Man, I really believe that if you love to write at some point you are going to come to a task that even before you start you know it will be the most painful and rewarding journey you will ever embark on!

Never before have I turned the mirror on me and asked myself the most important question ever. “Who am I?” Those 3 words are so powerful that the question is even hiding behind the letters. Who I am is an obese African American man who has been blessed with an unbelievable avenue. The avenue I’m referring to is writing and I absolutely love to put pen to paper and fingers to keys. This blog is called “Alexx’s Avenue” because it is a unique look into the life and environment of a large American. My hope is to spread more smiles than tears. To bring to light the joys, the pain, and triumph that comes from living a life from my perspective. It won’t always be a pretty picture, but I promise to be real and honest and always bring 100 percent of who I am to everything you see and hear on this Avenue.


Now that that’s out of the way we can be crazy and wild and let loose. I’m Alexx, I have six beautiful kids and I currently live in a small peaceful town outside of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Most of my life I have lived in Seattle, Washington, but that’s for another time. What’s on deck at this time is cruising! As you cruise “Alexx’s Avenue” I hope you find information that makes your day a little brighter, your spirit a little livelier and that this drive added to your soul’s progression. Let’s cruise




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