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Your Diet Sucks!



Good morning, Good morning, Gooooood morning! I’m really excited to write this blog today because I have been thinking about this topic for quite some time. While doing research about dieting It”s baffling just how much people do not get along when it comes to healthy eating. It’s very much like a gang mentality when it comes to beliefs. I’m aware that people with like-minded viewpoints tend to want to stick together, that comfort comes in the form of others giving them confidence by reaffirmation. I’m a man and when my girl tells me I’m right about something and backs up what I say, I do find myself feeling like a superhero. That doesn’t happen nearly as much as I think it should but that’s a topic for another time! Ha Ha.


Honestly, though it has gotten completely out control when it comes to dieting folks. It’s like a gang and if you’re down with Meat than you hate Vegetarians. If you like a Green Leafy Vegetables than your against those who eat Bacon! When did we get to the point that we had to be against something just because we are for something? I eat a low carb ketogenic diet because it makes me feel good and I love eating a lot of fat.  I’ve found something that seems to work wonders for me but I’m under no assumption that it will work for everyone. In fact, I’m absolutely positive this diet will not work for everyone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Truth be told it may not work for me after a long period of time because my taste for different foods may change and I may grow tired of the same exact type of eating.


We all know that we are all different and we can agree on that point, however when it comes to dieting it’s like we draw a line in the sand and say “oh hell no!” You do Keto, why the hell do you do that?” “You eat one meal a day, are you crazy that will never work for you!” Not only do we not understand each other’s needs and goals but we decide that one size fits all. The only way to truly lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit they will tell you. That’s great info but if you’re trying to gain weight than how does that help you? Even if your goal is to lose fat the whole caloric deficit thing is not always true. Some people can eat tons of calories and still lose weight, while others are strict as can be and lose hardly anything. There is no such thing as THE way to diet.


It’s really simple when you think about it. The best diet plan is the one that gets’s you the desired results you’re looking for! You could be doing it to shed a few pounds or to gain some. Maybe you’re eating a certain way for health reason like type 2 diabetes and other factors. I’m going to let you in on a little secret just about every way of dieting out there is right. People lose weight all the time by eating way over the calories that they should(I know your out there and I hate you all with a passion!) There are people who eat exactly the number of calories they are supposed to and run from New York to Colorado every day and don’t lose a single pound! I’m kidding of course but the truth is You may find that mixing it up will help give you the best results. If eating Keto is causing you anxiety and you’re not getting the desired effect then please don’t do it. It may work for you for say a year and then you notice you’re not losing any weight. If that’s the case maybe eating a high protein diet and exercise may trigger your weight loss if that’s your goal. Be flexible, you’re not going to listen to just one song for the rest of your life and no one is saying you have to stay on one plan your whole life either. Well actually they are saying it but I’m telling you those people suck. lol.

love to hear your thoughts on this topic as always! Have a wonderful day!


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Potholes and Setbacks

So last night I went at it with food. The day was going pretty great and I was well on my way to hitting all my Macros and knocking out some healthy eating. I’d say around 7 or so is when the binge began and I just went in! I consume about 2500 calories a day, so last night I was several hundred calories below what I needed for the day. I do intermittent fasting which means in my case I typically fast 18 hours then I allow myself to eat in a 6 hour window of time. I do this because fasting has so many healthy benefits such as improving brain function, replenishing dead cells and so on. The one great benefit to fasting for myself is that it has taught me that I have the power over food I previously thought I never had. When I fast I feel like I’m making a choice to show willpower over my cravings and that feeling is like a drug, I absolutely love it! Recently my fasting schedule has changed. Since Thanksgiving I’ve decided that I will fast for 20 hours a day and have a 4 hour window to eat in. This change has proven to be difficult because I feel like I’m forcing myself to get enough calories in to meet my caloric intake because I’m scared of being really hungry later and that may sabotage my fasting.


So like I was saying last night I really didn’t have an idea how to get enough calories and so I started improvising and that spells doom for me. Next thing I know I’m nibbling on chocolate bars, inhaling all kinds of cookies left and right and basically sabotaging my damn healthy eating plan! Looking back today I realize I made several mistakes that I hope will help someone reading this to avoid. It’s always important to go back and remember the basics of the plan that you have started. Fasting is highly effective but if you don’t drink enough water you have a higher chance of overeating later. With a Ketogentic diet that I follow I’m aware that I must use fats to satisfy my hunger because healthy fats make our bodies feel fuller and more satisfied. Meal prepping is essential for someone like me who”s first instint is to grab something super carby and calorie dense like potato chips or Candy bars. When I know what I’m going to eat and have planned accordingly , my chances of binge dramatically decreases! All these thing I know about myself and my lifestyle but every now and again I need to come back to basics and remind myself. Given that I have embarked on a different type of regiment for fasting, this would have been a great time to refresh myself before I started.


None of us walking the earths surface is perfect and we all fall short sometimes. I’ve been told the road to greatness is the bumpiest road a person will ever take. Maybe your road is different from mine. My road has potholes named Fried chicken and french Fries, Compulsive Eating habits and Little soldiers dressed up in cake filled uniforms marching to my demise! What’s on your road? I wish you more Victories than defeats on your road to your best you! We fall but we get back up and try again and again, but no matter what in the end, I believe the glory is our’s for the taking! Today I will do better than yesterday. Like my girl always says “That’s all I know to do!”

Don’t forget to like and share I would love to hear about your struggles and how you found ways to cope! Thanks for reading.


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Why is healthy eating killing me?


This week I must admit that it has been very hard to stay focused and on track. Despite what you may think it’s not even the holiday season and all the extra food that’s making it difficult for me. I mean all the Turkey and Stuffing makes it a little more challenging but the truth my head is just all over the place. I’ve been trying to mix it up with eating healthy along with intermittent fasting to help with my weight loss journey and it has helped a lot. Sometimes I think it just gets a tad overwhelming because I’m trying so hard to be healthy that it’s almost become an obsession. I’m either thinking about Macros or when to eat or what to meal plan it’s just enough to give me a headache! I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about saying fuck it and quitting. Just go back to eating any and everything in sight. At least it would take the thinking so damn much out of it!

Bring back the good old days when I could eat all I wanted and not give a damn about the consequences one bit. Fast food that I miss so very much is just a moment away and with my appetite I could eat one of those take out bad boys closed. Back then all I ever needed was some fries with that and I was in heaven! Big gulp was my best friend and Fried chicken was my girlfriend. I’m telling you talk about ride or die, I stay down for fried chicken! Skittles in my left front pocket, M&M in my right front I had it all! Damn a blog post I was all about cinnamon french toast!, know what I mean? Life was so simple when all I cared about was food! My former self used to literally plan the whole day around it. Get up eat breakfast, do a little work eat a snack, go visit a homeboy bring some food with me,get home later have another snack, watch t.v and have dinner because I never ate at the table.  Plus, I’m pretty sure that I invited the pre-bedtime snack y’all! It was all day and all night and that was me, man how I miss it!

This Healthy eating is killing me!

So why do I do it? After all it’s my damn life and I’m in charge of it! I’ll tell you why: Because I don’t want my Autobiography to read: He came, He saw,He ate, the end! I eat healthy because my life is not just my own but it also belongs to the people who love and care for me. The choice to eat healthy is my way of declaring that I don’t just love myself but I love the people around me enough to want to stay around them for a very long time. I think that I speak for all people of the ketogentic way of life when i say: If I have to suffer thru eating this delicious bacon to live longer, then damn it it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!


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Fathead Pizza for the get back!


This is so bomb! So if your like me you had some great food and you had your fill up for Turkey Day. Now it’s the Monday after and you gotta get your healthy keto eat on! May I suggest this delicious and easy fat head pizza that has great macros! Check it out:


  • 1 1/2 cup Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 oz cream cheese
  • 1 large egg
  • 3/4 cup Almond Flour


This is just for the Crust of your pizza so you will need to buy the toppings of your choice. I chose ground meat because it’s all I had available. Now the next step is super easy I want you to type in Fathead Pizza on Google so you can watch a video of how to put the dough together. I like what I make for me but there are folks alot better at taking you step by step when it comes to cooking. Did I mention how bomb the macros on this pizza crust is?


  • Net Carbs: 5g
  • Protein: 33g
  • Fat: 43g
  • Calories 535

These Macros are for the entire Pizza! So if your looking for something fabulous to get you right back on track, then why not this?



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Putting food together easy!

i have the meats



So if you are just starting out on a Keto lifestyle but find you are having a hard time figuring out what to eat don’t sweat it at all. I’m gonna breakdown what I have done to make it way easier.


Protein is my starting block when I prep meals. Grab a few thighs at the store(the chicken kind don’t get arrested listening to me please).  Next, grab a bag of steam veggies from the frozen foods section. These bad boys can be microwaved and in just a few short minutes you have your low carb veggies ready to rock and roll!  I simply use butter(fats) and some seasoning and place those lovely birds in the oven and boom! I’ve taken care of my fats and my proteins in one dish!  You can get veggie steamers in a wide variety. I always go for the almond string beans myself they are fire! When I have time and I’m with my girl I spend a little more time trying to make my plate look cute: however when I need to grab it and go I could careless how it looks as long as it taste great and it fits into how I’m trying to eat!


I theme it up y’all! I pick the proteins I’m going to feature each week and  simply make enough protein all at once so that I can just pair it up with healthy sides later. See? no magic or gourmet expertise needed just a plan and a man’s will to eat his favorite stuff! Recently I picked chicken and ground meat. You may read this a million times but it’s always true,if you don’t like what your eating you will not stick with it for the long run. I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to snack on water and wood until I’m 95 yrs old I’m just saying!

Please excuse the ankle, not sure what I was thinking! Look at this’ I mean is it really that hard to eat this way?


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So I was really feeling myself until…….

Tonight was a great night for our family. My son Jacob was getting a graduation completion certification and we were all in attendance! Before we left the house I stopped and posed for a quick photo with Jacob since I was so very proud of him. Man as soon as I saw the picture I was reminded why I’m on this journey. Honestly life is to be cherished because you never know when it’s gonna be your time for that dirt nap we all must face one day. I’m a optimistic fellow and I always try to find the bright side of everything. Tonight however as I lingered at my picture I was reminded how much I really do not like the way I look. See, if your obese or a larger person and your perfectly fine with the way you look then you got it right. We all should like the person we look at when we glance in the mirror that’s why it’s important to remember that I said I hate the way I looked not myself. I love who I am as a person and my feelings about myself are sky high. I’ve realized that it’s o.k to love yourself but hate certain aspects and try to improve upon those aspects! Man I really hate the way I look and I want to look and feel better about my appearance particularly in the body fat and strength areas. It’s times like these that greasy burgers and  fatty carbs begin to start jumping up and down in mind lol. Tonight however I will not give in to the temporary satisfaction of horrible foods that will only add to my hatred. Tonight I’m going to continue fasting for my scheduled 24 hours and take control of my health. Don’t trip homies I will be posting about the type of intermittent fasting that I do. I think that’s a win for me! Now if I could just make it to the bed without accidentally knocking over my kids plate of pizza rolls while inhaling a few before the plate falls! DANGER!!!!!!!

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My Food! if you have any questions about recipes just ask!

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So here’s what I did!…….


I figured out my Why:

So for me I wanted to lose fat because being obese is just not comfortable for me. I’m at the age now that being big over time has started to take a toll on my body and I wanted to stop the pain and the inconvenience of being the size I was so my Why was fat loss. Folks if your doing keto and you don’t know exactly why your doing it you will most likely not succeed in my opinion so go ahead and figure out your why. My reasons are very selfish and I believe for me they should be. It doesn’t work for me if I do this for my kids or my girl! I’m sure they feel awesome about what I’m doing and that’s wonderful however it wont make me stay with it. I know it doesn’t sound perfect but this is who I am and my reason why….what’s yours?

I figured out what I needed to be eating:

I love meat and because on keto you get to eat meat I knew I was on my way for sure! I have never counted calories and I hope I never will. It’s just not me. That’s another thing I love about keto! So I set out to find what I needed to be eating.  Got this from google:




So from this list I started making some quick and easy meals that were keto friendly and that I found to be edible and I was off and running!





Too Easy!


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The Purpose

Let’s just get it started, why would someone want to start living a Ketogentic lifestyle? First off a Keto diet is a lower carb, higher fat and moderate protein based diet. simply put you will be cutting back very low on your carb intake in order to put this plan in motion. Now for those who may need help finding a way to implement this way of life ya boi Alexx is here to help you make a smooth transition. This blog is meant to get you up and on your way to understanding how to  have fun and design this way of life to better serve you. This last point is very important because as you start to cut your carbs and processed foods out you will definitely need a few hacks, a few tricks and a ton of prayers to get yourself accustomed to making this work for you. Keto is not for everyone I’ll be the first to admit that. In the course of your journey you will hear a lot about what your doing and how it’s wrong or right and so on. just keep in mind that this is your Keto journey not anyone else’s and if you keep that in mind you will remember to live by my golden rule: The only opinion that matters in your journey is the opinion that leads to your overall happiness and health. That’s why I started this avenue, so we all could take this trip down victory lane together. I got your back and I will be needing your help as much as you may need mine. I’m not a doctor and I’m certainly not someone who is in amazing shape. What I found is that this way of life makes me feel better about myself and the direction my health is going in and it fits how I like to eat better than anything else I’ve ever done in my entire life. There are absolutely no dumb questions here! You have my word I will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help you along the way! We got this! Let’s get it!………

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