I Got My Gear!

04 May


Happy day everyone we are finally back on Friday and I’m very blessed to have another chance to write to all of you! Today will be a wonderful day for everyone and plus it’s about to be the weekend and the return of the relaxing period! All of your hard work and perseverance this week has allowed you to set back and enjoy the relaxation of a job well done! I’m proud of you for making it this far and for those of you who work weekends, well you folks still got work to do what can I say? lol. Be thankful for today because today is unique and there will never be another chance like the chance you will get today!



Early workout yesterday, remember I told yall I was getting up early to do some of my workouts? Well, I was up at 3:30 a.m and went in to grab a nice relaxing Cardio session to get my day started. Early morning workouts really get the day off to a great start and yesterdays workout certainly did just that! Of course, later I went back to the gym at my normal afternoon time and did my lifting routine and boy did my body feel that whole double workout I was pouring sweat from head to toe and I definitely needed a long hot shower afterward! I haven’t had time to change my routine much because I’m just getting back into my rhythm in the gym but like the song says..change gon’ come! Plus, I’m not too sure I could have changed too much because my old workout proved to be harder to return to then I anticipated. The way I figure it a few more times back at it and I’ll be all ready to start afresh program. For whatever reason I have been listening to slow jams at the gym lately which is totally not like me, I mean I love the quiet storm but not usually in the gym. This week it’s just been my mood and I’ve been having zero problems getting in a solid workout. Today because of the house schedule I’m not doing an early morning workout just my afternoon lifting session but I will be resuming early cardio tomorrow for sure.


So yesterday I received my Samsung Gear Pro 2 from Amazon and wow! I really love this fitness watch so far! I’m not sponsored by them or anything but my opinion so far is that it blows my Fitbit blaze out of the water. The screen is the game changer, it has the most spectacular appearance I have ever seen in a fitness watch! All the features it has are fairly similar to most trackers, sleep monitoring, step counter, and heart rate sensors just like all the others but what I love about this tracker is that it stores my music right on the device so I don’t have to bring my phone in the gym! That alone made the 149.00 price tag worth it to me because I have plenty of watches so I don’t need everything in one but I like having the option to store music. Yet another feature I love is that it doesn’t make my wrist really uncomfortable. I’m not the type of person who can sleep with a watch on or anything on my wrist for that matter but last night I had no problem falling asleep with this thing on my wrist! I absolutely love the design and the feel and that it doesn’t make my wrist sweaty which is surprising because its made of silicon along the band. The last thing I love about it is since I love Samsung Phones and will probably always have one, the apps on my phone are so easily linked and that helps, I even got bumped up to a free year of premium myfitnesspal just for buying this device! It’s great!




Yesterday I broke my fast with some low carb chili dogs and a hot cup of coffee. Pretty basic I had leftover chili so I just threw a few dogs In the mix and the whole thing was extremely filling. I don’t do a complicated and long list of ingredients cooking on Keto, I strive for tasty and easy to make that way I will stay with it! My final meal was a create a sampler from Olive garden! I know not the best choice Keto wise but I had lunch with my girl and I figured I would take the carb hit with the breading. I had calamari and chicken fingers plus mozzarella which isn’t too bad but for the breading and the whole deep fried I’m not always perfect with my diet but I try hard not to deny myself times when I eat a little bit of junk as long as there’s not a ton of sugar because sugar is like crack to me and I would be in trouble! I would love to tell you I hit my macros last night but I didn’t because that sampler had over a thousand calories! I was like 50 calories over my daily amount so I’ll be o.k. I certainly won’t be making Olive garden part of my regular meal plan!




I pray you all have a marvelous weekend and remember to smile and enjoy your life! It really doesn’t get any more simple than that, you are obligated to enjoy every single moment that you can because when it’s over and done that’s it; you don’t get this life back! Find a reason to bless someone else around you today! I love you all!



Thank you for all of you who supported my book on Amazon Marcus London: Crime type 1 the support is both humbling and dear to my heart! You are appreciated! My youngest son Marcus is Type 1 and I am passionate about providing positive and uplifting characters for other’s who slay this dragon everyday!

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4 responses to “I Got My Gear!

  1. juliehcares

    May 5, 2018 at 1:47 am

    Still kicking ass I see! 😀

  2. Amanda

    May 5, 2018 at 8:43 am

    Nice review on the watch! I’m glad it’s working for you! And MAN I always get in trouble at Olive Garden because I love their fried ravioli too much, haha!


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