surprised that I’m still working out. She isn’t rude it’s just most people who got a new membership or a trial in January have kinda faded away and I think she thought I would too. I can’t blame her for someone like her who has stayed committed for so long it must get a little irritating to have people fill up the gym every year for a few months then clear We all had a good workout and it seems like today was a normal day at the gym with the weather back to normal! I’ll be back tomorrow for my back routine and then the weekend cardio so I’m still getting it in!


The diet has been a ton of fun because of this new grass-fed box of meat I got! I have been cooking all kinds of stuff and tonight was no different. I’ll post a picture of the steak kabob I marinated in my keto friendly french dressing, it was really delicious and I almost felt guilty eating all of it. I said almost because it was so very good I couldn’t nor did I want to spare any pieces for the family tonight. I had the night to myself so I got all the meat but I assure you all that I did not go over my calories or my protein goal at all! That meat was certainly delicious and because I’m leaning towards a diet of more meat it certainly did the trick! Earlier before the steak, I had the pleasure of baking some wings for lunch and they were fabulous! My eating window was from 2 to about 6 so I was able to enjoy all the food I needed but because my feeding window was so small there was no way to go over my caloric intake! I.F. is a great tool if you are trying to cut calories or if you are trying to control hunger because you allow your body to get really hungry so that when you do eat you can go ahead and have a hearty portion of food as long as it’s the foods you have selected for your way of eating!




Today I was talking to my fiance’ about life and stuff and we stumbled upon the topic of her job and the long term. I won’t go into the specifics but I will say this if you love the person your with and you see that the job they work is causing them real serious stress and all then you need to let them know you support them leaving that job! Life is short and it’s certainly too important to wake up and go do what it is you hate to do every single day. I’m not talking about a bad day or 2 we all have those but if you find that you are literally talking yourself into going to work on a regular bases and you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming every single day then you should find another place to work! My fiance’ loves her job but I just hope that she understands that if it ever gets to the point of absolute misery I will certainly help her pull the damn plug. It makes zero cents to eat healthy, go to the gym and give all you have and then get showered and go to a place that you spend more time than any other and do something that is slowly killing you! Trust me homies stress will kick your ass and put you in an early grave faster than any gun, cancer stick or cheeseburger on earth! That’s just my 2 cents yall!

I love you all very much tonight as much as every night, take care of yourselves and the ones you love with all your strength, Peace!!


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It’s The Lamb


Well, it’s another Wednesday and we are halfway thru the week already yall! Today will be a great day and you will have all the love and prosperity you need today! We had a few severe storms go thru here last night but because of his grace and mercy we didn’t lose power or have any damage that we know of! If any of you had crazy weather I hope that today you wake up with the same blessing! As I start this blog post I want you all to know I am filled with joy because I have such cool and thoughtful homies that care and bless me every day so thank you all in advance! Let’s get into it!


Yesterday I did my lifting with a full gym! I guess everyone came out of hiding and we are back to our normal volumes for now. I mean there are still fewer people than at the beginning of the year but I’m sure that’s typical as New Year’s resolutions die off and people get back to their normal lives! I really pushed it yesterday with my back and biceps and because it was a fasted workout I felt amazing! when you workout on an empty tummy it feels like you are burning a ton more calories even though the science just isn’t there to really support it is better than if you ate a snack first. I use fasted workouts a lot more now that I have gotten more and more comfy with fasting for longer periods! Today is a no gym day but because my girl is off work after I do my squats and lower body work we may go swimming tonight! I did 40 flights of my stairs this morning which is 5 more than last week so I’m super pumped about that even though those bad boys To be honest, I have been focusing on getting more and more active minutes even if it’s not a workout day, which I only get 1 day off a week right now anyway! Gotta get after these damn goals!


The diet is coming along beautifully! The Moink box I ordered with the grass-fed organic meats had ground lamb and I used it to make meatballs and they came out amazing! We made a few deviled eggs to go along with them and had a very hearty dinner! Of course, I have included a picture and with the lamb, you really can taste the difference! Hopefully, I will taste the difference with all the other meats as well, If so I will definitely order again! For dinner, we had leftover teriyaki chicken from panda express and it was delicious! It was our very first time eating at panda express and while I’m not a huge fan of the fried rice or noodles the chicken was absolutely amazing! I was nowhere near my calories for the day and my carbs stayed well below 50. For the remainder of the week, I’ll probably be doing more of the carnivore eating just to activate some extra fat loss! It really is fun when you find different things to eat that you never knew you would like because I really only like eggs when they are deviled or hardboiled so I consume a ton of eggs now!

Before I go I wanted to give you guys a picture of 2 of the lettuce plants from way back that I planted because I am really very proud of how nicely they have grown! Have a fabulous day and I will be blogging for the rest of the week I promise, it’s just when my girl is home I am so excited to spend time with her that I just forget everything

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Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious Monday morning and I’m so very thankful for another day to wake up with a purpose! Life is good and I wish all of you a productive and awesome start to the week! Last week doesn’t matter this week yall so whatever happened is in the past and what’s ahead is all that matters now! I hope you got your morning cup of magic and you have a huge smile on your face because you deserve both!



Sunday I really put in lots of work! I didn’t go to the gym but I did 35 flights of stairs, 200 squats and my lower body workout that I love! It was Easter but I had an empty house later in the day and absolutely no excuse not to workout so I just did it! My Fitbit was all lit up green except for one area and I was just too worn out to even go anymore so I just accepted the The stairs are really helping my cardio and now that I have started to do them twice a week it has really started to show in my leg muscles! I’ll probably start doing my lower body workout along with stairs all the time from now on, we didn’t get to swim last week so it really carried me in the cardio department! My goal for April is to continue to workout with weights 4 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week. It’s working out really well right now and I figure I won’t have to change my routine until around June. That’s when I’ll be doing all new machines and probably starting more of the free weights. I feel stronger and more active now than I have in a long time and while I have a long way to go the process has been really fun!




As you all know my scale said I gained like 7 pounds this last Wednesday and I was really frustrated but I knew that I had a really crappy day eating Monday night and I was going to be carrying a ton of water weight from that binge on donuts! Today I am thrilled to report I am 529 as of this morning which means in the grand scheme of things I only lost a pound this week but to me, it’s so much more than that! The mental battle I faced this week proved that I have a long way to go but that I have come so very far. Let’s face it I ate really shitty and it’s nobody’s fault but my own but I was able to not miss any workouts this week! I was able to eat below my caloric intake this week and on top of it all, I ended in the negative in a week in which I  made a huge mistake with my eating! I’m an addict remember and while I’m aware it’s not scientifically possible to gain 7 pounds overnight I know some of that weight gain was real because I battled my ass off this week to get back to good! The truth is I have a hell of a reaction to sugar and refined carbohydrates and for me, 1 night of going crazy means a lot worse for me than someone else who doesn’t react to them as bad! This tells me that I need to have cheat meals here and there but not just go crazy with certain types of foods. I know what healthy cheat meals look like and I certainly know the difference between a few donuts and a dozen ya know? I really feel great this morning because I did my best and that’s all I can do!



Since I’m going to Cali in 3 weeks I really will be stepping up my game a little bit in the next few weeks! The all meat thing I was doing may get another chance this week just to jumpstart my fat loss again, it’s not a lifestyle for me but I will certainly use it if I need to get results! I need to be able to hang with my kids while I’m there and not be so worn out that I can’t enjoy myself. This trip is so important to me on so many levels because it just makes me that much better. My kids, my family they really keep me focused on my blessings and why I have no choice but to be grateful because my blessings truly overflow my insides! I am the luckiest man on the planet to have the people I have in my life!


That’s it for today sorry this is so long usually I do it short and sweet and I’m out but I had a hell of a week and I am thankful that I bounced back! You all have shown me that the power of many can change my life and I really am thankful! The amount of love and support you all give is insane and I am very thankful to all of you! I realize that you don’t have to care and you don’t have to be supportive but you do it anyway because you know it helps me and for that, I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH! I love you guys!


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Tripped Up


Happy Friday everyone! I must admit to being very tired this morning and I should have gone back to bed this morning but you know how it is, sometimes you have to drag yourself out of bed and just go! I’m up and at ’em now so no excuses right? If you are celebrating the holiday this weekend I wish you fun and safe travels and even if you aren’t I still wish you the


The gym was empty again yesterday and I got in a great workout pretty much by myself so no complaints here. My chest and shoulders are a little sore but I really pushed hard thru my workout and I added onto the volume of my reps so I feel great about that! Currently, I am also doing a 100 squats a day challenge so my legs are really feeling the burn because that along with my amped up cardio and stairs have put a ton more on my knees and legs. I’m not complaining I’m sure that it will pay off and I’ll be happy that I am getting more lower body work! My inner thighs are already feeling firmer and more flexible so I’m really happy about that! Today I’m back to doing back/biceps along with my squats and Fitbit step goal. If there is one thing I really need to work on it’s creating a pre-workout routine for warming up my muscles, I have really been slacking on that at my shoulders are starting to pay the



My diet is going great but I certainly hit a snag of my own doing! I tell you guys everything so I have to tell you that Monday night I had a mini binge with a box of donuts and I had a few pieces of bread and of course I never eat bread anymore and it didn’t turn out too good. I didn’t get sick but when I stepped on the scale this past Wednesday it said I gained like 7 pounds! Now while I know I didn’t gain that much and that it’s probably water it sucks because I know that I made the decision to eat like that and it’s just not worth gaining weight! I’ve been doing so well and it’s not a big deal other than it’s not how I want to do things anymore. I’m o.k with having a treat every now and again but right now I’m on an aggressive stretch of my fat loss journey! I set a few unrealistic goals and I have been crushing them so far so when my results come down to earth I get a little disappointed. It happens to everyone and I haven’t missed a workout or eaten bad since Monday. In fact, I have been in a caloric deficit even lower than normal because now that I’m back to my routine I’m just not as hungry, probably because of all the water from those damn donuts! Life happens and I am not down on myself but I really am pissed that my goal and the timetable I set may not happen because I went a little backward ya know?



Although I am a little disappointed I am still changed! I am not the person I used to be and I won’t stop doing what I have been doing to this point! I will keep making healthy choices and taking control of my eating and habits! Having a cheat here and it isn’t bad but it is for me because of the goals I set for myself. My goals are so high that I really don’t like any setbacks at all!.lol. I’ve become obsessed For me, it’s a good thing because I really want to be better than I was the day before and it’s just a personal thing between me and my old self!


I love you all very much and I know that life can get hard sometimes but keep your head up and remember that storms will come but you can overcome anything! Have an extraordinary day and weekend!








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Family Matters


Well, good morning homies! It’s hump day and I apologize for the delay I have been doing a lot of family stuff and I got caught up in that arena! The family had a scare because my girl’s aunt had to be rushed to the hospital but it looks like for now at least she is getting better! Loretta is one of my favorite people on this planet so I had to make sure my girl got a chance to be there for the fam, that’s what all this stuff is about! Family first, second to god in my book! I’m here this morning and your reading this so let’s get on with the get down!



Monday and Tuesday I actually got to work out before all of the family issues happened and they were quality workouts!(I love you aunt Loretta stay up in there!). my gym squad at the gym was completely absent and that’s weird for me to be in the gym by myself especially at like 1 p.m. in the day! I’m sure the crew will be back to it tomorrow, they are just people that workout at the same time I do but I don’t really know them personally but hey it feels weird when I don’t see my familiar gym folks. lol. Today is my all day cardio day and I started it off this morning with 30 flights of stairs! I have to do 35 today because I have to go up every week so I still got 5 more I owe, then I have my 100 squats to do and then my steps for the Fitbit and then swimming: so hopefully I will be able to get everything in! That’s the plan, what y’all got going on today, I’d love to hear what everyone is working on!



So if you follow me on Instagram you know I had a big carb day on Monday night and I mean it was a big one! Honestly, I don’t regret it one bit because I know I’m an addict and I know that means I have to get right back to me and that’s what I did. Tuesday I had a hard fasted workout and I ate really light and all keto! As a sugar addict, I have to be very careful when I eat a few because like a true feen it could compound and turn into a week or a month and several months, I got Having a cheat meal or day is something you just have to play around with and see how it works for you. Just remember it’s the exception, not the rule and you must get back to doing you as soon as possible because fat loss is slow and steady but fat gain is damn near instant in my book. lmao! O.k. that’s not completely true but it feels like it for me. Today I will break my fast with my Keto coffee and some bacon and shredded chicken! Then for my last meal, I will probably have a green smoothie and bowl of Shirataki noodles and chicken! The plan is to make a keto friendly lime cheesecake tonight for dessert but I’ll definitely keep it low to no carbs and have just 1 piece, I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out as normal! We should be getting my keto granola and that grass-fed meat order tomorrow so I’ll be showing that off as well because I can’t wait to try both! We right back at it!




Do me a favor ya’ll, make a decision to be happy today! We all go through trials and tribulations but making a decision to be happy will help you to get thru anything. Don’t walk over all these blessings in your life and focus on what’s wrong today. Today keep in mind that you got a gift of fresh air and life today and that should carry you far today! No one is promised anything in this life but happiness is something we can have every single day and I wish that for all of you today! Let everyone know you’re happy too, that joy will help others get thru their day as well! Trust me it’s hard to have a rough day with a person who is positive and happy! I love you all and I appreciate your place in this world and in my life! Have a fabulous day!

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